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School colours

I have been thinking about all the school leavers, celebrating, beginning or continuing jobs, waiting for results, and how so many years later startlingly clear memories of early days at school still come back to me. 988 more words


If everyone were Chilean the world would be a better place...

So I want to start by telling you about overnight buses.. They vary from company to company and location.

Ecuador buses were pretty average.

Peru was my first experience of a great nights sleep on cruz del sur buses involving leather reclining chairs with foot rest, good food included, and a touch screen tv full of English movies. 816 more words


Scientists develop system to detect Supervolcano eruptions

Researchers claim to have worked out how to accurately predict the eruption of ‘supervolcanoes’ that blanket the earth in giant ash clouds triggering a ‘nuclear winter’. 844 more words


More than Just Pennies from Heaven!

Following the last eruption of the volcano in Kamchatka, the world learned about previously unknown deposits of diamonds in an announcement made by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. 253 more words


Tonga's New & Temporary Island

The link below is to an article that takes a look at Tonga’s newest and temporary island formed by volcanic activity.

For more visit:


No delays please - We're Australian

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