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Love is a canvas

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.



Amo a mis diarios más que a mi blog

Todo empezó cuando tenía siete años, cuando mi abuela me regaló mi primer diario íntimo. Tenía en la tapa el dibujo de dos pájaros posados en una fuente, junto a un camino con flores rosas y un cielo azul. 380 more words


Sunday, 22nd March 2015

A love or at least high tolerance for queuing is a British national stereotype, so I’m surprised to find that the OED records its first use in the modern sense, by Victorian sage Thomas Carlyle, as follows: ‘That talent,..of spontaneously standing in queue, distinguishes,..the French People.’ 314 more words


Gormley: Political dialogue and a cookie to go

I once had a business idea. The idea was preternaturally terrible, even for a field like business, which is full of terrible ideas. I developed it — if we can use a generous interpretation of “developed” — in the heady days of undergraduate political science. 1,119 more words


Language of Grief

“Tears are the silent language of grief” ~Voltaire

The beauty is that the tears dry, but the memories stay with us.


Émelie du Châtelet, Voltaire, and Newtonian physics: one woman's contribution to Enlightenment thought

ISU Special Collections has added a new title to its Archives of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). The WISE Archives seeks to preserve the historical heritage of American women in science and engineering, and to complement it is a growing… 494 more words