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Truth and Punishment are Entirely Different Messages and thus are Born by Entirely Different Messengers

I submit that it is impossible to be the bringer of Truth and the Bringer of punishment, because these two things are mutually exclusive.

If your concern yourself with Truth, then you cannot concern yourself with FORCE, which is contrary to Truth. 88 more words


Dictated Good is Not Morality, it is Legality

Dictated good does not equal morality, it equals legality. And if there is legality there can be no morality because they are at categorical odds with each other. 255 more words


The Law Cannot be Moral, it Can Only Be Legal

Dictated good–that is, the establishment of “law” under the auspices (and given absolute efficacy and purpose by the State–centralized, consolidated violence) of Governing Authority (power) to subjective and abstract ends, like “common good”, or the “people’s mandate”–is not morality. 52 more words


Aphorism of the Day: Why Every Government is a Tyranny

A government, no matter what kind–no matter how ostensibly free–must always be at its heart a tyranny because of the basic premise which must underwrite it: 17 more words


The Most Beautiful Thing--Choice

The commission of a free, unfettered, utterly voluntary choice of, to, and by the Self, categorically for the Self, in the service of It’s Will, in order to manifest any measure of existence in any form It alone craves and holds dear, and which neither accepts nor concedes any manner of external determinism, be it natural or supernatural, nor respects nor considers any external authority, nor seeks to oblige or obey any external law or standard, or any other invisible or ethereal or transcendent notion or ideal or master, and concomitant with a categorical belief in the totality and perpetuity and invincible and indivisible truth of Self ownership, and which neither harms nor defrauds, neither kills nor supplants, any other individual, is the most beautiful thing in the world.