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Who Judges Your Sins ?

Anyone has made mistakes and regretted what you did. You might be in trouble now. Contents and degree of worries are different from person to person. 542 more words


What Should You Do to Make a Decision without Regret?

The other day, I talked with a business acquaintance coming from another prefecture on business. According to him, a second-tier construction company listed as a stock in the region that he lived went bankrupt.   648 more words


It's Only You Who can Cure Your Mental Illness

People that fee-charging psychics and healers knowing the spiritual world to some extent dislike and want to avoid most are those suffering from mental illness. In fact, it’s impossible for them, who are depended on by their clients in exchange for money, to deal with such illness. 668 more words


To Avoid Contact With Others Would Cause Your Soul to Rot

I listened to an interesting talk show on the radio this morning which was about fermentation. According to it, fermentation and putrefaction are different things. Putrefaction is mainly caused by a particular single microbe, while fermentation by a lot of microbes and as the result of their cooperation, ingredients good for human bodies are produced. 383 more words


#7: Grain of Salt Vol. 5 - The Faltering Handheld

I wrote a five-part series of articles called “Grain of Salt” a few years ago on a website called NerdRepository.com. It used to be a mixed bag of gaming and film news and opinion editorials, but since then it’s made film news its primary focus and the gaming editorials have been removed. 1,172 more words

Grain Of Salt

Mental Space Can Protect You from Evil Spirits

Vicious crimes have been happening these days in which female high school students, elderly people and children are the victims. These crimes are really malicious because the victims are mainly weak people. 521 more words


Once Your Mind Goes Out of Control, It's Difficult to Stop It.

Once you begin to worry about the future, it’s likely that you cannot stop worrying and begin to suffer, though you haven’t been in any bad situation yet. 463 more words