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Potato Of The Day Episode 42

I have an apple on my desk.  I can’t recall how many bites of this apple I’ve had. Does this apple look 20% bitten or 80% unbitten? 363 more words

Potato Of The Day

Must Admit The Voices in My Head Have a Different Age Than Me..

Must admit the voices in my head have a different age than me…

I don’t know about you, but I have just realized that the voices in my head believe that they are younger than what it says in my driver’s license. 239 more words

Spring Cleaning... a voice in my head... and pies!

A few weeks ago, I realized that my there was no clear path out of my garage because it was blocked by a dresser that used to belong to my Dad.   489 more words


subtle stirrings
she’ll never know
a void
an emptiness
a hole

a dull ache
she’ll always have
lingering sadness

everyday occurrences
she gets to miss… 90 more words


You are going to leave me.
Trust me.
I know.
Like déja vu, I’ve already seen it happen,
Over and over.
It’s night time.
You say nothing. 286 more words

The Voices Inside My Head

Today’s been a lousy day, so I’m posting this one now, to keep me from griping about my day instead.  As would otherwise happen.

This is a pre-written post, stored up for such a time as I need it.   979 more words


The Itch, or Why It's Better To Just Go Ahead and Write Something, ANYTHING

Work was a beast today. Finals time, students are panicking, banging down my door, shoving papers in my face, “HERE GRADE THIS HASTILY SCRIBBLED TWO-MONTHS-LATE ASSIGNMENT SO I CAN PASS THE CLASS.” I debated a hundred times giving the lecture: “Had you done all your work at the appropriate time instead of, perhaps, staring gobsmacked into your cell phone when you should have been paying attention in class, then maybe you would have the grade you wanted and wouldn’t feel like the ant looking at the descending boot right now.” But that’s in vain, at this point. 664 more words