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Reversing American Voluntarism

Current events suggest that the progress in American social history, recently stalled, is now being turned around.

The long-run story of the American people is of the slow, swerving, incomplete, but steady expansion of participation in its voluntaristic culture. 638 more words

The Benedict Option, Chapter 2: The Roots of the Crisis

I have just completed Chapter 2 of Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option, ‘The Roots of the Crisis’. The crisis is primarily defined in this book as the abandonment of Christianity and Christian virtue and Christian ‘values’ and ideas in the modern world, culminating most visibly in the triumphs of the sexual revolution, from licit pre-marital sex to abortion to gay marriage to the transgender lobby. 578 more words


MUST WATCH -- UnSpun 086 – Clint Richardson: “Red Pill Sunday School, pt. 2”

via Gnostic Media
by Jan Irvin
Sept 19, 2017

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #086: Clint Richardson is back!

Clint Richardson rejoins us to discuss his new book, Strawman, and “not to prove God but to prove that government believes in a god and recognizes it as a higher power and law and that the Bible is therefore the “voluntary” common Law, and so by default, whether you like it or not, as a citizenship (subject) of government, you also acknowledge that God and thus the Bible as your foundational principles of Law. 136 more words


Have you lived yet?

We live this one routing of a day for 75 years and we call it life, no that is not life. If you are still thinking why you have been sent here, if you are still juggling with the concept why you are here, you have not lived yet.

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Think A Bit

A correctable correction

Fair warning:  I spent 6-8 hours studying and refining material for my last post, but I have spent all of 25 minutes on this one, and 3/5 of that has been spent with proofreading and technicalities for clarity, not substance. 516 more words

Church Tradition & Practice


They suicide any real leaders kill off the Freedom Fighters gone with all uniters stuck to crawl in their web of Deceit smash us all like spiders sick from the rubber fumes Circle cycled Tire fires never been worse off better… 22 more words


Back to Economic Basics

   By Bob Shapiro

My blog is about 2½ years old now, and I’ve had well over 30,000 views. Articles automatically also get posted onto my Facebook page, where a larger number of my friends see them; most of the comments show up on my Facebook page. 1,242 more words

GDP & Employment