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Kubin and Kafou inspired

…keeping up with the A to Z challenge!

Today’s post introduces, via Nottingham Contemporary‘s past exhibitions, Alfred KUBIN and the Haitian group exhibition ‘KAFOU’ (meaning crossroads) via works produced in reflective practice by my artistic friend – as I have permission to share her work here. 613 more words

A To Z Challenge

Transposing Vodou: Haitian Spirits in the (Virtual?) Diaspora

Alexandra Boutros, in her article, “Virtual Vodou, Actual Practice: Transfiguring the Technological,” examines the intersection between virtual interaction and Vodou practice, and how practitioners navigate technology and popular depictions. 1,457 more words

The Religious Studies

Haitian Vodou Flags

Doubtless the most spectacular Haitian art form is the sequin-covered Drapo Vodou or “Voodoo Flag”. Vodou banners derive directly from the practice of the Vodou religion, a syncretism of traditional African religions brought to Haiti by slaves, with the Catholicism of their former masters. 140 more words


Black Madonna Limited Editions And Prints

Mixed media icon of the black madonna. A modern/antique fusion interpretation of the iconography of Erzulie Dantor and Madonna Czestochowa.

The icon was created via oil painting and digital painting, with the final incarnation of the image rendered as a photograph. 50 more words


The Power of Female Friendship: Remembering Karen McCarthy Brown by Carol P. Christ

News of Karen Brown’s recent death came via email from a mutual friend of ours, Christine Downing.

There are many things that can be said about Karen’s life and career, including that… 1,060 more words


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Another tribute to Karen McCarthy Brown by Carol P. Christ.