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Upcoming opportunity: All Soul's Novena

On October 25th, I begin a novena for All Soul’s Day. A novena is a 9 day series of prayers for a cause or particular divinity, and my novena for All Soul’s Day is for the dead of all sorts. 494 more words

Lia's Mental Battle After Her Pregnancy

I was once greeted at the home of a young woman named Lia who was bedridden since her recent delivery. The narrow, uneven staircase leading to her 3-piece apartment, on the second floor immediately struck me. 970 more words


The Way Leads On to the Way

It’s been a busy couple weeks over this way, and a lot of stuff is happening both rapidly and slowly.

Last weekend, we mounted lave tet in Boston, which made for a long weekend Doing Stuff with family. 1,743 more words


“A compelling account of the zombi as an anthropological reality and evocative symbol of a state of dispossession, desperation, and death.”—Roger Luckhurst, author of Zombies: A Cultural History… 336 more words


Time for some maryaj photos!

I was looking at some of my pictures from the wedding (more coming soon, as soon as I meet up with my sister, who juggled her camera and my camera during the wedding because she is a saint) and they make me giddy with joy, so time to share! 1,782 more words

School is Coming

I’m hoping somebody can tell me where the summer went. Between visits from family, the Summer Reading crush, Eclipse excitement and (SURPRISE!) two weeks of Jury Duty, the summer has been a whirlwind and a half. 1,069 more words


Five things make a post.

1. I have been purposefully silent lately, and it’s been working for me in a pretty meaningful way. I keep chasing understanding and knowledge on the bonds between humans and spirits, and it keeps leading me to reading a lot of Catholic mysticism and writings on contemplative spirituality. 590 more words