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Ten Ways to Pray for Our Persecuted Family

I recently shared some information about a very important organization, VOM.  (The Voice of the Martyrs)

I would like to share more information about how you can pray for those who are being persecuted around the world for their faith. 120 more words

Christian Life

A bug and anxiety

News Alert;

There is a vomit bug going around and yours truly has caught it.

3 am on Monday morning I woke up and started to spill my guts. 484 more words

Lightbearer News Alert: Caught Carrying Bibles In Algeria

Voice of The Martyrs has announced that two Christians from Tiaret, Algeria, who were detained on March 16 for transporting Bibles, now face legal charges. You can read about it in the PDF file below. 49 more words


Saturday March 28th: Best Day Yet!!!

Wow what an incredible day!!! The Lord really blessed me today!!! I was blessed enough to get to attend the Voice Of the Martyrs conference at Christ Baptist Church and it was the most amazing experience of my brief saved life!!! 1,021 more words

RMC Officer Cadets Welcome into their future in the C&E Branch / Les élèves-officiers du CMR bienvenue à leur futurs dans la Branche C&É

As part of RMC MOC weekend, we shall be hosting 80 RMC Signal and CELE(Air) Officer Cadets on Saturday, 28 March at the C&E Museum and then the Vimy Officers’ Mess. 160 more words