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Voices in My Head

“Who said that?”

How can we tell when we are hearing from God, and when the source of what we heard is from elsewhere?

Although He speaks to me, to explain how I knew that it was my Father was not as simple as I thought. 848 more words

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The Details About What Are Hearing Voices

If you are hearing voices then it means you have some illness mentally which is severe such as schizophrenia. The voices which you hear can be critical or sometimes it can also be complementary. 46 more words


Voices in Our Heads

I used to hear people’s voices before falling asleep when I was younger. It doesn’t happen so much these days because when I fall asleep, I’m tired enough to be oblivious to voices. 473 more words


Precept for March

Precept: Rules about VERY important things. (for me: LIFE )

Precept for March: “Sometimes its good to start over” – Julian Albans

The real battle in life is between hanging on or letting it go.

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My new book, The Walls Around Us, was published today! I would be so thrilled and honored if you considered buying it this week from… 860 more words



Why didn’t you call me yours,
Pull me close,
Trumpet our love out your mouth and to the skies?

Why didn’t you call us a priority, 74 more words

Multitasking in our brain, can it be compared to that of a computer?

Quite a lot of similar news posts, researches and other paper is available to talk about how worse creation of God was, as a comparison to that of creation of His creation. 1,131 more words

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