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Death and Sex - Journal 8/18/17

Some part of me wonders how many different ways someone can view death. What financial, moral, physical constraints might make a person think of death in one way or another. 877 more words


'Pew Pew'

These words are coming out like bullets,

and I can’t stop shooting.

Psalmic Rhythm

Mary's Night

A typical night in Accident and Emergency.

It was rough, loud and potentially dangerous. Luckily it was also exciting. These were the longest shifts and went by so quickly. 1,279 more words

Short Story

Mid Week Musings

Normally I am not a fan of the sunshine, but today it feels nice.

I’ve been feeling rubbish this last few days, it resulted in me being sent home sick on Friday, in fact being driven home. 436 more words

Life In General!

The One Where Lulabelle Reconsiders Hygiene Rules She's Followed Since Childhood.......

Well that lasted 9 months. Almost 9 months to the exact day. But today I had to do a reset of sorts.

Guys, I have to reset my… 437 more words


08-06-2017 Syndromes!

I think I’ve become a victim of RAS Syndrome. As you well know there seem to be hundreds of magical syndromes that are announced on a regular basis to help excuse what some might call “shitty behavior”. 424 more words

Just Saying Again

Ok for the most part 

Today I had the most brilliant time catching up with camp friends… and was severely punished for that joy.

Started feeling a bit sick and dizzy around 5pm which didn’t go away with the cyclazine and was only made worse by boarding the train home. 216 more words