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Sheldon Cooper's Got Nothing On This Mom

The memory is as vivid today as it was three years ago.

I stood over the changing table, hovering over my six month old baby boy. 771 more words

Twitler's Raw Sewage

His mop of blonde hair is the toilet brush that churns the sewage of his brain vomited from his mouth.  The grass and roses around the White House will be covered in foul muck emitting an  odor of lies.


Diamonds and Toads

Okay so todays prompt was the fairytale diamond and toads and if I’m honest id never heard of it before this. So i looked it up and its basically like this nice girl has diamonds and flowers fall from her mouth every time she speaks, and her nasty sister has toads which i think is hilarious! 15 more words


A Wee Bit Tipsy...

So. It’s been a week. I have a dozen posts rolling around my head, but I think it’s easiest to do this one first. I think some of the other posts will make more sense with this one under your belt. 558 more words

Vodka Came Out My Nose

Occurred: January 2017

This one’s short, but it’s decently funny too, so I figured I’d write about it.

Due to being embroiled in a Master’s degree, it had been a while since I’d felt the sweet embrace of alcohol upon my lips and liver. 408 more words

The Stories

1000 Words

I don’t feel comfortable writing with family around, it’s annoying when you want to express your thoughts but the only thing walking in your mind are their footsteps. 1,062 more words