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Alarm! Hang Seng Index Plunges -1.92% (FTSE MIB [Italy] Down -1.24%)

The US stock market is boring, to say the least. It just keeps going up like a crazed Energizer bunny on steroids. Even The Hindenburg Omen, which predicted the crash in 2007-2008, has been flashing furiously since 2012. 51 more words


Inflation Warning: US Import Prices Rise 2.7% YoY In September (US Export Prices Rise 2.9% YoY)

If you are looking for inflation that is seemingly missing, try the US import and export prices. US import prices by end use rose 2.7% YoY in September and US export prices by end use rose 2.9% YoY. 127 more words

Inflation Friday: Despite Hurricane Hoopla, "Inflation" Remains Subdued (Real Wages YoY Decline)

Listening to CNBC and Bloomberg TV, you might have gotten the impression that Hurricanes Harvery and Irma created such extensive damage (they did) that there would be labor shortages and a big rise in real wages. 69 more words

Bitcoin as an asset class - Update October 2017

Bitcoin’s price broke the USD 5000 threshold this week. Since the start of this year, the ‘cryptocurrency’, as some like to call it, has almost quintupled  in value. 1,582 more words


US Treasury 30Y-5Y Curve Slope Flattest Since Beginning of The Great Recession

The persistent flattening of the Treasury yield curve appears to still have legs, and that may be a sign of economic trouble ahead. On Wednesday, the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s September meeting revealed policy makers’ resolve to stick to their tightening path. 76 more words

Black Swan Anxiety: CBOE SKEW Index Near All-time High (120 Day Moving Average)

The Mr Obvious Award goes to …

Concern is building that years of record-setting gains for U.S. stocks may give way to a market plunge, 83 more words