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I Patted the SPEAKER 23 TIMES!~

Weirdest thing. I forgot to blog about. I was listening to the radio at night trying to sleep. NO JOKE, i heard several songs, about voices!! 74 more words

Voices In My Head

So many voices in my head.
They all keep chattering away.
All have there own stories to tell.
Each want there own time in the spotlight. 80 more words


Hearing voices is DRAINING!!~

“Do you know why you are here?” Dr G asked me. I looked around his office, avoiding eye contact. I had a fear he could read my thoughts through my eyes, so i refused to look at him. 189 more words

I was suppose to rip the nail off my FINGER!~

Last night i heard voices. the bad ones. For the first time in WEEKS!! I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I almost woke Mom up at 3:;43 am. 165 more words

Happy Women's Day

Let’s move beyond conversations on equality and feminism. Beyond WhatsApp forwards, salons and retail discounts, cliched decorations and such other attempts at celebrating Women’s Day. We work hard enough to buy what we desire, and pamper ourselves in the way we want (I have lots to say on equal pay but that’s for another day). 173 more words

Fig Newton

We are going through some renovations at the moment so that means the front door is WIDE FREAKING OPEN more than it’s closed. So the dog escapes multiple times a day. 695 more words


I guess you're important

It’s kind of a funny feeling when someone in your life “levels up” on your list of priorities. I’m not a cruel person for not wanting to be notified every time someone is trying to get a hold of me. 332 more words