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Why Only the Individual Can Represent the Moral and Epistemological Standard; and Why Only Voluntarism is Benevolent

It is impossible to accept and embrace cultural or racial differences if the ideology promoting such “acceptance” declares these differences as the very ontological root from which human beings spring.   454 more words


Why the "Border" Doesn't Actually Exist as Such to Governments

The State–the Government–cannot rationally recognize any limitation to its power. (And this fact is purely logical, where I define “logic” here as rational consistency.) This is because government is Authority, and Authority is Force. 361 more words


My Dad, Who Made the World Better, Take 4

Father’s Day. Let me tell you about my dad, if you didn’t know him.

My dad loved all things plant. Out on a walk, he’d look down, the better to identify the plants at his feet. 460 more words


The Peaceful Podcast, Ep 8: Danilo Cuellar, Voluntarist

Join Jessica Pavoni as she interviews our first guest not affiliated with the military! Danilo Cuellar is a voluntarist, anarchist, peaceful parent, and more. I wanted to have him on the show because we share similar beliefs regarding governance, political philosophy, and morality. 34 more words


The Rules to Which we are Obligated are Always a Function of the Individual, So Let's Stop Obligating People

I submit that we are so concerned and obsessed with the idea that people must do this and must not do that according to the dictates of those in “authority”, or those “outside of us”, that we fail to understand and/or realize that before these behavioral (or intellectual or moral) demands can become a burden for collective humanity, someone must have decided for themselves, alone, what must and what must not be done. 94 more words


The Law Cannot Affirm or Protect the Individual, it can Only Destroy Him

Principles, or laws, cannot be established until AFTER men are observed to have “violated them” (in quotes because I know this looks contradictory).

Let me explain: 1,154 more words


Voluntary Valor: Let us remember this Memorial Day

This Memorial Day let us remember:

You cannot truly love that to which you are obligated by force and threat.

You cannot sacrifice to that which takes from you by force and threat. 195 more words

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