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The people in my head: "Mr. Yarbrough?"

When I was in elementary school, every day, us kids were given a brief relief from academic pursuits in the form of recess. At the onset of these classroom breaks, … 4,302 more words

I Write Because...

“I write to give the voices in my head something to do.”

-Clare Angelica

Anyone can sympathize with this sentiment… No matter if you are a writer, painter, sculptor, small business owner, CEO, baker, etc…you fill in the blank… … 139 more words

Clare Angelica

Listen To Me

The voice has been her best friend since the age of twelve. It comforted her through her parents divorce, through the countless teasing as a teen, through her many break-ups with assholes as an adult. 210 more words


Intrusive Thoughts...

Today, I had a great day! I travelled to see my friend which I rarely have the energy to do, As the drive is over 30 mins, usually I don’t have the concentration to drive that far or the drive causes me too much pain. 384 more words

Watch How I Met Your Mother Co-Stars Reunite to Prank Party Planners

How I Met Your Mother fans rejoice! Barney and Robin teamed up to pull one over on three party planners during Tuesday night’s episode of… 136 more words

WATCH: Britney Spears Teams With Neil Patrick Harris & Joe Jonas To Prank Her Bodyguards

It’s the one and only, Britney Spears.

If you’re having a bad Wednesday, this video will definitely cheer you up.

Neil Patrick Harris convinced Britney Spears and Joe Jonas to participate in a segment titled “Voices In Your Head” for his variety show  83 more words


Everybody take a powder; it's too crowded in here

Stay in the present.  Don’t fast forward to the end goal.  Enjoy the moment.  Stop putting your first name with his last name.  Stop rearranging the furniture in his house in your mind and shoving his clothes over to see how much room you’d get. 59 more words