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A Look At How To SEO In 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is continuously evolving. Techniques that previously worked do not always translate into higher rankings on search engines. In reality, some out-of-date strategies can actually harm a website’s SEO initiatives. 685 more words

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What is Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)?

The Rise of Voice Search

Up until recently, SEO has been the main optimization digital marketers have focused on since the 1990’s.

However, with the increase of Voice Command devices like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri, Digital Marketers are now having to adapt to a new form of optimization, Answer Engine Optimization (AEO). 491 more words

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"Voice search will be the death of SEO"

33 Voice Search Statistics to Prepare You for the Voice Search Revolution




12 Best Practices You Can Use to Optimize for Voice Search

12 best practices and corresponding tactics you can use to optimize for voice search:

  1. Optimize for Conversational Keywords

  • Create QnA pages (FAQs) or write individual blog posts answering customer questions.
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Google and Target Develop First Voice Activated Coupon for Google Assistant

Google and Target joined forces for a voice-activated coupon on Google Assistant. According to Adweek, this coupon is a $15 dollar offer for purchases made on Google Express via Google Assistant. 30 more words

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How is Voice Search Going to Impact SEO in 2018?

Undeniably, voice search is growing at a rapid scale. It’s really fast, convenient and the users can search anywhere anytime. It has become very reliable as the machinery behind the voice search services, for instance Siri, is improving. 483 more words

New SEO Strategies

"Alexa, can you order me a..."

The way that consumers are ordering and interacting with products online is rapidly changing. Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are emerging as prominent voice search devices that are disrupting traditional online marketing. 371 more words