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Investing is an exercise in controlling our emotions

Published June 22, 2018

Here at TimingCube we are dedicated to using models to drive our investing decisions.  We recognize that investing our hard-earned money is really an exercise in regulating our emotions.  1,257 more words

Weekly Update

Leave the Driving to Us

I am fond of aphorisms – short little sayings that tell a story in just a few words. One that I have been returning to frequently of late is “Don’t pay attention to the yelling in the fish market. 977 more words

Market Commentary

Treasury Curve 10Y-2Y Continues Flattening To Below 35 BPS (Inversion Alert!)

The US Treasury yield curve (10Y-2Y) slope just broke through 35 basis points and is now at 34.41 BPS. And as The Fed continues to tighten, the curve is headed towards inversion. 27 more words


Why should we not invest in penny stocks?

Investing your money in the penny stocks wont make sense to a larger extent, if you are a newbie in the stock market. If you have made your existence in the stock market recently, than I would say stay away from penny stocks because these are the stocks which are not good in terms of ….. 506 more words

Is inflation heating up? Not really.

The markets were caught off guard at the end of January by a pickup in wages. Then came trade tariffs that likely will push up import prices. 616 more words