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Scarborough Castle

At last I can tell you now its been confirmed, starting on the first Wednesday in November Scarborough Conservation Volunteers will be working in conjunction with Scarborough Borough Council and English Heritage at Scarborough Castle. 77 more words


Top tips for preparing for a gap year

This post was written for Masons Self Storage and was originally posted here.

So you got your A Level results and you’re thinking what next? 1,046 more words


The 91-year old philanthropist

This interview is with one of my first sources of inspiration, my Grandmother (who I call Snugs). She has always encouraged me to be grateful, to be caring of others and to be in life with resilience. 1,926 more words


Little Blue Penguin

It is around a year since I chose to leave my job with the intention of doing voluntary work. On a weekly basis I help care for sick and injured birds and have had the joy of dealing with all manner of species since then, from the very small to the very large, from garden birds to seabirds, from the very common to the very rare. 120 more words

New Zealand

Coming up

The first Blog on this site, quite a challenge. WE are over the next few weeks Working at Osborn lodge Scarborough Dry stone walling .this is one of the volunteers long term tasks and we will be returning to it regularly throughout the year.Moving rapidly on to Boggle Hole .This is a task undertaken on behalf of the woodland trust,  we are removing tree guards this time, in the future it could be bridge building,path creating, signage or tree thinning.Then its Top Secret and if I told you what was happening I would have to kill you

Chain Saw

Volunteering experience in the asylum-seeker centre.


An asylum-seeker, though similar with refugee, is technically a person that has asked to be legally recognized as a refugee and is not yet granted the same legal protection and material assistance as a refugee. 1,344 more words

Skibbereen Parish 'in the thick' of Olympian Rowers' Return

The silver medalists in the Olympic lightweight double sculls – Gary O’Donovan and Paul O’Donovan – have achieved fame locally, throughout Ireland and worldwide, not only because of their athletic prowess on the international stage, but also because of their forthright, down-to-earth,  very human and entirely natural way of speaking to the media about their dedication, their work and their hopes.   432 more words