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Summiting Volcan Villarrica

When, over breakfast at our hostel in Valparaiso, a young couple told us of a climbable active volcano in Pucón near the Chile-Argentina border we knew we had to go. 2,019 more words


How to Build a Volcano, Raspberry Pi Style

The first and last time most of us built a volcano, baking soda and vinegar were involved. This project is much cleaner, and much more impressive. 229 more words


The Secret To An Epiphany-Inducing Maui Adventure

I always assumed I’d have to make it as a long-standing contestant on the Bachelor in order to visit Hawaii. It’s one of those uber romantic places that producers love for TV because the brilliant sunsets are a dime a dozen and… 1,656 more words

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FIRE-EARTH Tectonics Forecast 000697 – Update 000424

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FIRE-EARTH Tectonics Forecast 000697 – Update 000424

  • Details of latest Forecasts and current ALERTS are available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.
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Santorini: Came for the Photos, Stayed for the Geology (Ελλάδα + Türkiye, Pt. 2)

It almost seems unnecessary to write about Santorini, as most people just want to look at this Greek island. However, what I found most interesting about the second stop on our Greece & Turkey vacation is its geological history. 1,516 more words


Sunrise Trek to Mt. Batur

The alarm broke the perpetual lull of a dark, humid night. Half asleep, I glanced at my mobile screen, it was 2 a.m. My legs were still sore from the previous day’s temple hopping. 609 more words


Explore Taal

So first things first, Here’s our Gang. From Left to Right it’s Erika, Kuya Arman (our daddy yo lol), Aprielle, Ej, Yanic, Ria (me) Ricky, Ral and Kate. 607 more words