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☆insight: Arvi's Subaru WRX

Mr. Quizon’s WRX is one of the cleanest and I think the most gorgeous WRX I’ve seen. Yes, there are many other beautiful WRX builds out there but, this one is the one that I like. 338 more words


Shane's 1988 Honda Prelude Si 4WS Coupe

Some of the local Honda fan boys might recognize this car from a build thread posted about 4 years ago on Beyond. If not, here is the link:  239 more words

MoMo Hits Up Powerhouse Amuse [Part II]

Continuing from my last post, let’s take a closer look at the Powerhouse Amuse squad of cars that was littered throughout their lot. After, we’ll move inside the shop and check out some titanium goodness. 270 more words


MoMo Hits Up Powerhouse Amuse [Part I: I Spy A Legend]

Moving on to my next stop on my shop quest, I paid a visit to non other than the titanium factory, Powerhouse Amuse. This was actually the furthest shop on my list but it was well worth it, more so than even ASM Autobacs. 196 more words


MoMo Visits Garage G-Force

After an exciting day at Tsukuba Circuit, I decided to explore Tokyo a bit the next day and start my car shop hopping journey that following Monday. 274 more words


Tsukuba Parking Area

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to hit up the famous Daikoku Futo PA on my recent trip to Japan, so these few Tsukuba hard parker photos will have to do. 32 more words


MoMo Hits Tsukuba Circuit!!! [ TC2000 2017 Part III ]

Welp, here we are, the end of the line on my Tsukuba coverage, well maybe not quite but this is the end of it for the most part. 356 more words