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This month marks the 36th year since Mount St. Helens erupted, the deadliest volcanic event in the continental United States’ history. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) coupled with GIS mapping capabilities is allowing geologists to better understand the Earth’s geology in Washington’s volcanic region. 115 more words


It Wasn't the Volcano Exploding

“Were you in the room all night? We were up pretty late taking.” I looked up at the tall blonde’s crystal blue eyes.

“Yeah, I went to Sunday Funday and didn’t sleep the night before so I could have slept through anything.” I stretched my mouth out and sucked in the largest lion’s breath that I could muster. 1,438 more words


The Island With Everything

“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to,” says tour guide Nicolas Cyprien. We left Réunion’s capital, Saint-Denis, about two hours ago, heading south-east, winding first along the coast and then, inland. 1,219 more words


From the Ashes of the Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona

Its been centuries and centuries since the last eruption but the coat of ashes still lingers over Sunset Crater. What now resides is a blanket of ebony and the natural life that has overgrown in dusty volcanic scene.  222 more words


upervolcano discovered at the North Pole — Mount Dutch undersea super volcano caldera

Upon inspection of the area, I found an UNNAMED supervolcano at the Northernmost portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, at the tip of the North Pole…