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The Abraham Lincoln Brigade

My latest over at RealClearHistory went up on Tuesday. The schedule for my work over there goes as follows: I’ve got a regular Friday column and a Tuesday blog post, so be on the lookout! 197 more words


Working on something of a dissertation/book/speaking points for debates/dialectics against "the wall" although from a "right-winged" perspective (AnCap/VoCap/Libertarian) seeking some feedback on some points.


As an avid conspiracy theorist/fact-er for most of this user's lyf, and being a staunch individualist (the meaning of "right-wing", which is lost to most and one reason this user doesn't like labels, because the facilitate dehumanization) as well as a student of history (real history btw, getting through gummit indoctrination camps' BS for almost two decades was rough), this user has become increasingly concerned with how cyclical history has become and how society is reverting to a past era. 958 more words


Stefan Molyneux’s Noble Failure Definitively Explained: Why Universally Preferable Behavior is not a System of Ethics

Scattered within Stefan Molyneux’s voluminous monologues and conversations are references to his “defense of secular ethics” which he has organized into a formal work he calls “Universally Preferable Behavior” (UPB). 1,701 more words


Feeling Free is Not Freedom: The size of the cage doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how the State makes you feel, it only matters what the State MAKES you. There is no difference in terms of real, actual repression between the citizen of a free republic and the citizen of an autocracy.   620 more words


The Will of the People: Notes Towards a Dialectical Voluntarism

Peter Hallward’s 2009 article in Radical Philosophy.

The introduction sketches out Hallward’s terms, such as will of the people and dialectical voluntarism.  The first is a deliberate process of collective self-determination through assembly and organization.   3,538 more words

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Authority, by Assuming Man Can Obey, Destroys Him: the State as an Example

One of the worst feelings in the world is the dread you feel in the pit of your stomach when you hear about some new political candidate who thinks  the State is the righteous track to some ethereal and impossible utopia. 1,296 more words