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Art gallery, part time work

For most of this summer, I have been looking for an art gallery to work in on a part-time basis. Tate, Oxford Modern art, Saatchi and Mills Art centre. 156 more words

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Garden club session 4 - bird feed balls

Today’s gardening session consisted of the usual register and job selection┬átask, using my creative leaf and stick design. It is lovely to see the children enjoying a simple activity to select which jobs they will be doing for this session. 131 more words

Voluntary Work

My plans this week

I have been trying to find work in various art galleries (Oxford, Reading and Banbury), but with so many people looking for work, it hasn’t been easy for me. 100 more words

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Bug hunting

After school gardening club

Looking forward to bug exploring around the school gardens in gardening club tomorrow.

Voluntary Work

chapter 4 - a morning at harvard with chris bobel and ecofemme's ilana at brandeis university

My meeting with Chris auspiciously aligned with the publishing of a very special edition of Newsweek. The April 29th edition with a red cover and a tampon on it; a joyous moment of celebration for menstrual activists around the globe! 1,747 more words


chapter 3 - boston with the fairmount ladies

Blinking at the new day and having sunken deeply into the folds of my ever-deflating air-bed(!) I was woken by excited chattering and an invite to a house brunch! 1,682 more words


Mauro Libi Crestani: The Science of Helping Others

Human beings are social by nature, this means that we need to be with our family, friends or with a partner. We need to enjoy life with others, share feelings, experiences, secrets, love, happiness or even sadness because if we do not share with others, we tend to feel that we are alone and in extreme cases lonely. 248 more words