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It's the Hard NOx Life - VW in the Dock

I sat down today to write something of a Frankfurt IAA overview; a sofa-eye view of the trends, winners, losers and the why-botherers. Post-NOxgate however, there’s only one story and one loser. 1,137 more words

... Is Now

Cheap-ish Cars For People Who Regret Their Tribal Tattoos

Only a decade ago, we who prefer to look down on the vulgarians could enter the nearest car dealership and reliably find something to snicker at. 2,083 more words


Volkswagen unveils a rugged Golf Alltrack TDI

The new VW Golf SportWagen (which is replacing the Jetta SportWagen) was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in the souped-up Alltrack edition.

It’s not only the angular, more masculine lines that differentiate the Alltrack from its less adventure-oriented SportWagen sibling. 89 more words


Trident Inceni: A speedy sporty diesel

The word “diesel” usually brings to mind a big, loud, rumbly truck and probably not a very fast truck. The Trident Inceni turns this idea on its head. 220 more words


World Record for fuel economy goes to a diesel!

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, diesels are cleaning up on the podium. This time it is a Guinness World Record for the best fuel economy. The Volkswagen Passat TDI, driven by a two-man team for 8,122-miles across America, achieved 77.99 miles per gallon. 105 more words


Diesel Sales Continue to Grow

Americans are embracing Volkswagen Clean Diesels in record numbers. Diesels accounted for 22.5 percent of total sales in May. So far, in 2013, 21.7 percent of all Volkswagens sold have been fuel-efficient clean diesels, making 2013 the best year ever. 122 more words

What do you know about TDI Clean Diesel? | Volkswagen Billings

Do you know why TDI Clean Diesel makes sense? How it can provide no-compromise fuel efficiency? Super high torque?

If not, check out this awkward, funny, but informative VW ‘Talk Show’ video! 16 more words

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