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Make Your Own Jasper, Raspberry Pi with Voice Control

Jasper is an Open Source software that make you able to control your Raspberry Pi with voice command. Thanks to Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh, the maker of Jasper, for made it and gave the fabulous documentation. 105 more words

Artificial Intelligence

What About: There Came an Echo

There Came an Echo. I had heard about this game before, but up until playing it, knew very little about any details, only that it was voice controlled, squad based, and starred Wil Wheaton. 1,276 more words


Let Alexa Control Your Life; Guide to Voice-Enable Everything

Let’s face it, automation doesn’t feel quite as futuristic unless you can just say what you want out loud and have the machines flawlessly obey. That is totally possible now — and on the cheap. 246 more words

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Give Siri access to third-party apps, and (in time) much more

As “powerful as Siri is, I’d like to see it be able to do more – much, much more,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “My single biggest frustration with it right now is that I have all these apps on my phone that can answer lots of questions and do lots of things, but Siri has no access to most of them. 338 more words


Cortana, Siri, or Google Now: Who is the best digital assistant?

SAN FRANCISCO – Cortana’s learning the neighbourhood. Google’s digital assistant can’t tell a joke. And Siri apparently has a thing for the metric system.

Those are just a few of the things I learned after staging a face-off between the three leading digital assistants. 659 more words


Jarvis Music Profile

I use the following profile in Tasker to toggle Spotify via a voice command. It is possible to reference direct function of the player through the use of system commands (also supported by Tasker) or through the use of AutoInput plugin. 99 more words

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