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I Am the Dowager Countess

Confession: When I stay awake a little too long after taking a sleeping pill, all my thoughts sound like Maggie Smith saying them. Makes me feel classy and not want to go to sleep. 26 more words


The voices in my head

Hunched over my handle bars I looked up at the hill in front of me. It wasn’t its incline that frightened me, it was the heinous amount of cars I’d be traveling alongside.   323 more words

Sailor Without A Boat

Sensitive Yvette

“Yvette, you can’t go through life being so sensitive.”

My dad’s words still haunt me today. I hear his voice right through the other voices in my head. 468 more words


Potato Of The Day Episode 91

Hey, kids! ARE YOU READY FOR AN INCOHERENT SMORGASBORD POST? Cause I sure am! Rapid fire multiple personalities now! Who can roll with the punches like a Purple Rose Aprium? 555 more words

Potato Of The Day

Voices In Head - take your gut feeling seriously

Okay so lets say your gut feeling tells you its not a mental illness. And you have answered a list of questions as outlined in this post. 380 more words

Voices In My Head

First time i hear voices in my head - Cape Town, South Africa

When was the first time for me? I was a 30 year old single male living by myself in and apartment when one night before going to bed, I heard what sounded like my neighbors talk about my work affairs. 425 more words

Voices In My Head

At Least You Are Trying

I didn’t have time to be mean to myself when I woke up this morning and got dressed. No, it came later and that voice attacked a few delicate areas of my life. 980 more words

Being Myself