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Vince Vaughn, the Second Amendment, and Voluntarist Hottie Cody Wilson

So of course we had another progressive meltdown this week over Vince Vaughn’s comments about gun ownership.  If you read the Federalist Papers you will see that the Constitutional Congress voted to protect the right to own and bear arms for the exact reasons he said–so that the ordinary citizens would have a way to fight back against government tyranny and foreign invaders. 782 more words


Love for... the world!

Principality of Liechtenstein – A Country with (almost) no StateLiechtenstein is the fourth smallest country in the world with only 160 km². As well, it’s one of the richest countries on Earth, with the highest gross domestic product per person in the world – US$ 98.432. 986 more words


Voluntarism and Abortion

It seemed semi-appropriate on Mother’s Day to discuss abortion and voluntarism.  Succinctly put: it’s a decision that is made by other people and never myself. 725 more words

Political Stuff

Why Protests and Riots Are Counterproductive to Change

This isn’t going to be one of my well-put, neatly written, analytical pieces where I break things down bit-by-bit. This isn’t going to be a collect, calm, and poised article where I try to lead by example in showing how one should react to an argument. 1,015 more words


Tax Day, Robin Hood, and the Pangs of Unrealized Voluntarism

I love the story of Robin Hood.

I loved the fox Robin Hood, Erol Flynn’s version is EVERYTHING, and I loved the various British series on the man in green. 558 more words


The Giving Buzz

by Christina Hockman

With just one week to go until the end of this year’s Canvass (aka pledge drive), we’re posting the remarks that Christina Hockman,  1,347 more words


Believing and Attachment

If believing is identified outright with a perception of theoretical support (reasons or evidence), then no amount of emotional attachment could ever figure into the question of whether some description of reality is taken to be true. 473 more words