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Spock The Cat: Now What?

I never thought I’d be writing this post. After all the brands I’ve helped over the past 25+ years, I never thought I’d seriously be considering what to do with my pet’s newfound fame – that I never sought, nor expected. 486 more words


The Future of Freedom

I don’t think the next generation of freedom will be born out of convincing an entire country to abandon the state, and go free market. I think freedom will come into existence in two ways. 656 more words


Islam the Anarchy #003

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, anarchism is

a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups.

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Really Recommended Posts 1/8/16- Hyperbole, Voluntarism, commentaries, and more!

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the year with another round of “Really Recommended Posts.” It’s cold so we’re doing an owl post edition. The topics I have for you, dear readers, include divine voluntarism (what?), hyperbole and the Canaanite conquest narratives, Leibniz’s contingency argument for God, bible commentaries, and Star Trek. 235 more words

Really Recommended Posts

The Troxy is some proxy.

Another highlight of my year was the reopening concert on August 22 of the Trocadero Wurlitzer. This, the largest Wurlitzer cinema organ ever imported into Europe, was originally installed in the Trocadero cinema at the Elephant and Castle, where the organist for some years was Quentin Maclean, one of the two or three finest of all British cinema organists. 403 more words

Dear Statists: I Don't Care About You

Dear Statists,

I don’t care about you, and would really appreciate it if you would stop “caring” about me.

Now, you might be thinking, “Of course you don’t care about me, you’re a libertarian!” But that is not what I mean. 819 more words