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Returning to Your Vomit

Dogs return to their vomit, as the proverb says, and you to your poisoned well
To sell your soul once again for a bowl of rancid stew you knew would be foul; 119 more words


Just Watching This Video Makes Me Want To Vomit

This new ride at West Edmonton Mall looks awesome if you can keep the contents of Lunch inside that is why I will be taking a pass on it


#283 He didn't get it in my car

I could be grateful that baby girl had yet another amazing time at yet another Wiggles concert earlier today. All smiles, grinning her whites, ear to ear of happiness. 75 more words


The End

Sharp pain pierced his pancreas, his colon, his lungs. The Writer’s stomach acid had dissolved the bones at last but rather than piss them out or pass them as shit he had absorbed them, the dust and particles entering his bloodstream. 1,762 more words

Short Stories


For the past couple of weeks, I have been ill. Quite ironic, really, in light of the fact I recently wrote ‘Ketchup and Catsick… 486 more words

Jenny from the BLOCK

I am sick of hearing about this hoe. Look, I blocked her on all my social media in July when she invited herself to Brad’s boat party and proceeded to eat all of the fucking vegan brownies I made and then VOMIT black sludge all over the common area. 138 more words