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Putting it into words

Nearly a fortnight ago, a dear friend sent me an email about a website that wants 30 second pieces, to celebrate the Transgender Community to put up on their website next month. 518 more words


One Year Voice Over Anniversary

Today marks one year since I took my first major step toward becoming a voice over talent. This was the day one year ago that I attended my first class which was just a one day overview of the voice over industry, and a primer on VO equipment. 377 more words

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What your voice looks like

Ever wondered how all that junk in your mouth and throat work together to produce sounds and make words? 77 more words

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Bad-a$$ VO Auditions

Hey there,

It’s been five months since I last wrote on my blog. It was a purposeful decision. I really didn’t have much to say during these five months that wasn’t totally about me dealing with personal issues. 559 more words

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Speaking Commonly Vs. Correctly

In my radio days, someone called in to complain that I said February as fe-byoo-air-ee rather than fe-broo-air-ee. According to some dictionaries, both are now considered correct, but some believe  576 more words

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Now voicing: software explainer

A warm and friendly style voice over for a payroll software explainer. Added bonus—stunning shots of the Great Barrier Reef.

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