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Swallowing the Sun

I’ve realized that the more anxious and helpless I feel about the horrific state of the world, the more hyperbolic my writing becomes. I feel compelled to stretch my imagination as far as it will go and even further still, but I usually end up with the same “colossal Black woman towers over the world” images, which I fear are still unsatisfactory, in light of the tired and tiring tropes around Black women’s supposed superhuman strength, or Black women’s diminished humanity in relation to just about anyone else. 377 more words

Poetic Ramblings

Brain Food - Episode 69

Hello again to another episode of Brain Food! In this one, I review Hillary Monohan’s awesome book from the Gods and Monsters series, Snake Eyes! 19 more words

Brain Food

New Book Review: _Zombies_ by Philippe Charlier

Zombies: An Anthropological Investigation of the Living Dead

Philippe Charlier, Translated from the French by Richard J. Gray II

University Press of Florida (May 2017) 751 more words

Paranormal History

My Background

Ever since we got our own place, I obtained the freedom to explore my path. I am not religious and neither is my human husband. We have similar beliefs but he is more skeptical. 1,291 more words

I have had interesting conversations the past few days, surrounding this past weekend’s fete, with some interesting chewy thoughts as a result.

I think, if/when we become part of Haitian vodou, we are doing ourselves a disservice if we forget that we are embracing a religion of revolution. 742 more words

Buccaneer - a Savage Setting of piracy, monsters and vodou!

Buccaneer is one the most interesting Savage Setting of the last years, from my point of view. And there is an Italian (severed) hand in it! 472 more words

Savage Worlds

New Vodou book

My godmother has published her new book!

I had the privilege of reading the pre-publication manuscript, and I loved it. (Of course, I am a little biased *grins*.) A lot of practical information is inside, including tips on tools, sacred spaces, rituals and correspondences. 21 more words