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Chapter 31 - Voyage on the High Seas(2)

Editors: genericIntent
Author’s notes: There were some major changes to this chapter post the writing stage. I ended up rewriting the first 10% which had our loyal genericIntent swinging a Flaming Fist of Carnage in my direction. 8,096 more words
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Chapter 30 - Voyage on the High Seas

Editors: genericIntent
Author’s notes: This chapter came out relatively quick! Well, it is more like the last chapter came out a little late. You can most likely expect this to happen again if one chapter comes out a little later than usual. 6,817 more words
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Chapter 29 - Escape from Swordbreak!

Editors: genericIntent, Scott
Author’s notes: I would first like to give a big round of applause and thank you all for helping this site break through the 700k view mark the other day, that was quite exciting for me. 8,608 more words
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Saga, Volume 5 Graphic Novel Review


It has been so much time since my last Saga review, it’s a pity i read this so fast…
This series is really growing on me. 103 more words


A3C-"A3C Volume 5"

The 2015 A3C Festival is getting ready to make its way this upcoming week. Their latest mixtape A3C Volume 5 was released on the 1st. Above is the project featuring premieres from Alabama’s Jay Dot Rain & Tennessee’s Tim Gent. Listen to the mixtape above.


Chapter 28 - Three Months

Editors: genericIntent
Author’s notes: Much has happened and much to talk about! First of all, important news about the release schedule! I am currently setting up a personal timescale for myself that should help you predict chapter releases. 8,494 more words
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