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what is gris-gris

Although the exact origins of the word are unknown, some historians trace the word back to the African word juju meaning fetish. An alternative theory is that the word originates with the French joujou meaning doll or play-thing. 372 more words

New Voodoo Doll

I make dolls almost every day!! I enjoy the creative process, never really knowing how the finished doll will look. I often say I let the doll be created but then I get odd looks. 120 more words

Enter 21 Divisions

Hello Mystics,

it has been awhile since I have written here, and as such- I pray everyone has been in good spirits! Looking back at the stuff I was posting back then *EESH*. 408 more words

The Age of Black Magic: Step Thirteen

Summoning Uncle Joe

In addition to the inclusion of blood relatives on a dedicated altar for ancestors, one may also provide offerings to the spirits of those who you admire or seek to call upon for aid. 707 more words

Mental Influence Magic

Call the Drum Spirit 2017

Presented by Makandal, in partnership with the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) and the Eugene Lang College at The New School



Maman Brigitte

Maman Brijit is a Vodou Lwa or spirit Who is the protectress of cemeteries. She is one of the family of the Gede or Guede, the Vodou death spirits whose numbers include Bawon Samdi, Bawon Gede, and Gede Nimbo or Nibo, guardian of children. 404 more words

Erzulie Freda, Loa of Love

The agile and elegant goddess of love and of sex. beauty, jewelery, flowers, luxury, wealth, dance, femininity as well as discord, vengeance, jealousy; the loa of ideality in Haitian Voodoo is Erzulie Freda. 392 more words