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"I feel like nonsense" dealing with vomit

There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up in bed, curled around your little one while he suckles away and snoozes; snoring gently. It’s that nice time of night when he’s woken up in his cot for a feed but you know you’ve still got a good five hours of sleep before the alarm goes off so you bring him into your bed so you can both snooze during this mammoth night feed. 664 more words


The Snot-Vomit

The snot-vomit happened at 3am and he almost choked. Kev had already gotten up to work and Tom was sleeping next to me when all this stuff came out of him. 721 more words

Random Thoughts

Murphy's Law of Baby Wipes

Disaster will strike the minute you run out of wipes. Typically on the road far far away from home.

Case #1: The Perfectly Aimed Barf… 607 more words


Yes You Can: Get Vomit out of a Car Seat

You don’t want to need this post. But you may, someday. And then you’ll thank me. If thinking about babies or toddlers projectile-vomiting all over their car seats makes you queasy, bookmark this and come back as needed. 342 more words



Restless legs. Tired body. Mind quiet but brain hurts. Nausea. Nausea. Nausea. Toilet ugliness. Skin tingly. Feeling faint. Boredom. Isolation. Calm. Very calm. Too damn calm. 57 more words

Mental Illness

Strict Diet

For the last few months I have been eating only a handful of different food variations. My reasoning is for health reasons, as diets usually are, and to some extent to aid in weight loss. 290 more words


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