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A new city, A new blog

Well, it’s official: I no longer live in Greece. I’ve been back for over three weeks already, but I just changed my ‘Current City’ on Facebook back to Vancouver. 1,150 more words

Battle of Kosovo 1389: Chosen Trauma as Manipulator and Mobilizer

When looking at the legacy of the Yugoslav wars in the early 1990s, primordial and “ancient hatreds” arguments are theories of the past. Instead, the real answer resides under constructivist and instrumentalist explanations for ethnic conflict: Serbian elites manipulated the Serb population in order to engineer fervent nationalism and war. 1,089 more words


REVIEW: Volkan Santorini Blonde

Santorini Blonde
Santorini, Greece

So last year I went to Greece and found two breweries on the island of Santorini and was able to sample them both whilst on the island. 272 more words


Chosen Trauma in the Boston Bombing Case

Chosen traumas are perpetuated by generational narratives. Stories of suffering from hundreds of years in the past psychologically traumatize members of a particular identity group, even though they have no direct connection to the events. 1,408 more words


Volkan Konak’ın yeni karavanı

“Kuzeyin Oğlu” lakabıyla tanınan Karadenizli şarkıcı Volkan Konak, bir dönem Amerika’yı baştan başa dolaştığı karavanını yenileyip özel olarak Almanya’dan sipariş verdi. Volkan Konak’ın Alman plakalı aracının plakasını ise memleketinin… 17 more words

Glossary of Design Terms





Glossary of Design Terms by Volkan Olmez.

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Bodybuilder in Underpants Partied in German Chancellor's Jet

With all that is wrong in the world, it is always good to know that there are still people who know how to party. Take our friend Volkan: Volkan is a 24-year old body builder who lives in Cologne, Germany. 206 more words