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Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on February 9th 1895 Volley Ball was invented by W.G. Morgan.

The first volleyball game, originally called “Mintonette” (referencing its similarity to badminton), was played in Holyoke Massachusetts at a YMCA. 435 more words

10 koponan, nagtagisan sa 2nd MM Volley Tournament

SAMPUNG koponan mula sa iba’t ibang departamento ng pamahalaan ang lumahok sa pagbubukas ng 2nd Marvey Marino Volleyball Cup 2016, Enero 22, sa Batangas City Sports Coliseum. 168 more words

Batangas City

Set, Bump, Spike, and Remember to Keep Shoulders Free of Injury During Volleyball

Volleyball involves repetitive and strenuous use of the upper extremities, and the shoulder joint is at risk for both acute and overuse injuries. The overhead motions such as serving, spiking, and blocking can place sudden and heavy strain on a number of structures around the shoulder joint. 579 more words


Thought of the day... Crowd surfing!

Oh my goodness I did the funnest thing today. Everybody was laughing at me but I was laughing too I thought it was hilarious. We were playing volleyball and I saw that the ball was going out so in an attempt to save the ball. 85 more words

Thought Of The Day

Jumping High Can Predict Strong Bones in Adolescents

Every year at least 250,000 older Americans are hospitalized for hip fractures. It is hard to recover from a hip fracture, and many people lose their independence afterward. 187 more words


Shoulder and Elbow Overuse Injuries

What is shoulder/elbow overuse syndrome?

Overuse syndrome is a condition in young athletes caused by repetitive motion and over practice. Sports medicine physicians at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) 1,111 more words