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Le séjour et la disparition sur place de Martinès de Pasqually en Haïti, autrefois Saint-Domingue, en septembre 1774, comme si les élus coëns avaient laissé quelques traces cérémonielles palpables et concrètes dans ces régions pénétrées des 

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Carrie Rubin's Benjamin Oris

Benjamin Oris, Carrie Rubin’s protagonist in her latest medical thriller is a med student/construction type of hero. A sexy combination. No wonder women are attracted to him. 339 more words

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Fete Damballah 2018: Now Bloom

I rolled into Damballah’s fete weekend in a really quiet place, on purpose. I spent the prior week with Damballah on my mind and it was pretty wonderful. 2,163 more words

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If you read the previous blog, The Magic of New Orleans, then some of these names will look familiar.

Adventure Continues

New Orleans Magic

Three years ago, my cousin Glynda, asked if I wanted to go to New Orleans for Halloween with her and her husband Mike. Heck yeah, I wanted to go. 2,644 more words

Adventure Continues

ARC Book Review: The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

Pages: 282
Genre: Paranormal/Medical
Expected Publication Date: 
March 27, 2018

This book was given for free, courtesy by NetGalley.

One seemingly ordinary day, Ben Oris is driven to enter the catacombs in Paris. 520 more words

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Interlude III

I am hot in my skin. I could chew my nerves like bread and they would be bitter with adrenaline and doughy with exhaustion. Is it time yet? 847 more words