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First time i hear voices in my head - Cape Town, South Africa

When was the first time for me? I was a 30 year old single male living by myself in and apartment when one night before going to bed, I heard what sounded like my neighbors talk about my work affairs. 425 more words

No Need For Psychologist

At Least You Are Trying

I didn’t have time to be mean to myself when I woke up this morning and got dressed. No, it came later and that voice attacked a few delicate areas of my life. 980 more words

Being Myself

Who Is Talking to Me? Stop Saying Stupid Shit.

The little things count. They add up and mean so much. Those moments when I can choose to let go or hold on…..minute, but no less important. 1,237 more words

Being Myself

Potato Of The Day Episode 70

This morning I witnessed a conversation between two voices in my head. I’ve transcribed it below. Warning: It was dumb.

-Begin transcript-

Ben 1: Knock Knock! 268 more words

Potato Of The Day

Taking a Starbucks Break

I’m taking a Starbucks break from the illustration I’m working on. I’m making progress, and it’s looking great (I’m not trying to be deadpan here; it just feels odd to put an exclamation mark at the end of this sentence). 90 more words


I’m supPosed to haVe droPped out of sChool by now
I don’t kNow what I’m sTill doing thEre
Maybe it’s becAuse of the mAny peOple wHo look up to me, as tHough I were a model 321 more words



How does one follow a blog about his death?  I don’t know.  I have to write something . . .

What will happen to the voices in my head after I die?  113 more words