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Galdratafur makeup, Ginfaxi


A little on the side of my usual content, but hey…! Those of you who follow me on instagram have probably seen this look already, felt like posting more pics of it nevertheless. 97 more words


The Ten Most Kick Ass Witches in History

If you look at some of the most legendary witches in history, from the enchantresses of ancient mythic lore to real witches that walked the earth, a pattern emerges: the invocation of the primal. 917 more words


Power Plants of the Sacred Serpent

The plant kingdom has much to offer to us in terms of healing and spiritual growth. From the humblest weed, to well-known herbs, flowers, trees… 468 more words


The Art of Dimensional Smuggling

To become a confirmed witch, or a sorcerer, an initiation is always preferable, in order to receive and develop the “7 gifts” of Prophecy and Magic. 391 more words


I haven’t update in a while. Shit got real. I had a boyfriend, and I had to throw him out. After that I found I had what we thought were bedbugs, but after turned out to be fleas. 564 more words

Month for Loki, Twenty-Eighth: My paths are open before me...

“You took my hand and drew me to your side, made me sit on the high seat before all men, till I became timid, unable to stir and walk my own way; doubting and debating at every step lest I should tread upon any thorn of their disfavour. 149 more words

Month For Loki