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Krýsuvík Geothermal Area, Iceland. August 2017


Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

There is a desolate valley near Rotorua, New Zealand that is a perfect representation of the elements earth, water, fire and air. The Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley is a geothermic world of bubbling pools, hissing vents and piping hot geysers where the scent of sulphur wafts through the air.This part of the country sits on an active fault line, resulting in a lot of volcanic activity. 97 more words

Photo Challenge

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Though the landscape may have you thinking you are on another planet, Craters of the Moon National Monument is in southern Idaho, a few short hours west of the magnificent Grand Tetons. 598 more words



Here is a sampling of headlines appearing around the world that reveal some of these Signs Of The Times in today’s news reports. We try to choose stories your nightly newscasters aren’t covering but that show the direction the world is heading. 79 more words


Whakarewarewa's Churches

The two competing churches, Catholic and Anglican, were located at opposite ends of the village. The Anglican church was established when many of the Anglican survivors (after the Mt Tarawera eruption of 1886), moved to the village to join family members. 39 more words

New Zealand

HAWAII'S EXPLOSIVE NEW YEAR: Electric Sky Anomaly, Massive Delta Collapse and Exploding Lava

Note: In addition to the magnificent ascension energy’s pummeling the Hawaiian islands, the New Year has heralded some interesting events on land, water and the skies! 107 more words

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Sulphurous geysers gently bubble to the surface in fenced off sections of Kuirau Public Park in Rotorua New Zealand. 135 more words