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The Last of the Vodou's


by Lafcadio Hearn

from An American miscellany, vol. II, (1924)
originally published in Harper’s weekly, November 7th, 1885… 2,256 more words


The Santeria Experience

Just finished reading this book The Santeria Experience- A Journey into the Miraculous by author Migene Gonzalez Wippler. I picked up the book awhile ago at some used book store around my mom’s house when I first got into Vodun, or rather began looking for something entertaining and at least somewhat insightful on the Spirituality. 292 more words


Leaving the Skull Be

Last night at the grocery store, I saw a shelf of resin skulls ostensibly for Halloween decoration. They had two kinds of pirate skulls, two kinds of Day of the Dead skulls, and then there was Baron Samedi. 1,219 more words


Kanzo 2016: To Beat War, Part Two

Read part one here.

Kanzo is kind of like being boiled alive. Bat Gé is where you get thrown in the pot and, over three nights, the temperature of the water begins to heat up to a full rolling boil. 2,500 more words

Kanzo 2016: To Beat War, Part One

I landed in Haiti in the middle of a giant what-fuck-whirlwind. I got on the plane–when I got on the plane, after spending 24 hours in an airport–knowing that I would be returning homeless and jobless, and my only possessions being a few boxes in storage and whatever made it into my suitcases. 1,473 more words

'Jesus Hasn't Saved Us': The Young Black Women Returning to Ancestral Religions

This article by Yomi Adegoke was published on the Broadly website.

Christianity still exerts a powerful force in many black communities, but some young women are turning their back on the faith and returning to the older, traditional religions of their ancestors.

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Speak Little Listen Much

My mambo taught me a great lesson which I have taken on board in recent years – the act of saying nothing!

In Haitian Vodou they shun people as a way of expressing they don’t wish to interact with said people, due to not willing to mingle for reasons such as lack of integrity etc.

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