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As Good As It Gets: Big Power R32

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Nissan R32 have been around for over 25 years now. And the great thing about it is that it’s technically legal in the States now, but the bad thing is it’s 25 years old…that’s almost antique in this day and age. 205 more words


Bringing Sexy Back: 2.8L R34

Here we have another beautiful offering from renowned GTR dealer Global Auto. This time, it’s a Sonic Silver R34 on bronze CE28; an absolute perfect combo! 32 more words


Evil Pedigree

This beastly NSX is as evil as they come. Rocking nothing but black, it’ll definitely scare many people away.

Photos via Global Auto

That NSX-R face. 50 more words


500HP of Black & White Goodness!

It’s another one of those Global Auto offerings and this time it’s a gorgeous R34 GTR producing 500HPs thanks to twin HKS GT-SS turbo chargers. 44 more words


The Golden Hour

So, I went to Fresno to visit some friends and family about two weeks ago and I had some free time to meet up with my friend Clint for a quick shoot with his FRS. 218 more words


Aoshima 1/24 Volk Racing RE30 Wheels Unboxing and Review

I’ve always thought that most of Aoshima’s 19″ wheels looked more on the 20″ size and a bit big for most cars….

Does the case remain with these Volk Racing RE30 wheels? 12 more words


Out With The Old... In With The New For Blanche

Just a little update on what’s happening currently with Prjkt 240SX Coupe “Blanche”. Work these past two weekends concentrated on removing the original KA24E engine/transmission/wiring, cleaning up and painting the engine bay area and getting the SR20DET package installed. 152 more words