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Rutherford's Scotist Ethics

“Samuel Rutherford’s Euthyphro Dilemma” in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland by Simon J. G. Burton

Cameron’s Thesis:

  1. Things that are good in themselves have a much stronger binding authority than adiaphora.
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Samuel Rutherford

Day 73 - Learning from volunteers

I wrote my thesis about volunteering with refugees. I am not sure if I mentioned that before on my blog, but I love volunteers and voluntary work. 293 more words

December 2016

I Got the T-Shirt

It dawned on me a little while ago that I didn’t have an Anarchist t-shirt.  Now, most people who know me will say that I am an Anarchist.   620 more words


NoRuler: Wordpress Version

We have been running WordPress for years at our own domain, and that will continue for as long as I can keep one making our case. 240 more words


My Pair of Wooden Snowshoes

With winter coming around it’s time to switch gears to different activities.  For me, summer means paddling and fishing.  Winter means quiet walks in the woods.   434 more words


Why Choice is Preclude by the Forced Compliance to the Outcome of the Choice

If the consequence of losing the vote for those who prefer option B is the forced compliance to option A, then there is no option B, since B merely amounts to A, via force. 19 more words


As An Anarchist, On Thanksgiving

I won’t be a stick in the mud. Enjoy your turkey. Spend time with your family. I’ll be doing likewise. I’ll be enjoying the day. I just want you to give some thought to what’s going on here. 510 more words