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Deity and the Divine - Angrboda and Hearts

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts on Angrboda in the Deity and the Divine series, one of the symbols that has been the primary focus of my iconography for Her has been the heart – primarily an anatomically correct human heart. 2,002 more words


The dreams they tickle me sometimes

Crashing through waking awareness

A reminder

Much kinder

Than interpersonal speech

Stroking neck hairs

Forming goose bumps

That flock… 120 more words


The Pagan Experience - Resolutions

So I’ve decided to try this ‘doing a writing project’ thing again.  Why not. I should write more.

So. Resolution. Honestly? I don’t do New Years resolutions, for several reasons. 465 more words

Tears of Red Gold

I felt weak, I felt defeated, I felt powerless.

Being a woman is hard work because we feel everything so strongly; we are directly tapped into the essence of emotion. 121 more words


Destroying Angels Fruiting

There are several species of poisonous mushrooms in the genus Amanita in the Northeast that are referred to as “destroying angels” but the most widely distributed and commonly encountered is… 141 more words


Fridays Flash

I thought I would share a little excerpt from Wytch, which introduces my anti hero, Brom, to a certain extent. It’s more about the messenger, than the man himself. 678 more words


A Hackathon: Not Just for the Software Industry

This is a two-part series on hackathons. In the last column of my recent series on Innovation, I mentioned hosting a hackathon as a way to create an environment of innovation. 492 more words

Lessons For Success