Strange how much irony there is in life!

Lizzie Sturm, Director of Advocacy in Barnet, tells us about her new, personal perspective, of the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy Programme.

Advocacy in Barnet… 333 more words

Project Partners

A job opening at Y'all Connect

Looking for a gig that takes you inside Alabama’s biggest blogging and social media conference? Have I got a job for you …

I’m looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. 44 more words


Top 10 Things Executive Directors Need to Know About Volunteer Services

I’ve always wanted to see a small pamphlet entitled “Volunteer Services for Dummies” or maybe “Volunteer Management, The Cliffs Notes.” Then I could sneak around and slip that bad boy under the door of the executive director while he was at a conference on “How to Get Donors to Donate More.” The pamphlet would have a way to insert whatever author’s name would impress him, like maybe that consultant who he’s recently hired to tell him that he needs to get more donations. 1,169 more words

Managing Volunteers

Assessing Assessing Assessing!

When first arriving to Moalboal the Green Fins work seemed a bit slow with only one or two assessments in the first and second week. The first assessment and training completed was during the crazy days of intense rain and very poor visibility. 533 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

This Is Panagsama

So we’ve been on placement for a few weeks now, and have about a month left here until it’s all over! Time is still flying by, although the last blog post that I made does seem like an age ago. 397 more words


Here it begins

We leave Marine Conservation Philippines, well, kind of, they actually drove us all the way to the bus stop. But it was a sad good bye, the people there are some of the most varied yet talented, not to mention hilarious and roast pig loving, I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. 890 more words


Looking Back

I’m on vacation this week visiting family. In typical volunteer manager fashion, I figured I’d be searching the yellow pages for and interviewing volunteer managers in a new and different town. 924 more words