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An Open letter to myself

Dear 23 year old self,

              Don’t date long distance. Don’t meet his parents. Your future self is silently laughing at how fast that relationship ended. Pump the brakes. 1,016 more words


Wanting, needing and second-guessing.

So basically I have just had a meeting with the guys and Autumn. As my life makes decisions for me, she is coming to the new company, as she will be doing all the social media. 547 more words

I'm hearing voices in my head

This original composition by Momoh Freeman is inspired by Momoh’s fellow Liberian refugee who lost his entire family. Scroll down for what the lyrics and what inspired the song. 366 more words


Voices In My Head - Bob Mould video

This is the video for the new Bob Mould single ‘Voices In My Head’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Patch The Sky’.

Bob has described the new record as the darkest of the ‘trilogy’ which started with ‘Silver Age’ – but also the catchiest. 110 more words



The problem when nothing happens is that I have to use my imagination to find something to write about.  I would rather have ideas fall into my lap than have to search for them. 36 more words

Under the Top Hat

Pull up a chair and pour yourself some tea; we have much to discuss. You see, I have had you all fooled; I am not who you think I am. 641 more words


Cute or Crazy?

We all have that inner voice that reaches you when you are doing – things and are not sure about your decisions, and based on those voices you make up your mind! 294 more words