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CNN showcases Vodou

CNN is featuring Vodou this Sunday on its show “Believer.” I haven’t watched any of the episodes so can’t vouch for its quality one way or the other, but the preview looks interesting. 6 more words


Tales from the Archive: A Message from Ti Kelep

The waistcoat was one of Frisner’s favorites, and he wore it often on stage. A basic black, it featured two welt pockets, a pointed front, and a closure that he never buttoned down—banking, of course, on the sex appeal of an open vest. 869 more words


Androgyne ancestral spirits

My gender is Androgyne, I express my gender via androgynous or femme aesthetic. Its not knew; its draining to repeat this and even more draining that I censor at times my gender identity & expression out of valid safety concerns. 300 more words

Short Essay

Daily Meeting

Found Ezili Danto a few months back, holding Ti Jean Petro in her arms. I make it a point daily to go and bring her some water. 37 more words

My Walk With Vodun