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Volunteer Rebuttal to "The Media Damage to the Fire Service"

***I will first address a perceived issue that has people whining – Station Pride DOES NOT endorse the IAFF or Volunteers exclusively. Station Pride is a conglomerate of BOTH volunteers and career personnel who share their opinions via articles that are written by the individual. 481 more words


The Volunteer Tavern

Today’s roast was at The Volunteer Tavern. The Volly is a little gem tucked away behind Cabot Circus. Once you’re all tucked up inside it’s very easy to forget you’re right in the middle of town! 130 more words


Day 17- Favorite Quote from a Book

“Food for thought requires a mind with teeth.” –Volly

from The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine

I’m sure there are tons of other quotes out there that might be cooler… and I know I’ve read books that had plenty of witty lines… but this one has always stuck with me… Volly is a dragon in the book and Princess Adelina has been captured by her and so is trying to entertain Volly to keep herself alive and so she tells her about this book called The Book of Homely Truths that is basically filled with fortune cookie proverbs and so Volly decides to come up with a few of her own… this quote is one of them… I love this book because it’s about Adelina facing her fears (which are numerous) to save her sister Meryl, who was always the brave one, from the Grey Death… it’s quite an adventurous story but Volly is one of my favorite characters… even if she is rather evil… hmmm… perhaps not evil… she’s just a dragon and dragons always seem to think they’re smarter than everyone else and so can do what they please… and it’s always fun to see the smart ones get out witted…

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Meriah, Lagalympic2013 Ditutup Camat Wara

PALOPO— Lagaligo Olympic 2013 sukses digelar oleh Pemerintah Kelurahan Lagaligo selama 3 hari, 16-18 Agustus 2013. Kegiatan dalam rangka pesta merdeka ini resmi ditutup Camat Wara, H Samil Ilyas, Minggu sore (18/8) 138 more words

ট্রাইব্যুনাল আইন সংশোধনের খসড়া মন্ত্রিসভায় অনুমোদন

একাত্তরে মুক্তিযুদ্ধ চলাকালে মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধের বিচারের জন্য গঠিত আন্তর্জাতিক অপরাধ (ট্রাইব্যুনালস) আইন, ১৯৭৩


Classmeeting - Volly Putra SMAN 1 Bangkalan

Hari ke-2 kelanjutan dari classmeeting, kini giliran para cowok SMANSABA yang menunjukkan kebolehannya dalam lomba. Lomba yang digelar adalah lomba volly. Seperti class meeting sebelumnya, lomba dimulai sejak pukul 06.30. 65 more words


Makalah olahraga


A. Latar Belakang Masalah

Perkembangan olahraga bola voli khususnya di Sulawesi selatan bila dilihat dari segi peminatnya banyak mengalami kemajuan. Namun bila dilihat dari segi prestasi yang telah dicapai belum dapat menunjukkan hasil yang menggembirakan. 1,407 more words