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PART TWO - CREATIVE WRITING. Project 2 The hero's journey (inc Exercise 1)

“For me it is impossible to write a film without first writing a story. A film depends on more than plot, it depends on a certain measure of characterisation, on mood and atmosphere […]” Graham Greene (1999, p123). 438 more words

Course Work - Projects & Exercises

Writing a book

So, I’m going to a workshop with my friend down in Bantry, on how to write a novel.

I have went through several ideas already, the penultimate one was writing about things that annoyed me, then I ditched that one. 19 more words

Extra Work

Digital Artwork becomes tradeable & scarce on the Bitcoin block chain.

By Justin Oconnell

Entrepreneur and artist Stephan Vogler wants to change the art world, and he is using Bitcoin to do just that in what’s considered by many to be the epicenter of contemporary art, Berlin, Germany. 417 more words


A Cinderella Story

In visual sociology we often pose research questions throughout the concept of the narrative. Within this section we must consider the idea and techniques of the narrative, an idea which according to some authors have been around since the beginning of man. 802 more words

Visual Sociology

Archetypes in Mythic Structure

Kerry, Tasha Pelan, Oisin and I spent a lot of time this week discussing The Hero’s Journey, thinking of how our archetypes apply within films and trying to structure our research/presentation on the whiteboard. 1,512 more words

New Narratives

Vogler Presentation

We all read the three chapters, then made notes on them and shared them with one another to ensure nothing was missed before started the presentation. 1,563 more words

New Narratives

Mini Review: Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey

And now for something completely different. I read a few craft books this semester as part of my reading list.

Christopher Vogler, a former Hollywood screenwriter/script doctor turned humble-bragger, wrote… 254 more words

Book Review