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Worlds change.
Self is eternal,
reborn into different matrixes that we call ‘worlds’.

Vision is eternal,
beyond time, smallest cell of Ginnunga-gap,
seeking the Gold Age and my own Godhead – 53 more words

Hedgewitch or Volva

I’m not to good with languages and words having meanings that mean so and so.

But for me I feel that Hedgewitch is just another one of the labels one likes to give oneself, because as humans we like to do that…labeling. 336 more words


Isa the Ice Queen spirit

Old English Rune Poem

Ice is too cold and extremely slippery/glass-clear, it glistens most like gems, a floor made of frost, fair in appearance.

Norwegian Rune Poem… 494 more words


Rune Layout's

I personally do not like laying the runes out in Spreads or Layouts, I see this as a Tarot thing.

It restricts the natural flow of the Runes, to limit them to spreads and little categories symbolizing our Unconscious or our love lives, the Runes where not meant for Layouts. 189 more words


Gaia nr 6 (large drawing, preview)

Still working on this drawing.

150 x 105 cm, Siberian chalk on paper.


Völuspá 5

I decided to investigate the Völuspá series more (see the small image, Völuspá 1). It’s a tricky path to follow.

My work has everything to do with the creation of life, the creation of the world. 85 more words



Völuspá is the first and best known poem of the Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world.

It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse Mythology.

oil on canvas, 110 x 160 cm