Life Anew as a Green Fins Assessor

I cannot get over how friendly and people here are. With the obvious exception of the endless horde of people trying to sell you “trips to see the whales in Oslob”, (I mean, I’m here for six weeks, remember my face I don’t ever want to go to Oslob to see these phantom whales, or the hand-fed, boat scarred sharks…) life is quite pleasant here in Panglao at low season. 719 more words

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From Rags to Riches.... Maybe

After spending two weeks in the jungle, which was a party of mosquitoes, we went to a house with a pool…. Now I feel pretty glamorous. 239 more words

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An Ode to the Code

Where would we all be without the Green Fins Code of Conduct?

I for one, would probably be sitting at home in Ireland in the rain, wondering what to do with my life. 586 more words

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Life Hacks

The internet is all about life hacks nowadays. Simple solutions to everyday nuisances that simply make your life easier.  During my travels, these prove to be very handy. 1,048 more words

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Accidentally traveling light

“Are you ok?”

“Why are you on your own?”

“Where are your parents?”

Did I really look that helpless arriving into Manila two weeks ago? I thought I was doing pretty well on my first time solo trip. 600 more words

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Getting Back To Life In The Philippines

It has been nearly two weeks since I began my 29+ hour travel experience from London Heathrow to my eventual destination of Dumaguete in the Visayas region of the Philippines. 503 more words

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Seagrass, a hidden treasure

I remember as a kid I never really liked seagrass. It often felt slimy, looked dirty, got entangled in my hair. I preferred the sand, burying my feet in it, making sand castles with it. 506 more words

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