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They just catch everything

One with infected tonsils as big as bananas, two with gastro (which I’m sure will soon be shared with the third one), fevers, and Mr H with what is probably all of the above… 42 more words


Writing Practice 5/22/2018

My cat just threw up on my bedroom floor…

I don’t need to see the evidence. I’ve heard the telltale echoes far too many times to pretend not to know what’s going on. 291 more words

Writing Practice

All Out.

Uugh… My head was beating with the insidious pain, the call of sickness, the last thing that I wanted to encounter during this finals week. I paced myself back home, ate and drove, the illness was building up as I was heading back home. 318 more words


David Doyle ~ Elder of the Maranatha Bible Society

David Doyle is an elder of the Maranatha Bible Society. Like Dusty Rhoades, he preaches the VOMIT gOSPLE…1st Cor 15:3&4 WITH NO SCRIPTURES! (Progressive Revelation) 369 more words

Dusty Rhoades

Listen to Ken Brandt blab his HYPOCRITICAL mouth (with his extra sound doctrine)

Excuse me oh Biblical One; am I not supposed to notice that what your FARCICAL mouth blabs, doesn’t line up with your HYPOCRITICAL ass does (just like Dusty Rhoades)? 193 more words

Dusty Rhoades

The One With The Faggot

Funny how things change. One moment you are an honor student with great friends, an imminent summer internship, and a promising scholarship come fall; the next moment everything is the same, only it’s not. 569 more words

Short Story