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In 2015, Google's Personal Assistant Broke Out of Its Shell. Now It Has to Fight.

If one line goes down in Google’s history from 2015, save the whole Alphabet thing, it will be the full-on pivot to mobile. Each part of the search engine was pushed and pushed to execute on mobile devices, where, Google admitted this year, a bulk of its searches now occur. 880 more words


SoundHound Launches Houndify Platform To Add A Voice Interface To Other Apps And Devices

SoundHound’s Houndify, which promises to “add voice enabled conversational interface to anything,” is officially available to developers today.

SoundHound is best-known as a music recognition app… 359 more words


Google Eyes Back Door Into China With Investment in Voice Search Startup

Five years after a principled departure from China, Google looks to be angling for a way back into the market. The latest foray: A minority stake in Mobvoi, a three-year-old artificial intelligence company that builds Chinese-language voice search technology. 477 more words


Google Drops "Ok Google" On Desktop

Google has dropped ‘Ok Google’ support for the desktop. “Those who use Chromebooks — which are based on Chrome — still have this feature for their laptops. 18 more words


How does voice search affect SEO and rankings

Have you ever heard of the hummingbird update well this question relates to just that, hummingbird was an update that looked for websites performing unnatural search terms like “digital cameras” vs “digital cameras under £500” these are considered user intent searches and yes people might search for digital cameras but they might be more likely to search for cameras in a set price range and this is what hummingbird looks for this is just an example as there are many more we can choose from. 341 more words

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Some users noticing offline voice commands for some functions in latest Google app

Earlier this year, a release of Google’s app for Android hinted at future ability to use voice search and commands without an internet connection. Offline voice commands could be used for a number of functions, and are now already be up and running for some Android users with the latest Google app installed… 237 more words


Are digital assistants learning how to speak our language?

We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants

Here’s a quick story you’ve probably heard before, followed by one you probably haven’t. In 1979 a young Steve Jobs paid a visit to Xerox PARC, the legendary R&D lab in Palo Alto, California, and witnessed a demonstration of something now called the graphical user interface. 63 more words

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