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Spirodraft Blouse

I have returned at last, dear readers! This year I have been busily writing my dissertation (yes, that’s Dr. Autumnyarn now), but I am very glad to have mental energy for other kinds of creative endeavors again. 567 more words


Morning Walk Ruby Dress

I have loved this beautiful Leah Duncan print for a long time and I finally took the plunge and bought the voile version of the fabric. 280 more words


Voile Bleu

 ​Hi loves, it’s been a long while hasn’t it? So basically half the year has gone by. I was so swamped with Uni I didn’t even notice how quickly time was flying. 166 more words


Une vraie expérience, le bénévolat

Le bénévolat … avant cet été je n’avais pas conscience que le bénévolat pouvait être aussi épanouissant et amusant à la fois. C’est dans ma ville de cœur, à Saint-Raphaël que j’ai eu l’occasion de réaliser cette expérience riche en fous rires et émotions ! 346 more words

Expériences Professionnelles

Top 5 water experiences to do in Lisbon

You have seen everything on your list, don’t feel like do more walking, bored of doing every time the same thing, want to try new things or want to surprise someone. 507 more words

CIty Break

Lisbon the capital of the Atlantic

There is no doubt Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has become one of most popular destinations in Europe and not only for tourism. It is considered one of the coolest cities with a vibrant culture and a hotspot for entrepreneurs, artists, surfers, international students or scientific researchers. 476 more words

CIty Break

When do you use those other fancy stitches your sewing machine has?

I’d already made a The Maker’s Atelier Holiday shirt recently which you can read about here and I’d got a second cut out ready. This second one was a soft cotton voile (or muslin, not entirely sure) which my elderly neighbour had gifted me a while back and I cut it out as part of my batch-cutting binge. 658 more words