"Snorkeling" at Balicasag

Panglao and Balicasag have some of the greatest snorkeling and diving opportunities out of any other places in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Balicasag in particular has amazing coral reefs, an abundance of green sea turtles, and a marine protected area. 475 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

First Weeks as a Green Fins Assessor

I have now been here in Panglao for about a month and so much has happened. I’ve taken part in the assessment and training of 5 dive shops and just recently led my first feedback session, qualifying me as a fully trained Green Fins assessor! 572 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

A tiny glimpse into the diving industry

After my sixth Dive centre assessment, I barely get a glimpse at just how much diving impacts both individuals and the environment in various ways. Volunteering in marine conservation trains my eyes to see the unsustainable and seemingly harmless practices: why would seeds from watermelon being thrown overboard be a “bad thing”? 291 more words

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Blue-Ringed Octopus

Days off as a ZEP means more diving of course! I suppose you don’t usually dedicate eight weeks to marine conservation if you’re not obsessed with the ocean and underwater world. 522 more words

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Donna Kavanaugh, LAA's Volunteer Coordinator

LAA always needs good volunteers. We can’t grow without volunteers to help do the things that need to be done, so the more volunteers we have, the more we can do.

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Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

A straw with my drink? Is it rechargeable batteries in my diving flashlight?

Getting a drink such as a fruit shake or juice, like many other things in life, we expect a good and healthy drink to refresh ourselves especially during really warm days like in Panglao. 429 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

Zoox Training weeks

The first 2 weeks of the Zoox program were a series of lectures that provided a whirlwind tour of the knowledge that somebody working in the marine conservation sector would need to know. 627 more words

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