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Anxiety medication update; Final, perhaps.

Monday 25th May – 12.45pm

I have put off writing the final update for my medication change diary for nearly a month now. The whole time I was adding to this mental/digital box of information I was thinking I would be able to round up my experience with a neat ribboned package and present my findings. 567 more words


Night turned into day and we realised we hadn't slept

d Have you noticed that night time is your child’s preferred ‘get sick’ time? That if something is going to happen it will more than likely happen on a Saturday or Sunday night, usually around the 2am mark? 489 more words

The Projectile Vomit and my White Coat

Dear Diary,

I love clothes. So when I got a beautiful new white coat, I was really excited to wear it to work. Slick high ponytail, red lips, black boots – it all worked together perfectly. 355 more words


vaman, not vomit

Vaman. (“Do not call it vomit!” Krishna is raising his eyebrows at us. “It is called VAMAN. V-A-M-A-N.”)

*warning: this post is all about vomiting. 403 more words

How to Save a Life

So.  My dog.

Really, he was not meant to be my dog.  I am not even a dog person.  But, in the end, he is my dog. 1,458 more words


One of those days

All was well until Clifford (TBRD) went and sat at the feet of minima. Who was eating dinner very reluctantly, which is equally suspicious.

Minima is normally of the opinion that everything is food so for her not to be chowing down should have been a clue all was not well. 54 more words