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Close Relationship Between Teeth and Longevity

I went to the dentist yesterday for dental tartar removal for the first time in one year. I visited there two times to complete the removal. 518 more words

Volume 5

Eating is a Sacred Act of Energy of Food, Energy of Place and Your Spiritual Body Being Combined

Eating with someone else is important. The phrase would often be used in Japan of “fellows who eat from the same bowl.” Spiritually speaking, it forms a connection with each other to share food at the same time and in the same place. 437 more words

Volume 5

The Material of Crude Petroleum is Blood of Dinosaurs

According to news reports, the price of gasoline has risen to 160 yen per litter. As I don’t want to encounter traffic congestion on Golden Week, early-may holiday season in Japan, I convinced my family that we should go to some nearby place on holiday. 308 more words

Volume 5

Bamboos and Willows are Plants Spirits can Easily Come Close to

A reader of this blog pointed out that he was able to use a menu stand used in a restaurant to erect a tanzaku(短冊), a strip of Japanese paper. 743 more words

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What Shimekazari of Ise Means

I searched information about the custom of Shimekazari(注連飾り)peculiar to Ise(伊勢) region. According to Ise Tourist Association,

Walking along the streets of Ise, you will often find Shimekazari hanging over the main entrance of a house.  

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Volume 5

Lost Spirits Gather around Things with a Human Form

Spirits who have obsession with this World of Reality and as the result are unable to go to the other world will wander in this world with their consciousness of the moment they died being fixed. 499 more words

Volume 5