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Von Neumann

La arquitectura Von Neumann, también conocida como modelo de Von Neumann o arquitectura Princeton, es una arquitectura de computadoras basada en la descrita en 1945 por el matemático y físico… 324 more words

Von Neumann Machines?

My thoughts on some of the TED-Ed open questions:

Do you think we should build von Neumann Machines if we have the necessary capabilities?

I just read the “Lungfish” story that describes the possible Von Neumann machines orbiting Earth who discuss the fate and future of the human race.

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High Thoughts

Impagliazzo's Hardcore Lemma: a Proof

Informally speaking, Impagliazzo’s hardcore lemma says that if a boolean function is “hard to compute on average” by small circuits, then there exists a set of inputs on which the same function is “extremely hard to compute on average” by slightly smaller circuits. 3,139 more words


Number Systems - Binary

Binary is formed of 2 digits either a 1 or a 0.

Denary is the numbers that we see every day like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. But how do we convert binary to denary, add binary and subtract binary? 143 more words


Book Review: Nasar's A Beautiful Mind

The story of John Nash, the brilliant mathematician who solved a number of interesting problems in game theory, descended into madness haunting the corridors of Princeton for years, and then, incredibly, regained a level of sanity and was awarded the goddamn Nobel Prize. 237 more words

Von Neumann Architecture

This post will look at the Von Neumann Architecture that many computers are often based off. 135 more words