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I asked my mother what the spirits think of current events in the US. I asked her this in her kitchen, while she cooked and hovered over a variety of pans bubbling at full capacity on the stove. 1,128 more words

Transformation: Yoga, Vodou, and Mass

I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation lately. Like the caterpillar-to-butterfly kind of transformation, the kind that transitions a creature from crawling to flying.

The “lately” qualifier needs a disclaimer. 826 more words


'I chose you to marry.'

How do you quantify the most touching spiritual experience of your life and communicate exactly what it meant across a screen?

I’ve been chewing on this for a few days, and I don’t know that I have a simple answer…or any answer at all. 1,191 more words

And then..

I returned from Haiti a few days ago, with my maryaj (and other things) completed.

I married the sea and the sky, the spine that holds up the space between our world and Ginen, the hurricane and the stillness of the deep sea, raving madness and utter calm, work and rest, fire and water, the scream of revolution and the very ground blood is spilled forth on, the resolution to do what is necesary no matter the cost and the reserved calculation that issues directives, and death, while not my husband, stands much-loved at my side. 65 more words

A Strong YA Debut

While Angie Thomas is getting a lot of media attention for her debut novel The Hate U Give,  there is another debut novel you should read that addresses issues of immigration, assimilation, violence, and drug dealing in Detroit. 240 more words

YA Literature

New Voodoo Dolls

After a few crazy weeks of school (holidays preferred) I enjoyed an evening connecting and making some new Voodoo Dolls. It is cathartic and helpful for me to get centered this way. 20 more words

Lamp Work- Petition Ghede

Tonight, I had to burn the midnight oil and made a petition to The Spirit Ghede Nibo. Instead or traditional candle work, I was gifted with the knowledge of how-to craft a lamp. 96 more words

My Walk With Vodun