This Is Panagsama

So we’ve been on placement for a few weeks now, and have about a month left here until it’s all over! Time is still flying by, although the last blog post that I made does seem like an age ago. 397 more words


Here it begins

We leave Marine Conservation Philippines, well, kind of, they actually drove us all the way to the bus stop. But it was a sad good bye, the people there are some of the most varied yet talented, not to mention hilarious and roast pig loving, I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. 890 more words


Looking Back

I’m on vacation this week visiting family. In typical volunteer manager fashion, I figured I’d be searching the yellow pages for and interviewing volunteer managers in a new and different town. 924 more words

Dialogue? You Call This Dialogue?

One day several wise men were challenging each others thinking over tea. “If you were given the opportunity to sacrifice yourself for world peace,” the first man asked the group, “would you do it?” 1,099 more words

Volunteer Manager

Can I Bottle Your Success, Please?

Grace is sparkling champagne in a petite frame, and as she walks through her non-profit halls, bubbles of mirth float with her. She is a volunteer coordinator who has some of the most desirable natural abilities: the ability to make someone feel like they are the most important person in the world… 1,132 more words

Managing Volunteers

Hands-On? That's Only the Beginning

There is the phrase, “hands-on” which is something that applies to volunteer managers everywhere. We cannot sit in some glass enclosed office barking orders through a microphone to legions of willing, robotic folks who live for every word that drips off of our lips. 1,000 more words

Managing Volunteers

Let's Just Have Tea, Shall We?

Marlene has been a volunteer coordinator for ten years. She’s adventurous, loves rock climbing, extreme sports and her idea of a pleasant evening is a demolition derby. 1,018 more words

Managing Volunteers