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There's an Ocean Deep Inside the Earth - Motherboard

This gets the juices flowin, huh? Imagine, underground oceans… 20,000 Leagues, Under The Valley… weird…

The ringwoodite was found within this tiny brown diamond. Image: Richard Siemens/University of Alberta… 16 more words

History, Archeology, Science

Global Warming

Global Warming May Increase Volcanic Activity

Increased volcanic activity is likely to occur as the planet continues to warm from human-induced climate change, a recent study revealed. 200 more words


Giant Eruption at Bali Volcano Could Unleash Global Cooling at Scale Unseen for Decades

More volcanic activity, that could lead to worldwide consequences. Disruption of trade, transportation, etc, as well as the dangerous immediate geological effects.


Mt Rainier Volcano is beginning to RUMBLE - Seismographs very active!

October 23, 2017: Mt Rainier in Washington is showing signs of increased activity. Seismographs on the north side of the 14,000ft volcano show tons of activity. 12 more words


Krýsuvík Geothermal Area, Iceland. August 2017