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Growing Trend of Voice Searches in India

India has a population of over 1.3 billion people and the number of people online is currently a mere 34% of it. However, every month 4 million new users… 477 more words


Knowing what you don't know: is Pinterest the dark horse of search? 🐴

In recent months I’ve noticed just a handful of clients citing Pinterest as a priority, particularly when it comes to media spend. Perhaps unsurprisingly the usual dark-blue and light-blue suspects steal the limelight. 1,196 more words

Social Business

How will Voice Search Affect SEO?

Every day we use our phones and devices to find information. We are always Google searching things that we don’t have answers to. Let’s face it our phones are our primary source of information nowadays. 549 more words

Voice Search Revolution

The rising popularity of the mobile search and the improvement of voice recognition technologies enables the web search users to speak their queries rather to type them. 638 more words

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The growth of Voice Search! How publishers and marketers can be prepared.

Google recently announced that its voice search is increasing at a rate of 20 % every year. Leading webs analytics organization Comscore predicts that voice search will be 50% of the entire search made in the Google platform. 445 more words

How Will Paid Search Work for Voice?

Amazon and Google have already hinted that they are thinking about allowing paid voice search.

If voice search is going to work anything like how current paid search works, then chances are, there is going to be a ranking system similar to Google Adwords’ that checks the relevancy of a brand to a certain question as well as how high the bid for a keyword is. 376 more words


How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO

October 6, 2017

How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO

By Stevan Mcgrath in Featured Marketing SE Optimization Technology

There has been an ongoing debate around the world about if voice search is going to be the end of SEO. 1,320 more words