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A Few Notes on My Political Philosophy

A few people have recently asked me about my political stance, since I claim to be a “rational anarchist” and a “voluntarist” (aka an-cap). I figured I’d make a short outline of what I believe and why. 1,142 more words

Two Gozitans are making a difference in Africa...and you can be one of them

Hi Folks!!

As promised, in our previous blog, this post will feature the experience of two friends of ours who are embarking on voluntary experience.  Andrew and Alan are doing this selfless work and without need for thanks or recognition, but today we are going to give them the spotlight they deserve. 373 more words


Is There a Way To Soften the Blow?

I’ve been a self-realized anarchist for close to two years now and I’ve watched both myself and the world change quite radically since then. Maybe it was a change in perspective or perhaps a genuine revealing of the government’s wrongdoings, but the general public has started to rapidly become more self-educated and vocal. 1,376 more words

Getting In Your Head


Hi folks! We are very excited to announce our ambitious project Let’s Unite, Poverty we Fight!  movement. After a week’s worth of deliberation, international calls, emails and teeth grinding, our next project came to fruition. 260 more words


Does a sense of purpose contribute to a longer life?

In a piece for the Huffington Post, Shelley Emling summons research suggesting that living with a sense of purpose and direction can extend our stays in this life as well: 301 more words

Lifespan Issues

The 145 Solution: Sapience, not Sentience

No one so blankly ignorant, so mentally without furniture, so muddle-headed, limited, and barren, should be allowed within hailing range of a voting booth.

I have to ask Fred, why don’t we just abolish the voting booth, period?

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What Emergency Managers Can Learn From Joplin, Missouri

(Academic analysis of Joplin, MO tornado by Skyler Miller)

On May 22nd of 2011 the city of Joplin, Missouri was struck by the 7th deadliest tornado in United States history. 2,396 more words