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Our Daily Bread 194: Sidestepper ‘Supernatural Love’ & RAM ‘6: Manman M Se Ginen’


Sidestepper   ‘Supernatural Love’   (Real World Records)

RAM   ‘6: Manman M Se Ginen’

Sharing a love of the atavistic songbooks and instrumentation of their respected homes in both Colombia and Haiti, and both making recording comebacks of a sort, the electro-cumbia progenitors… 1,190 more words

6: Manman M Se Ginen

SOUNDS OF HAITI 2016: Lakou Mizik - The Trailer

Lakou Mizik – The Trailer has arrived!

On April 1st 2016, Cumbancha Discovery will release the debut album from Haitian roots-revival band Lakou Mizik. Following their triumphant performance at GlobalFest in NYC the ensemble ignited a wave of interest and a rave review from the New York Times. 83 more words

Deep Stuff

signal boost: Voodou Priests And Doctors Are On The Frontline Of Haiti's Mental Health Care

When it comes to mental health, I always say use as many resources as you have. Unfortunately for most people- especially people of color, especially black people- resources are far and few between. 213 more words

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Dancing for Damballah

This priestess is dancing in honor of Damballah, the serpentine Sky Father and Creator (and thus most important deity) of the voodoo religion. Don’t worry, the python is her loyal pet, and they’re not venomous. 49 more words


signal boost: The Unapologetic Queerness of Haitian Vodou

I’m having a tiring week so I’m losing myself in other folks posts instead of writing mine, as a self-care strategy. Ran into this beautiful post by the… 259 more words

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Vodou fucks everything up.

Or, y’all don’t know what you’re missing.

It’s no secret that, as a young adult, I cut my spiritual teeth in paganism and polytheism. It was easily accessible to me and it made sense, in some respects, since I am of mostly European descent. 4,691 more words

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For your edification or enjoyment, here is a list of books and articles worth reading.

Résumé – En faisant recours à l’anthropologie, à la littérature et à l’histoire haïtiennes, l’article explore les liens qu’entretient le vodou d’Haïti avec le handicap et la maladie. 5,613 more words