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Project Alice - Language hotswap

I live in Switzerland, in the french speaking part of it. My mother tongue is french. I have friends stoppping by at my home, speaking german, or swiss german, which I speak also. 482 more words


Alice? Where's my phone?

How many times did you ever ask yourself: “Where is my **** phone” or “where did I leave my phone?”. How many times did your wife / girlfriend / partner / kid ask you “Can you please call my phone, I can’t find it”. 267 more words


Project Alice - Born from the ashes of Jarvis

As the Phoenix, when I hit the enter button yesterday, Jarvis died but Alice rose from its ashes.

Well, that’s all very poetical, I know… What I want to say is that I managed to change the Snips hotword to a custom one. 280 more words


Project Alice - Raspberry voice controlled Velux

It’s been a while I didn’t write anything here… Main reason, nothing to say really. Been sick since the begining of the year, in a depressive vegetative state so well… 895 more words


Your New Personal Assistant| Amazon Alexa: (Amazon Echo)

Hey Readersss,

Today I will tell you about one cool technology, Amazon Alexa. Yupp! It is from Amazon and this technology is currently used in a device Amazon Echo. 299 more words

I Think it Might be Time for an Intervention

Hello, my name is Mike and I am an addict. I am addicted to Alexa. I had been thinking for.a while now that I might have a problem, I ask Alexa to do even the simplest things for me just because I can but it finally hit home when I found myself ordering a Dash Wand. 294 more words

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