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by Desmond Manny

Michael Valenti slumped in the passenger seat of the sedan, easing the ache in his lower back, and turned his head to look out of the window. 1,001 more words


Broadcaster, presenter, journalist.

Charlotte Briere-Edney is a successful and respected broadcaster and journalist. An admired presenter and reporter, she has huge experience covering an extraordinary range of stories. Whether it’s working as a voice over artist for the BBC, filming breaking news stories or producing televised election debates, she brings knowledge, dedication and a passion for making truly great content to every project.

Charlotte Briere-Edney

Google Voice Over Gig!

I booked an awesome Voice Over gig for Google Education for World Teachers Day! Check it out here (can you hear my little Aussie self? I’m on the lines ‘it takes someone who can tell good stories’ & ‘it takes more than tools to make a classroom special’) #ItTakesATeacher

voice overs I heart

Oh lordy do I love talking animals. They crack me up when done well. I’m always impressed at voice actors who can give an animal a convincing voice. 63 more words

Voice Over

Voice Over Road Block

One of the best strengths any person can have is humility. The willingness and ability to admit that you do not know everything and that you are willing to accept criticism. 1,625 more words

Monster Treats for a Voice-Over Pro's Halloween Fun

With all of the Halloween office parties and neighborhood gatherings lined up, I thought today would be a great day to share a fun treat, so you can focus more on your clever costume design than on what to bring to the festivities. 419 more words

Heather Walters