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Really Recommended Posts 1/8/16- Hyperbole, Voluntarism, commentaries, and more!

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the year with another round of “Really Recommended Posts.” It’s cold so we’re doing an owl post edition. The topics I have for you, dear readers, include divine voluntarism (what?), hyperbole and the Canaanite conquest narratives, Leibniz’s contingency argument for God, bible commentaries, and Star Trek. 235 more words

Really Recommended Posts

The Troxy is some proxy.

Another highlight of my year was the reopening concert on August 22 of the Trocadero Wurlitzer. This, the largest Wurlitzer cinema organ ever imported into Europe, was originally installed in the Trocadero cinema at the Elephant and Castle, where the organist for some years was Quentin Maclean, one of the two or three finest of all British cinema organists. 403 more words

Dear Statists: I Don't Care About You

Dear Statists,

I don’t care about you, and would really appreciate it if you would stop “caring” about me.

Now, you might be thinking, “Of course you don’t care about me, you’re a libertarian!” But that is not what I mean. 819 more words


The paradox of "you create your own reality"

Years ago I spent some time reading “law of attraction” material.

I ended up quite skeptical about it for two reasons: firstly because I tried it and it didn’t work (more on this in a moment); secondly because the primary advocates of the law of attraction were making money by selling the law of attraction, and using their success in this enterprise as evidence in favour of the law of attraction. 1,467 more words


Book Review: The Market for Liberty

Want to read “The Market for Liberty?” It’s included as a PDF at the bottom!

This is a neat little book that focuses on a simple yet important idea: “ 294 more words

Opting Out

Use of Force

I’m reading “Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting” and I came across this gem from Reverend Horatio Potter’s 1837 sermon on “Intellectual Liberty”.

“error is to be refuted, that truth is to be made manifest and its influence extended not by eternal force, but by reasoning…Produce your strong reasons – employ your intellect to shew wherein my intellect has erred or led others into error, but abstain from violence, which can prove only that you are powerful and vindictive, with-out proving that you have truth on your side.” 23 more words

Accommodation at Layog Country Farm

Layog Country Farm has 2 cottages for the volunteers. Each cottage is complete with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.The bedrooms are to be shared by two persons and the cottage has a capacity for 4 persons.Totally we can take 8 volunteers at the same time. 210 more words