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Hey Gawy 

I have a friend from years ago who could always make people laugh. He loved doing voices and graphic art. He would quote Jim Carey at the drop of a hat. 425 more words


In your arms is my favorite place. Where we transcend time and space, and two become one again. 🌌💖🌌
Friday night can’t come soon enough @jonaaronbray. 11 more words

Miscellaneous Musings

From the murkiest waters spring the most beautiful flowers. 🌱🌷 #lessonsfromthetrail #natureisthebestteacher http://ift.tt/2nvYp6A

Miscellaneous Musings

Development and testing

I did a survey for this video after the first changes to find out if the purpose of the video was understood.

Some of the respondents wanted music in the background and some more colour. 54 more words

Project 4

✨🔮✨ We’re all made of stars and magic af. Time to rest my bones and let my Soul play. #goodnight babes. #Aries #newmoon vibes.
. 7 more words

Miscellaneous Musings

The look on his face says it all. This was right after we got kinda sorta lost, he took a poo mid trail (no dipes, no wipes, hence the look on his face), and I got to carry his stinky butt up a steep hill back to the car. 7 more words

Miscellaneous Musings