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The Philosophy of Filters

How does using a 1,200 square inch fabric filter produce high quality wort?

I’ll start by stating that there are three types of filters available to most home brewers. 1,896 more words


The Brew Bag vs Paint Strainer and Muslin Bags

About every fourth person I speak with asks why the The Brew Bag is better than a paint straining bag, or why not just get the two pack nylon bag from their local home brew store, or why not just use a muslin bag, “that’s what the steeping brew kits come with”. 436 more words


Have you considered making bags to fit mash tun coolers for sparging?

This title of the blog is a real question we received from a curious brewer. It’s worth noting that we have a photo of a cooler on the first page of our site, and yes, we’ve made hundreds of cooler bags. 703 more words


new@*tesoromio* skirt and shirt now with Slink size :)

Soo I wanted something new for spring, new colors, new clothes.
And I fell in love with Slink Physique, so I made a compatible fitted size for skirt and shirt. 73 more words

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Voile – Barcelona World Race : le suisse Bernard Stamm et le français Jean Le Cam remporte la course

Et voilà ! Après 84 jours et 5h de course, nos vieux loups de mer, Bernard Stamm et Jean Le Cam viennent de franchir la ligne d’arrivée de la Barcelona World Race (seule régate en double, sans escale autour du monde). 433 more words


Faut-il interdire le port du voile dans la police, l'armée et la douane ?

Après les déclarations multiples et contradictoires du gouvernement sur le port du hidjab par des douanières algériennes, le premier ministre Sellal a finalement clos le débat par… 781 more words