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The coward superhero

I saw them everywhere

in the streets

and in every galis of Kathmandu,

in the news and social media

during the quake and shortage.

By volunteering or by carpooling… 87 more words

Voices In My Head

Those Loud Voices

My experience with bipolar is like this… pretty much every night the voices in my head tell me negative things about  myself…but honestly they arent very loud and i can usually go to sleep… takes me a while but i usually fall asleep.. 277 more words



When I said home what came to your mind? The house you live? Your family? Think again!

When I was a small kid, I used to think that home was a place that I drew on those white paper of my drawing book. 198 more words

Voices In My Head


She smiles,

like it’s a natural thing

She smiles,

like her heart isn’t breaking

Honey, hold your head up high

keep all those feelings inside… 15 more words

Story Telling

Naked Eyes - Naked Eyes (1983)

I’ve always felt that the ’60s had a lot in common with many early new wave pop songs. Sometimes it was subtle as in Soft Cell’s remake of “Tainted Love” or deliberate with the zany retro antics of The B-52s. 515 more words


Do You Know About Loop Community?

Did you know you can get play/sing-along tracks for every song on my album,


Look at all the things you can do using their tracks:

91 more words

Rick Lee James

Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations - "Listen Before You Buy" Album Sampler

This is a preview sampler of each song on my album “Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations”. I hope you enjoy the preview and will consider sharing it with others. 27 more words

Rick Lee James