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There’s blood all over the floor

Yeah the dude wouldn’t tap out. Okay cool. Snap broke his leg.
Man that’s awesome!

This is how guys talk. At least the ones at work.

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I remember screaming with you.Both the good kind and the bad kind/the good kind of the soul squelching/the bad kind of the soul breaking/



Insides that I no longer know
Intestines that squirm every time I try
organs I wish to vomit out
Pain that strikes my heart
A soul that is foreign to me… 42 more words


Day 21: Amalfi Coast

  • Naples
  • Sorrento coast
  • Positano
  • Amalfi coast
  • Pompeii

Today we all joyfully leapt out of bed at 5:30am to get on a train to Naples for our day tour out of Rome…haha jokes, we fell out of bed and crawled our way to the station where Sarah then slept the whole way to Naples (who would have thought). 753 more words


It’s all so ineffectual and lame. Coming up with excuses to negate the game.

Wow broke the fourth wall because that makes it more real – more real than the pain behind the dead girls who got deleted but not forgotten for now, but hey at least you got a kick and a laugh a chill and a shiver a response from someone across the waves. 7 more words


December 11th - International Mountain Day

Today was a climb, I had a very big mountain to climb in the form of an 8 hour work shift with a massive hangover. Also, I realize now it’s spelt lager 😂. 285 more words

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