The Best of 2017, Volunteer Manager Style

Goodbye 2017! Hello New Year. But wait, was 2017 just another blah year for volunteer managers?

The biggest take-away from 2017 I believe, is that volunteer managers across the globe are finding and connecting with one another to share, learn and most importantly, become strong advocates for the profession. 454 more words

Volunteer Coordinator Needed: Read the Fine Print

Have you ever looked at recruitment ads for volunteer coordinators? What do our organizations think we do and what skills are they looking for? Here is a sampling of the ones I have seen lately. 691 more words

The Final Blog?

Alas, here I sit, alone and where it all began eight short weeks ago. In my favourite spot on the floor in Manila Airport, Terminal Three round the back of the ‘Mary Grace’, longing for company. 547 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

Professionally Developed - with love

It is hard to start this blog. My projects as a volunteer in marine conservation have finished and it is time to look back.  Not an easy job. 730 more words

Volunteer Coordinator


So where are we eating for lunch guys?

Anything left to do today guys?

Anyone have any insect repellant?

…Hello? …. Anyone there?

It’s August 7th and I’m currently sitting on the floor of Manila Airport lapping up the air con. 473 more words

Volunteer Coordinator

It's Over?

My time in the Philippines has officially come to an end. WOW. Where did these two months go? It feels like just yesterday I was being picked up by Sam at the airport and taken to MCP, but yet at the same time that feels like ages ago. 222 more words

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Plastic Plastic Plastic

I have been so busy this past month and have learned A LOT! However, no matter where you are or what your doing solid waste is always an issue. 388 more words

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