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Evidence of offline 'OK, Google,' other features found in Google app version 4.8

The Google app — previously known as “Search” — was updated to version 4.8 last week, and now a new teardown has revealed some interesting new details about some features that might be coming in future versions. 293 more words


Chrome 'OK Google' hotwording extension sparks new privacy concerns, confusion (Update: Chromium team backpeddals)

Update: What’s that? Oh, just the smell of change. After initially standing firm on its implementation of the hotwording module and proprietary Google extension being automatically downloaded in new installations of the Chromium open source browser, a wave of criticism has led to the team… 1,517 more words

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Google's new location-aware voice search would have been great to debut at I/O

Quietly, Google introduced some new location-aware search functions in voice search over the last couple of weeks. The feature lets you perform several searches based on your location, with Google looking at its Maps data to figure out what you’re talking about. 301 more words


Apple is getting smarter with search and keeping its users away from Google

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple announced updated versions of its mobile and desktop operating systems, including a focus on search, powered by its Siri “assistant” technology. 622 more words

Hound voice search app: All byte, no bark

Has anyone seen the Hound demo for Android? If you haven’t, go ahead and take a look at it. All I have to say about the demo is: Wow. 373 more words

SoundHound releases impressive 'Hound' voice search app, check out this demo (Video)

SoundHound’s first app is known as one of the best offerings when it comes to recognizing sounds. You could hum a song and the app could, fairly reliably, tell you which one you were humming. 278 more words


Sound Hound releases serious competitor to Google Now on Android

Sound Hound is more commonly known for its song identification service but, for the past  years they have been developing their own personal assistant called Hound. 242 more words