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Watch This Dude Beat 'Dark Souls' With Only The Power Of His Voice

Dark Souls is a spirit-crushingly hard game. And it’s intended to be that way. Instead of letting you glide through on story mode and enjoy the experience, the game kills you over and over demanding that you learn each enemy’s attacks and how to counter and defeat them without the comfort of just mashing buttons until they disappear in a red mist. 312 more words

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Build Your Vocal Platform – It Starts With the Diaphragm

Having a strong vocal platform is an essential ingredient for speakers. Whether you are speaking for 10 minutes or all day, developing a strong speaking platform will make your voice more engaging, and not to mention you will still have one at the end of the day. 181 more words

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Amazon's AI Escapes its Hardware Prison

It’s the 21st century, and we’re still a long way from the voice-controlled computers we were all promised in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. The state of voice interaction has improved, though, and… 337 more words

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Creating a Siri clone with an Arduino Yún

An Arduino Yún can act just like Siri, allowing users to ask it a question and get an audio response.

Over the years, voice control applications have risen in popularity with programs like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and “OK Google” revolutionizing the way in which people interact with their mobile devices. 202 more words

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Control Nest Devices with Amazon Echo

was looking for a way to control his Nest thermostats with Amazon Echo. He didn’t want to settle for using AWS or some other hosted service. 185 more words

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Amazon Echo brings voice-recognition to the home, but is it better than Apple's Siri?

Smart phones have made our lives easier, providing users with cameras, GPS navigation, and web browsers wherever we go.  However, Apple’s Siri requires a button press, or must be plugged into power to be listening for your “Hey, Siri” commands.   2,932 more words

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Attack Of The iPhone!

A young woman is reported to fear her iPhone is coming to life. This after the “voice control” she doesn’t even use has “gone bananas” for the second that over the space of just a couple of days. 50 more words

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