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The NEW Volk Racing CE28SL

Building off the success of the TE37SL, Rays Co., Ltd. has once again changed the game with the release of the new Volk Racing CE28 Super Lap… 83 more words

New Products

Volk TE37SL x CTS-V Brake Swap

Made some progress on the CTS-V front brake swap!  I have replaced front and rear wheel bearing and hub assemblies with ARP extended studs as well.   53 more words

TE37 Expansion

The TE37 has been a staple for Rays Engineering since its inception in the 90’s. Since then iteration have iteration have come to improve and modernize the great design. 177 more words

New Products

Patience is Virtue

If you’ve ever ordered wheels, you know the worst part is the wait. Reikoi knows this more than anyone when we ordered his Volk Racing TE37SL.  36 more words

Tuner World

Circuit Inspirations: Jason Wu's E90 M3

One of the things that I really love about M3s is how versatile it is throughout its years in production. It’s got that extra sportiness that you can’t find in baseline BMWs, a relatively affordable pricing, and yet still retain a strong emphasis on luxury. 184 more words


Finest Madonna

I’ve always been a fan of huge wings, diffusers, and crazy aerodynamics for specific Japanese sports cars like Evos, STis, S2000s and NSXs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a mild and refined build as well, so as far as NSXs are concerned, I think the Route KS Madonna kit is one of the cleanest, most beautiful kits available. 92 more words


Monster R32 GTR

I think I’ve said it in earlier posts on the blog but the R32 GTR is over 25 years old and is definitely showing its age. 197 more words