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Updates for Issue 6 and Issue 7

We are wrapping up submissions for Issue 6. I hope to have it released by October. Thank you for your patience while I dealt with my personal emergencies this summer. 43 more words

The Magnolia Review

The Lonely Swim

In a different time, I had the good fortune to live on the bountiful coast of the Central Americas. The shoreline only dotted with mild human interventions, breathed with lush vegetation and its ecological counterparts. 502 more words


Perspectives from Professional WaveRiders

Rob Machado:

Bodysurfing played a huge role in my development as a wave rider.  My first memories were from the shore break.  It was my first understanding of what it felt like to get tubed.  334 more words


Pikers Gamble

By  Nick Brbot @nickbrbot
All Photos by Keeland Tracy @keelandtracy

So much anticipation and days of swell checking means the forecast looks ideal. The fins, handplane, budgies and towel are packed into a bag. 553 more words


Glassy: Fernando Amorim

My name is Fernando Amorim. I am 31 years old and living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three years ago, I bought a GoPro and started to take photos in the water.  90 more words


Compendium: A Short

Compendium: /kəmˈpendēəm/

  1. a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject

This short is a collection of bodysurfing clips from the last three years. 81 more words