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A Conversation

How does one start this conversation?
Where is this going?
What are we doing?
You say you’re not a “planner” like it’s a valid excuse. 413 more words

"MORE is Better" or "less is MORE"?

“Real freedom is having nothing. I was freer when I didn’t have a cent.” – Mike Tyson

I do believe that joy and happiness arise from knowing how much “enough” is.

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Voices In My Head - Rohit Singh 

The voices in my head,

Never go to bed.
The memory streams,

Just screams and screams.

It laughs at my dreams.

Reminds me of all sins, … 58 more words


#UgBlogWeek 4 : SHHH

in our dreams we smooth and polish the rocks of remembrance into pearls,

which, by the light of day, we demolish because reality faces the mind that swirls.

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The Voices


IV. x_x

The day begins with that sore feeling right behind my right ear. It doesn’t have a sound, but if it had a voice, it’ll probably hum a mosquito-song. 251 more words

Hearing Auditory Voices from Inside: Reason and Type

Some hear voices from inside, a kind of exceptional event encountered under extreme circumstances, while others live with their “voices” like a family for a prolong period of time. 152 more words


In My Head

Only screams, all these voices in my head.

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Indescribably Her