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How Will Paid Search Work for Voice?

Amazon and Google have already hinted that they are thinking about allowing paid voice search.

If voice search is going to work anything like how current paid search works, then chances are, there is going to be a ranking system similar to Google Adwords’ that checks the relevancy of a brand to a certain question as well as how high the bid for a keyword is. 376 more words


How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO

October 6, 2017

How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO

By Stevan Mcgrath in Featured Marketing SE Optimization Technology

There has been an ongoing debate around the world about if voice search is going to be the end of SEO. 1,320 more words

SEO Trends for 2017


SEO is a vital, irreplaceable, essential component of online marketing, which every online shop owner and manager should use if they want to reach more customers online. 1,103 more words


SEO Trends für 2017

SEO Trends für 2017

by Petia Ganeva

SEO ist ein wensentliches , unersetzbares, notwendiges Bestandsteil des Online Marketings, das jeder Online- Shop Betreiber und Manager verwenden sollte, falls sie online mehr Kunden erreichen wollen. 1,174 more words


30 Million households will have a voice-first, in-home device by the end of December! @thebuddygroup

@thebuddygroup is working to help product managers and marketers harness the connected consumer’s varied and evolving onramps to brand engagement.

According to a new report by Narvar, “Bots, Texts and Voice: What Cuts Through the Clutter,” describing how shoppers’ communications preferences are changing with the rise of smartphones, chatbots and voice devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Facebook design head loud on voice, silent on Alexa and hardware

Facebook has been reportedly working on a video chat device and a smart speaker that would use a new voice interface, to compete against the likes of Amazon and Google in the race to control your living room; and it’s also been testing as a… 752 more words


Back to the old times?

This article mentioned how traditionally there are two types of advertising which are interruptive and in-content. When it comes to interruptive advertising we are all pretty familiar with it, it’s on TV, it’s on radio even on Youtube videos. 237 more words