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Supporting Good Causes In Good Conscience

The world is a better place when people go outside their own personal needs, wants and desires and give to others.  The Golden Rule; to whom much has been given, much is expected; pay it forward; Karma: call it what you will.  1,830 more words

On Life In General

Why You Should and Should Not Debate the Collectivist

It’s an easy win debating Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, and other leftist demagogues. Which is why their ideas should be relentlessly dragged into the arena of thought…engaged and confronted, their failure on display for all but the insane to comprehend. 149 more words




On January 16, 2017, Dr. Christiaan Morssink, Treasurer and Board Member at the Global Water Alliance (GWA) celebrated MLK Day by modeling. No, he didn’t walk down a runway in the latest Versace suit, he ran a Model UN Day program for high school and college students at the University of Pennsylvania, a day for students to learn, discuss, research, write, debate, give public speeches, and more all within a simulated and safe environment. 1,261 more words

Merry Christmas and After The Rain 3

Merry Christmas! I hope everybody has a lovely time and spend time with loved ones, get some time to rewind and relax.

We are celebrating at a very very low pace and it is becoming us well – Christmas eve we were just the 4 of us here, eating good food and opening a few presents, finishing the evening playing a board game with the kids. 619 more words

Permaculture Malaga

James Madison's Flawed Logic, and Why Government Cannot Possibly Function According to "Justly Derived Authority"

“…the rulers who are guilty of such encroachment exceed their commission from which they derive their authority and are tyrants. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them, and are slaves.” ~ James Madison, ‘A Memorial in Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments’ – 1786… 187 more words


Rutherford's Scotist Ethics

“Samuel Rutherford’s Euthyphro Dilemma” in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland by Simon J. G. Burton

Cameron’s Thesis:

  1. Things that are good in themselves have a much stronger binding authority than adiaphora.
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Samuel Rutherford

Day 73 - Learning from volunteers

I wrote my thesis about volunteering with refugees. I am not sure if I mentioned that before on my blog, but I love volunteers and voluntary work. 293 more words

December 2016