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August 14th was the 225th anniversary of Bwa Kayiman, the initial meeting and ceremony among enslaved African that began the Haitian Revolution and ultimately created the first Black republic and Black ruled country in the world. 2,181 more words

Vodou x Haiti : Photography w. Troi Anderson


Photographer Troi Anderson was interested in Vodou before he ever visited Haiti. But attending a ritual in person was nothing short of a transformative experience. 619 more words

Natural Life

Desire in a Different Climate

In 1945 on their return voyage to France, Andre Breton and his new wife Elise with Wifredo Lam in tow stopped in Haiti where their friend and Surrealist contributor Pierre Mabille was culture attache. 215 more words


Tales from the Archive: Remembering Jocelyne

Frisner popped the audiocassette into his car’s player, and the music started. “Le voix là, le voix les anges, le voix là, le voix les cieux, nous prions qui sous la terre, sous la terre comme dans les cieux, le voix là, le voix les anges.” 896 more words


I Miss Haiti: A Tiny Photoset

I looked through the very few photos I took in Haiti (I was busy…) and suddenly realized how much I miss being there. I miss the people, the drums, the early mornings, and even the Haitian Parent Loudspeaker (ask me about the Haitian Parent Loudspeaker). 238 more words

For the Love of Vodou

Vodou or voodoo, there’s couple of other ways of spelling vodou depending on the your practice, speaks to parts of me that reaches in at places that I have never experienced before. 393 more words


Introduction To Hoodoo

Hoodoo is a unique branch of beliefs, lore, stories and traditions that were designed to help integrate us into an environment filled with plants, animals, elements, and an array of spirits. 238 more words

Magick, Rituals, & Spells