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Phillips Hue Outage

Phillips Hue appears to be having some issues today related to remote connectivity which includes out-of-home connection and voice control.

Phillips via Meet hue in Twitter announced that they are aware of the issue, working to resolve it and will keep us updated.


Alexa And Particle Modernize Coffee Machine By One Iota

When ’s girlfriend got a tea kettle that takes voice commands, he suddenly saw his fancy bean-to-cup coffee machine as a technological dinosaur. It may make good coffee, but getting the DeLonghi going is inconvenient, because it runs a self-cleaning cycle each time it’s turned on or off. 233 more words

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Here are all the things Google Assistant now does that Amazon Alexa can't

Amazon started the current trend of voice assistants when it launched the Amazon Echo four years ago. But the first-mover advantage doesn’t last all that long in tech, and Google has been pouring its considerable artificial intelligence resources into the Google Assistant ever since then. 590 more words


Alexa, Can you replace Google Assistant on Android?

The answer to this question is now yes, Alexa can now replace Google Assistant on your Android! This is something I have wanted for a long time because frankly I hate saying “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”, I mean who wants to call anything Google? 121 more words


Alexa Blueprints, Making it Easy to Create Your own Skills

One of the biggest advantages Amazon Alexa has over other voice assistant services is the amount of “Skills” available. There are skills from all kinds of companies and individual developers to do just about anything you can think of. 168 more words


AlterEgo Listens to Your Internal Voice

Recent news reports have claimed that an MIT headset can read your mind, but as it turns out that’s a little bit of fake news. There is a headset — called… 185 more words

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