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Jarvis Music Profile

I use the following profile in Tasker to toggle Spotify via a voice command. It is possible to reference direct function of the player through the use of system commands (also supported by Tasker) or through the use of AutoInput plugin. 99 more words

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Hackx: Convert Speech to Text and Make Your Laptop respond to Voice Commands for FREE--No Downloads!

Hey, all!

     What is a hack? Well, it used to refer strictly to the action of manually changing or interfering with software or websites, usually for nefarious purposes, but now it can be used as a blanket term for a trick that lets you operate more efficiently…like this! 757 more words


Build Your Vocal Platform 1, 2,3 …

Have you ever noticed a speaker or yourself becoming breathy while giving a presentation. There is a simple exercise to building a strong vocal platform. 288 more words


Tips | How to listen to (and delete) everything you've ever said to Google

Users of Google’s voice-control features such as OK Google are probably aware that the company stores the voice recordings it receives when they talk to it. 386 more words


ivee lets you control your smart home with your voice

ivee Voice will make you feel like Tony Stark in no time.

Voice recognition technology is in the house! While Amazon Echo, Google Now and Siri may’ve stolen the spotlight for voice-controlled IoT devices thus far, a new player is looking to enter the mix. 426 more words


Apple TV and voice control: What Siri does that the others don't

”When Apple announced its next-generation Apple TV last week, Siri was clearly the star of the show. Voice commands feature heavily in Apple’s promo video for the $149 media streamer, and they took up a big chunk of Apple’s on-stage demo,” Jared Newman reports for TechHive. 171 more words


What Apple got right in Apple TV's user interface - and what needs work

”As improbable as this might have seemed for a ‘hobby,’ fixing the Apple TV was one of the last topics Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs discussed with biographer Walter Isaacson: ‘I finally cracked it,’ Jobs said about an upcoming Apple TV UI. 251 more words

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