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vomit #26

stop acting like you care, if you cared you wouldn’t have done this to me.

i hate that i cant hate you, it kills me that i cant not be nice to you. 41 more words

Motherhood isn't a good look for me

I FaceTime with my sister most mornings. She can usually expect a call (“from the baby”) around 8:30, about 45 minutes after my husband has left for work and 45 minutes before I can put my son down for a nap and cram muffins in my mouth while lying in the fetal position. 910 more words


A Handful of Vomit & Pork Belly

I don’t make plans. See here if you don’t believe me or understand why.

I have children. Children derail anything and everything.

Got that?

A trip to Grand Rapids was necessary today. 564 more words

Daily Thought


i told you i couldnt finish
it took me 20 minutes
to drive home
so i could vomit

i know youre not
a bad person… 47 more words


to everything, an unavoidable and frustrating challenge

a few months ago, jenn and i decided to get a second dog to keep our first dog, stella, company. we decided we wanted a dog of a similar age, size, and temperament so that they would be more likely to get along well and play together when they are at home in the yard. 496 more words

vomit #22

i cant even stand to talk to you or listen to you or even look at you anymore you make me feel so fucking shitty and angry and i have to fucking live with you and see you every fucking day and out up with the same shit as if i don’t know that its wrong

18 | Specialist Appointment – Part 4

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The nurse strode out the door; I followed, Jeremy and Zeke rolling behind me. We snaked along another hallway until Amy stopped before a door. 1,143 more words