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How To Be a Good Volunteer

No ways! Is a common response from most youths who are asked if they would like to volunteer as they think it’s a waste of time to commit to work that will not earn them a salary. 780 more words


Justice Is a Social Construct

If you’ve spent more than five seconds on the internet, chances are good you have heard of the concept of a social construct. Most notably, social justice warriors tout the idea that race or gender are social constructs. 1,085 more words


What is Ideology?

There is much debate over the nature of ideology. I am not talking about any particular ideology (I can get to that at another time) I am talking about ideology in general. 528 more words

All Rights Are Positive Rights

If you’re not familiar with rights theory, two classifications of rights are said to exist, positive and negative. Negative claim rights came first, and they are called negative claim rights because they are considered to exist in absentia of other people. 795 more words


The Freedom that Bears Abundant Fruit

Brothers and sisters in Christ, God wants to do amazing things in your life! He tells clearly in the Scriptures today: “some seed fell on rich soil, and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold. 1,785 more words


Bordiga on Sorel

It is as­ser­ted that in or­der to elim­in­ate so­cial in­justice, all that is re­quired is to re­late every com­mod­ity’s ex­change value to the value of the labor con­tained with­in it. 1,383 more words

Where Do You Go When You Leave Progressive Presbyterianism?

Certainly not to the OPC.

The PCUSA last year lost the equivalent of three OPC’s:

Updated statistics made available today by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of the General Assembly (OGA) show a denomination continuing a steep, uninterrupted decline in 2016.

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New World Presbyterianism