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Heavens Family-Ministry to Persecuted Christians

Persecuted Christians Ministry


Pastor Prabhudass was walking home after performing a wedding ceremony when he found himself surrounded by an anti-Christian Hindu mob who told him, “We don’t want your Jesus in our village.” They attacked and brutally beat him, leaving him for dead in a ditch along the road. 308 more words

Voice of the Martyrs: a Servant's Heart or Whitewashed Tomb?

This is only a partial view of VOM’s United States Headquarters, a massive and very extravagant layout to say the least, to act as “Servants of the Persecuted Church”. 505 more words

President al-Bashir to step down in four years

Sudan (MNN) — The president of Sudan, Omar al Bashir, has promised to step down in 2020.

(Photo Omar Hassan al-Bashir courtesy Wikipedia) 683 more words

Prayer Uproar

"Following Christ In Tibet"

Pray for this Lightbearer and for many others like her in Tibet who have accepted Jesus Christ as the true God. Pray also for those in this country who don’t know about Jesus and His Truth that sets them free.


It's obvious! ISIS is committing Genocide -US. Read How!!!

What impact will the genocide label have?

PUBLISHED ON 18 March, 2016 BY Ruth Kramer

(Photo courtesy Wikipedia/Commons)
USA (MNN) — It’s official: ISIS is committing genocide against Yazidis, Christians, and Shiite Muslims. 707 more words

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Shocking News: India’s Christians told to leave by 2021

PUBLISHED ON 29 February, 2016 BY Beth Stolicker
India (MNN) — Lately there’s been a lot of information flowing about Christian persecution in the Middle East and Africa, but it’s also happening in*India. 227 more words

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