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There’s a hammering in my head, I fear it is you.
Filling me up with dread, showing me what I knew.
I speed past people, and lights glimmering on. 76 more words


Are You Raising a Demon Baby?

A handy checklist to see if you are raising the spawn of Satan. Has your five-months-and-one-day-old baby:

  1. Kicked you in the nuts?
  2. Kicked you in the chin?
  3. 299 more words


idea: 2015.11.07, drawing: 2015.11.21

Humour In English


Growing up with too many nicknames coming from people who sort of find me adorable, I developed a liking towards the humanity. Though not completely. Some days, I want to loathe everyone who’s been so off with their treatment with almost everything that has life but throwing conniption over something uncontrollable is utterly useless. 322 more words


I searched for happiness

I found it.

So much of happiness in the modern world has to do with limiting what you expose yourself to and what creates unhappiness. The number of times I used to say, ‘well, yeah that would bring me joy, but is it enough’ we numerous. 105 more words


I was scrolling the news feed on Facey today and come across a video of a couple of kids trying weird arse flavored jellybeans. One of them was flavored ‘Skunk Spray’. 1,565 more words