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Don't Mind Me I am Just Going to be Over Here Vomiting

I am currently awaiting my letter accepting or denying my entrance into my first choice law school and have come to the conclusion that the “application checker” is going to give me an ulcer. 195 more words


Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep (logically speaking)

This terrifying picture is my face. I decided that my Instagram feed was guilty of suggesting that my life was an unremitting party of love, family, friends, joy and mirth. 780 more words


Week 13...say what??

Yeah, I am already at week 13 of marathon training! Holy. Cow. 8 more Sundays until my very first Marathon. 26.2 miles. My head is still spinning that I’m actually going through with this. 200 more words

Episodes. They used to just be 30 minutes on TV!

Remember back when episodes were shows that lasted 30 minutes at a time on TV? They were entertaining shows like “The Cosby Show” or “The Brady Bunch”. 466 more words

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Vomit Vomit Everywhere! (And a Broken Van Too.)

Last week was nuts.

Thursday we were going to grab some dinner and groceries and drop our van off at the mechanic’s because it had been acting funny. 809 more words

A Day In The LIfe