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If calling a man willing to behead people on video Jihadi John wasn’t glib enough, dubbing his newly-named cohorts ‘the Beatles of ISIS’ is vacant enough to move all of your belongings into.  205 more words


It Was The Pen

When you answered your homework real hard but ended up having a low score on it… Oh, the heartache!


Are Those Rainbow Can Turn Into The Grey One?

*ignore the brand and my poor editing skill 😂*

This one always help me when I’m desperately need to remember everything, planning anything, and check some of my works. 540 more words


I'm officially a bad person

You would think I would be out of stories by now. That is not the case…at all. I think it was last year, I met this guy on good ol’ Tinder. 804 more words

Avoiding cat "ick" in a small space.

Meet Johnny and Battlecat. Sometimes, as cute as they are; they do gross stuff. I’m going to address the nastiness and show you one of our solutions. 450 more words

Tiny Home

Goin' out of my head

My first couple of therapy sessions for my vertigo seemed to work. Then, I had a relapse. I am as dizzy as ever. I still have four sessions scheduled. 182 more words

My View Of The World

That one time the guy I was sleeping with threw up on my clothes

I really am only writing this because I need my nails to dry before I shower.

*if I shower*

Honestly though, this is one of my favorite stories from college. 980 more words