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Dating in a Volatile Market

Recently I’ve realized that dating is a lot like investing. You take the risk, knowing you can’t predict the future, hoping it will pay off. It could leave you broke and homeless, or it could set you up for life. 991 more words


Looking Pretty Calm Up Here You Guys

“Even though the S&P 500 has closed at an all-time high three times in the last week, investors are still waiting for breadth (i.e. 455 more words

Investment for the Serene - Rebalanced to Minimize Volatility

The “Permanent Portfolio” discussion continues here with the question of how often should a permanent portfolio that makes no tactical bets be rebalanced, and how much difference does it make. 685 more words


Entering the stock market

If you think that the stock market is a get-rich-quick scheme, think again. Should you be brave enough to take a giant leap into the investment world, then you must know that the market is characterised by volatility. 555 more words

What If There Is No Tomorrow?

There’s been an abundance — nay, “cesspool of rotations” ever since the Fed announced the beginning of the end the tapering.   422 more words

I tried a robo-adviser. It went a little something like this…

New products and services become obtainable to consumers on a daily basis without a human intermediary to facilitate their sale. We buy soft drinks, postage stamps and lottery tickets without a human being anywhere in sight, and it’s the norm. 651 more words


Historic vs. Implied Volatility

  • Both are measures of price variation over time
  • Historic volatility is the empirically measured volatility from the market
  • Implied volatility is the volatility implied by the market price, in that it can be back calculated given the market price and pricing model…
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