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I could've had a v8!

At the amazing community conference I attended last week, Scott Heiferman, CEO of Meetup showed two very interesting slides on the evolution of photography. One slide showed the impact of technology advances, and the next showed the real impact. 217 more words

Interested in a Voice of the Customer Program? First build executive support

Interested in a Voice of the Customer Program? First build executive support. Those who have gone through the process all say it is critical.  It is also consistent with research showing that executive support builds a foundation for VoC success. 78 more words


Deconstructing Deming XI B - Eliminate numerical goals for management

11. Part B. Eliminate numerical goals for management.

A supposed corollary to the elimination of numerical quotas for the workforce.

This topic seems to form a very large part of what passes for exploration and development of Deming’s ideas in the present day. 1,062 more words

Operational Excellence

Lucille Gently Weeps

The Blues is not my favorite musical genre, but it has affected my life. For most of us, there’s a soundtrack to life. Maybe you and your significant other have “your song.” “It’s a little bit funny,” but Elton thought so. 228 more words

Internet of Things - Changing Game for Companies & Marketers

Lot of smart devices are infiltrating our lives these days. Cell phones & smart watches are tracking our every moment, sensors & thermostats are learning our daily habits to turn lights & HVAC system on/off, and then there are social platforms such as Facebook and Google who we can’t live without. 314 more words


Customer Service is the (not so) New Marketing

What if your customers or potential customers could see or hear every interaction you had with each and every customer? Thanks to social media, today they can. 215 more words