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Traditional Colors: Blue and white

Number: 7

Areas of Influence: Motherhood, the ocean, fishermen, family issues, pregnancy, women’s issues, children, healing (especially female plumbing issues) 601 more words


Fet Gede 2015 and Transformation

This past Saturday was Fet Gede at my Manmi’s house and, for me, it marked a year since things started moving at the speed of HOLY SHIT for me with the Lwa. 3,463 more words

Wednesday Wonder: The Fire Tape

His hands gripped the steering wheel as he cut his eyes off the road to fix them on mine. “The tape.” I didn’t have to wonder what Frisner was talking about. 717 more words


The Crossroads

It seems, in my life, I am always at a crossroads of some sort or other. I make a decision, go down a path, and then it’s not quite right. 462 more words


Wednesday Wonder: Take Your Time

Frisner Augustin’s drum students knew his “Take your time” as a mantra, but few could articulate what he meant by it. Most assumed he was talking about tempo, or speed. 1,083 more words


My Vodou Diaries are coming-subscribe

As you read from a press release, I have a long history with the occult, I have been asked to write about it many times. If you have bought an issue of the magazine,  rather it be soft cover or e-book,  just email me a receipt at admin@guruethics.com, I will give you the url and password to vodou diaries.   93 more words


Wednesday Wonder: Drumming in Praise of Karen McCarthy Brown

So many things we think we understand! I, for example, have long told myself that the separation of the mind and the body—a notion basic to modern thought—is a lie. 737 more words