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My Pair of Wooden Snowshoes

With winter coming around it’s time to switch gears to different activities.  For me, summer means paddling and fishing.  Winter means quiet walks in the woods.   434 more words


Why Choice is Preclude by the Forced Compliance to the Outcome of the Choice

If the consequence of losing the vote for those who prefer option B is the forced compliance to option A, then there is no option B, since B merely amounts to A, via force. 19 more words


As An Anarchist, On Thanksgiving

I won’t be a stick in the mud. Enjoy your turkey. Spend time with your family. I’ll be doing likewise. I’ll be enjoying the day. I just want you to give some thought to what’s going on here. 510 more words


Why I Didn't Vote

Watching the news this morning, there’s stories of protests and riots.  As I live out in the sticks, I haven’t seen anything happen personally.  And there’s no telling how much is manufactured by the media.   442 more words


The Benefits of Volunteering

Giving back is something that’s always meant a lot to me. Growing up I volunteered whenever and where ever I could. Every Sunday I ran the nursery at my parent’s church so that members of the congregation could leave their kids during the service and I would care for them until the service was over. 593 more words


Voluntarism vs Big Gov't

OK, this is a politics relate post.  I did say from the beginning that they would come up, but not as the main premise of this blog. 690 more words


I Play With Bees For A Living

I’ve made a couple of introductory posts to explain some of the core concepts already.  I thought now would be a good time to post about how this is reflected in my everyday life. 605 more words