Are We Forgetting Someone in This Conversation?

Lately I’ve been reading about the UK’s debate on whether out of work young people should do some volunteering in exchange for benefits. I’m not going to go into any opinion on whether or not this is a good or bad idea, but the conversation made me think of several experiences I’ve had and how the volunteer manager is seemingly left out of this equation. 854 more words

Brookwood Community Farm hiring Education and Volunteer Coordinator

Milton, Massachusetts

Education and Volunteer Coordinator at Brookwood Community Farm

About the Farm

Brookwood Community Farm is a 6-acre non-profit working farm located just outside of Boston in Milton, MA. 492 more words


Well, It Sounds So Wonderful

Photo Credit: CurbsideClassic.com
Jarvis is a volunteer coordinator for a small non-profit that works with homeless families.
“I’ve been here for five years, now. I pretty much know how our system works, what our volunteers are allowed to do, what they are not allowed to do and how their volunteering actually helps. 1,058 more words

Of Tires, Stars and Volunteer Organizations

In the early 1900s, the Michelin tire company, in an effort to encourage more automobile travel and therefore sell more tires, introduced the Michelin guide. Today, under the cloak of anonymity, the Michelin inspectors visit restaurants and hotels and award stars based on their findings. 898 more words

What's Over Our Volunteers' Shoulders?

We can’t follow our volunteers around every minute of every assignment. I know for you closet control types, this evokes the anxiety akin to your child’s first day of school. 875 more words

Do Volunteers Have Privacy? Naaah!

Do volunteers have a right to privacy? While we’re on the subject, how much privacy do we, employees have? What can employers divulge about us and what should we divulge about our volunteers? 691 more words

Introducing Hilary Stefanelli – Volunteer Co-ordinator East Staffordshire

I started working on the Cancer Advocacy Project in January and I am in the process of establishing the Project in a new area – East Staffordshire, including Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth. 272 more words