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Small Scale Anarchy

Common questions about anarchy involve how exactly it’s all going to work.  How will we care for the sick and needy?  Who will build the roads.   453 more words

Aphorisms: On the underlying fallacy of governments

Apologetics for government begins with the right of the good man to be protected from the avarice of the evil. From this we can directly extrapolate the following equation: 73 more words


The Precarious Proposition of Procedures

Procedures, we deal with them on a daily basis. Anything from a four-way stop to ordering food at a restaurant to opening or closing a business for the day, procedures are designed to help individuals streamline their actions. 1,016 more words


Anarchy Is Everywhere

I write about a variety of topics, and I have not yet touched on all of them. I do this because I have a wide variety of interests and because there are so many interesting things in the world I wish to learn. 275 more words


What Is Economics?

Traditionally, economics is defined as the study of how individuals allocate scarce resources. While this is an accurate description, it is not adequate. Individuals do allocate scarce resources, but in order to do so they must act. 496 more words


Trying To Become Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil appeared in Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring, and I want to be more like him.  In the little bit of researching I did, some articles refer to him as a nature spirit or wood sprite.   944 more words

The Importance of the Independent Self Within a Relationship

I was talking with a friend of mine at work today about the importance of self-identity within a relationship. She recently went through a breakup from a relationship that lasted two years, and was having a hard time finding motivation or anything to get excited about. 944 more words