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I Play With Bees For A Living

I’ve made a couple of introductory posts to explain some of the core concepts already.  I thought now would be a good time to post about how this is reflected in my everyday life. 605 more words


On Voluntarism

First off, voluntarism is not necessarily the same thing as volunteerism.  Voluntarism, in a nutshell, is any action by an individual not induced by coercion.   In other words, nobody made you do it.   741 more words


Why a Political Candidate Asking For Your Vote is an Exercise in Logical Fallacy

A person cannot ask an individual (such as you or me) to vote for them for a position of authority (rulership) over a given collective (e.g. 500 more words


Force and Ideas are Entirely Incompatible

Your intellectual and/or moral agreement with an idea is entirely irrelevant if those who are not in agreement are forced to submit to it. Once force is used to implement an idea, the idea no longer matters. 102 more words


On Peace Day

This was my favorite moment of the Peace Day gathering last week at Rivoli Park Labyrinth: when young Elijah piped up with an innocent question. He’s 9, and his mother Alicia Oskay was leading us in some gentle postures and breathing. 408 more words


The Irony of Collective Individualism

Individualism triumphs the idea that humans should be evaluated on individual merits, not on the merits of the group to which they may belong. For example, a black man should be evaluated on his individual capacity to perform a job, not on the actions of the black people that destroyed Charlotte recently. 717 more words


The Ability of Men to Communicate Means that Force Must Mean Tyranny

If you intend to force your opponent to comply with your idea, you don’t actually need the idea, all you need is force.

You see, having an idea is fundamentally an appeal to reason–i.e. 109 more words