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The urgent need for violence response systems within HIV programming

Written by Tisha Wheeler, Senior Technical Advisor for Key Populations, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Never before have HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs for key populations been available in so many countries. 813 more words


Does Gender Integration Matter in Programming for Key Populations?

Written by Robyn Dayton, Gender Advisor, LINKAGES

Programming for key populations is unique. It is uniquely challenging — in the face of the stigma, discrimination, violence and criminalization that many members of key populations face. 806 more words

Meaningful Engagement

Commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Part 1 written by Rolande Lewis, Program Officer, LINKAGES

Part 2 written by Irwin Iradukunda, Director of Programmes for Mouvement pour les Libertés Indivduelles (MOLI) and key population activist in Burundi… 526 more words


Meeting the dry season challenges through drip irrigation

During the dry season it is very difficult to irrigate farms in North West Cameroon. Most farmers find it difficult irrigating their farms as water sources are far from their farms. 141 more words

What's New At SIRDEP

The metal cash box that made me proud

My Name is Cheonwi Churchill. I am a welder, and I use metals to fabricate various items. I have fabricated small boxes for SIRDEP. I used the profits from this venture to purchase a new machine for my workshop. 90 more words

What's New At SIRDEP


Photo Credit: Associação IRIS

Written by Ana Diaz, Angola LINKAGES Program Manager

Since September 2015 when I joined LINKAGES in Angola, every waking moment has been consumed working through the nitty gritty details that starting up a new project entails. 501 more words

Human Rights