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Qualified/Restricted Voluntarism

“The point which I should first wish to understand is whether the pious or holy is beloved by the gods because it is holy, or holy because it is beloved of the gods.”

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Can You Love Your Country but Hate Your Government?

“I love my country but hate my government”.  It’s a popular phrase, primarily among conservatives, though anyone can be seen expressing the same sentiment depending on who is in office.  868 more words


Top 10 Arguments Statists Make Against Libertarianism

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)

These arguments tend to be clichéd and sometimes immature. The people who make these arguments are not ignorant, but they tend to repeat ideas that sound obvious to them, because it has never occurred to them to question their own arguments. 1,739 more words

Chris's View

Blessed are the caregivers

Several months ago, after settling into my seat for a plane flight, I looked up the aisle and noticed a physically slight older woman lugging along a large man, and he was basically leaning on her back as they moved forward. 576 more words

Health Care

Teaching the Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Christmas is only 2 days away and I am very happy and excited about many things this year. We are in our home that is decorated for the first time in FOREVER. 1,002 more words

Personal Development

Feeding the Poor and Homeless @ Kuala Lumpur


Attention everyone! Last night, UNITEN sent a group of 40 heroes to combat poverty in the streets of KL. These people are amongst the finest in UNITEN I dare say! 76 more words


Why create a blog?

It feels natural for the first blog post to justify the reason for the blog’s existence.   I’m a young 30’s libertarian that wants to live in a world where people interact as voluntarily as possible and can pursue their dreams without violent impediment by others.  142 more words