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Angel Of Darkness

More like the seraphim of theft; you
Stole from me; you omnipotent crook!
Leaving my soul shook, but I’ve had
Time to cry and I’m no longer shy. 263 more words

Voices In My Head

Tonight’s The Night…

Biding my schedule all week it’s torturous as
Time creeps; mundane Monday, tedious Tuesday,
Weakening Wednesday and teasing Thursday;
All leading to a Freedom Friday. 345 more words

Voices In My Head

Burning Desire

If I bit your lips would you bite mine?
Or are we the sophisticated couple of
Cheese and wine? Could we be dangerous
Like crown and coke? 228 more words

Voices In My Head

Art Of Seduction

I searched for what seemed like eternity,
On a path to reach your soul, I almost lost
My sanity, even though I promised you I… 453 more words

Voices In My Head

My Woman's Smile...

Her smile is a song of water,
Gently running over the rocks
Somewhere in heaven. 147 more words

Voices In My Head

Lemonade Love

Love between couples is beautiful,
Two imperfect souls in a perfect union
Making the greatest wonder the world
Has ever seen – Love!  290 more words

Voices In My Head

"Everyone is out to get you!~"

Worst things the voices have told me to do: Cut, break up a tic tac container and sprinkle it on my math teacher’s head, poison a girl at school, stab J with a pencil, flash the class, slam C against the locker, bite K, take the steering wheel while someone is driving, suck the blood through my skin… 108 more words