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The Voices Say Hello

Terribly hot weather we are having at the moment, aren’t we?

There. That’s how to start a conversation with a stranger, or at least how it always seems to be done in England. 228 more words

Hearing Voices


In all my banana-eating life, I always called those stringy things on bananas stringy things on bananas.  I never knew their name was phloem (pronounced floem).   236 more words

Aliens can't be trusted

In my dream last night I was just a child. Let’s say 7ish.

I was at a playground alone (go figure) and it was raining (of course). 771 more words


"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

These past few weeks I’ve been fighting this monster inside my head. I was in the shower one evening and halfway through this incredible amount of weight was dumped on me. 789 more words

Life Lately

Coffee Break

Coffee break

their favorite
time of the day

they have so much
so little
to say

they breathe deep
and gaze

He recites a story… 57 more words

To Tell A Story

Blank Page

I have come to this page knowing that I want to say something but without knowing what it is.

Here are the things I do to enable me to write when I have nothing to say: 207 more words


Not a sad poem

Light or dark

What is it

that’s trying

 to leave a mark?

Voices in my head

Sometimes tell me

 I would be better

 off dead… 51 more words