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Volcanic Sacrifice

Writing Challenge: July 16, 2018

Prompt: You were thrown into a volcano as a virgin sacrifice. They never expected you to climb back out again. 323 more words


Can Mount Fuji Still Erupt?

Mount Fuji climbing season has arrived and many people are excited to hike Mount Fuji! Despite its beauty, it is important to remember that Mount Fuji is an active volcano. 2,251 more words


Hawaii volcano eruption: Giant lava bomb explodes on tourist boat in horrendous accident

Hawaii volcano Mount Kilauea was responsible for multiple horrible injuries this week after a lava bomb struck a tourist boat.
Despite the danger around the volcano – which has been erupting continuously for two months – fascinated visitors continue to take boat tours to advice the… – https://newslanes.com/hawaii-volcano-eruption-giant-lava-bomb-explodes-on-tourist-boat-in-horrendous-accident/