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“We should be considerate to the living; to the dead we owe only the truth.”
~ Voltaire

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No woman could do anything like this

I have heard about Madame as a singular woman of science. Fortunate enough to be friends with Voltaire, and alive pre-Enlightenment, she thrived in the circles and salons of the day in France. 98 more words


From the Inner-Most Colony.

Is it possible to read descriptions of the exploitation of the English and European working class during the industrial revolution or the degradation of peasant life in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe and complain of the conditions of one’s employment now? 559 more words

Sunday Updates: Paris!

Hello everyone, good evening and welcome back to Tea and Paperbacks, new posts every Monday :) For this week’s Sunday Updates, I’m actually gonna tell you my exciting, wet, and very tiring trip to Paris! 1,571 more words

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Road to the Heart: A Quote

The quickest road to the heart is the ear.” ~Voltaire

As much as every human has a need for physical closeness and touch, so too, do we need the closeness of intimacy via being heard.

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„Onoarea este un amestec natural de respect pentru oameni și pentru sine”.

– Voltaire

   Dicționarul definește Onoarea (din latina honos, honoris) ca integritate morală, probitate, corectitudine; demnitate, cinste, reputație, prestigiu, faimă, vază. 1,695 more words


Everything must end. Meanwhile, we must amuse ourselves.