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Vogler Presentation

So I wanted to just explain what I discussed in the presentation, meaning the parts/facts that I found most interesting in my research.

We, of course, started off by simply explaining what we had understood the shadow archetype to be from reading The Writer’s Journey. 416 more words

A Hero's Journey-Vogler

This week we’ve been making a presentation based  on Christopher Voglers book A Hero’s Journey based off Joseph Campbell’s book A Hero with a Thousand faces… 436 more words

Hero's Journey

Mitchell Vogler - Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs with No Experience

Mitchell Vogler is an experienced business entrepreneur with twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing. He graduated with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. 278 more words


Mitchell Vogler - How to Cycle Like a Pro

Cycling is a favorite hobby of many outdoor enthusiasts like Mitchell Vogler because it offers intense conditioning with minimal drawbacks on the body.

With decades of experience, Mitchell Vogler cycles like a pro and has competed in several local races. 227 more words


Mitchell Vogler - Golden Rules of Running

Mitchell Vogler is an accomplished marketing professional in Atlanta, Georgia, but when he isn’t working, he can often be found training for half-marathons and running for general fitness. 249 more words


Compare & Contrast: Hero's Journey and Heroine's Journey

Overall, the hero’s journey and the heroine’s journey share many similarities; their differences lie mainly in their details. Perhaps the greatest difference between these story paths is the flexibility of the ordering of their steps. 255 more words


Mitchell Vogler - Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurial Businesspeople

Mitchell Vogler is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with decades of experience. He launched his own marketing firm nearly twenty years ago and, since then, he has helped countless other entrepreneurs launch their businesses and succeed. 259 more words