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Androgyne ancestral spirits

My gender is Androgyne, I express my gender via androgynous or femme aesthetic. Its not knew; its draining to repeat this and even more draining that I censor at times my gender identity & expression out of valid safety concerns. 300 more words

Short Essay

Daily Meeting

Found Ezili Danto a few months back, holding Ti Jean Petro in her arms. I make it a point daily to go and bring her some water. 37 more words

My Walk With Vodun

Voodoo Dragons

Tomorrow! That’s the day I’m visiting C. S. Boyack at his blog, Entertaining Stories. I hope you’ll wander by.


We’ve all heard of Voodoo, that mysterious, wicked form of magic where curses are bestowed by sticking pins into dolls and the dead rise as zombies. 305 more words


Week 2: #52essays2017

when i was growing up, one of the things i could look forward to on my birthday was my grandmother’s voice over a telephone, singing happy birthday to me in her bouyon-thick caribbean accent. 1,782 more words


My Spiritual Journey...

My Spiritual Journey…

I was born and raised for 9 years into a Baptist church. After moving in with my aunt, I was then introduced into a catholic church. 275 more words


~ The Magical Use Of Cascarilla ~

While cascarilla is not something you would find among the many supplies of a Wiccan or occult practioner, cascarilla is an important ingredient found among the practioners of Curanderismo, Espiritismo, hoodoo, Palo, Santeria and Vodou as a well known source of protection, tool of invocation, purifications and cleansings. 11 more words

Spiritual Toolbox