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Impagliazzo's Hardcore Lemma: a Proof

Informally speaking, Impagliazzo’s hardcore lemma says that if a boolean function is “hard to compute on average” by small circuits, then there exists a set of inputs on which the same function is “extremely hard to compute on average” by slightly smaller circuits. 3,139 more words


Number Systems - Binary

Binary is formed of 2 digits either a 1 or a 0.

Denary is the numbers that we see every day like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. But how do we convert binary to denary, add binary and subtract binary? 143 more words


Book Review: Nasar's A Beautiful Mind

The story of John Nash, the brilliant mathematician who solved a number of interesting problems in game theory, descended into madness haunting the corridors of Princeton for years, and then, incredibly, regained a level of sanity and was awarded the goddamn Nobel Prize. 237 more words


Von Neumann Architecture

This post will look at the Von Neumann Architecture that many computers are often based off. 135 more words

The Stored Program Concept

Three main features of the concept:

  1. Programs/Instructions and data are stored in the main memory.
  2. Programs/Instructions are fetched and then executed in sequence.
  3. A program/instructions can be replaced by loading another program/instructions into main memory.
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My Learning 1 : Computer Architecture

-Engineer by day, Explorer by night……

When you are left alone, you want to make yourself busy. That’s what I am aiming at.

Let’s start our learning with getting into the basics of computer architecture. 301 more words



John von Neumann

John von Neumann (registrado al nacer como Neumann János Lajos; Budapest, Imperio austrohúngaro, 28 de diciembre de 1903-Washington, D. C., Estados Unidos, 8 de febrero de 1957) fue un matemático húngaro-estadounidense que realizó contribuciones fundamentales en física cuántica, análisis funcional, teoría de conjuntos, teoría de juegos, ciencias de la computación, economía, análisis numérico, cibernética, hidrodinámica, estadística y muchos otros campos. 3,175 more words