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Wow!!! I don’t know what happened to me last week.

I was just so very weak that I vomit and had an LBM (loose bowel movement)…. 593 more words


Some females vomiting

Good morning all (it’s morning where I post from). Here’s some females vomiting people kindly post on the internet.

I’ll start with this fine French brunette vomiting during a party: 228 more words

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Voicing Out My Insecurities Today (VOMIT)

Let’s VOMIT! Yeah, I just heard it the way you must have heard it, and it just makes me sound an anemic leader of a weight loss group who’s go-to method is to throw up what you just ate. 429 more words


Nobody Likes Word Vomit

One thing that I have realized people make a big deal about is age. How much older somebody is. No matter what circumstance it is in age always rules over everything. 225 more words


Sick Doggy, Poor Mommy Part. 2

Sometimes I equate being a pup-parent to being a real parent. Not because I devalue the rearing of a sticky small human or believe the struggles between the two are synonymous but because you love your baby fur or not unconditionally without expectation of anything in return. 319 more words