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Volcanoes Today, 26 Mar 2015: Shiveluch volcano

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): Another powerful vulcanian explosion occurred this morning at 10:03 local time at the volcano. An eruption column rose to approx. 10 km altitude. 39 more words

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Volcanoes Today, 10 Mar 2015: Fuego volcano, Kliuchevskoi, Soputan, Shiveluch, Turrialba, San Cristobal

Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): The explosive-effusive eruption of the volcano probably finished.
According to KVERT, volcanic tremor significant decreased yesterday and no lava or ash emissions could be seen any more at the summit crater. 298 more words

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Volcanoes Today, 9 Mar 2015: Soputan volcano, Colima

Soputan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): A new explosive eruptive phase occurred this morning, producing an ash plume that rose 4.5 km from the volcano’s summit and pyroclastic flows that traveled 2.5 km. 41 more words

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it’s rarely either/or

The scientific community has long accepted the theory that an asteroid that hit the earth was the cause for the demise of the dinosaurs. But a more recent competing theory has emerged. 54 more words


Volcanoes Today, 2 Mar 2015: Bardarbunga volcano, Colima, Raung

Bardarbunga (Central Iceland):

Raung (East Java): Our local Indonesian partner, photographer and volcanologist Andi, spent a week at Raung to observe the volcano┬┤s current explosive eruption. 255 more words

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