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the experiment

Her: Just be yourself

Me: I’m being myself

We look around and notice that everyone is looking at me strangely

Her: Let’s try your other personalities… 96 more words

Happy Independence Day India

I’m grateful to live in an independent country where:

Being born a girl or a boy or into a caste doesn’t make a difference,
A person has the right to choose his own faith and question his religion and its practices, 300 more words

Happy Independence Day

New Music Video This Wednesday - A Song For Refugees

We’re Doing It Again

In the last year we have released three music videos from my album, “Hymns, Prayer, and Invitations“. These videos have been warmly received by thousands of people on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 478 more words

Rick Lee James

How Will We Respond To Charlottesville?

It’s sobering to think an American citizen was killed standing up to Nazis on American soil this weekend. Now their web site is calling her a fat lazy s— who was a drain on the system. 225 more words

Rick Lee James

Voices In My Head

I open my textbook, and it reveals

Letters and words, and sentences of course

I begin to read, but my mouth keeps still

How possible could it be, a mystery to be revealed… 219 more words


Ummm... Adulthood!

For all those questioning or even remotely interested in why I choose solitude, not that I owe an explanation but this one’s for you…

Here’s the thing about living alone, away from the comfort of home, my life is my own, for better or worse. 217 more words