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The von Neumann Probe

A von Neumann probe, or self-replicating spacecraft, is an exciting concept with regard to space exploration. Applying John von Neumann’s concept of Universal Assemblers to spacecraft, probes launched to star systems could seek out resources, construct more of itself and launch to other star systems. 631 more words

Conservation of Nonsenseness

In mathematics you don’t understand things. You just get used to them.

— John von Neumann

With mathematics, most people associate some perfection, correctness, completeness, rigor, definite truth.

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Founder of Computer Architecture

Mathematician John von Neumann was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1903. As a very young child, he impressed the people around him with his incredible memory. 449 more words

What Science Tells Us

Important scientific aspects regarding extraterrestrial life forms are:

  • Recent theory suggests that extraterrestrial life is actually quite likely. There are a lot of inhabitable planets.
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Fermi's Paradox

The Middle Square Method (Generating Random Sequences VIII)

Von Neumann proposed the middle square method of generating pseudo-random numbers in 1949, in a paper published a bit later. The method is simple: you take a seed, say 4 digits long, you square it, and extract the middle 4 digits, which become the next seed. 272 more words


Beyond Conway: Cellular Automata from All Walks of Life

There’s a time in every geek’s development when they learn of Conway’s Game of Life. This is usually followed by an afternoon spent on discovering that the standard rule set has been chosen because most of the others just don’t do interesting things, and that every idea you have has already been implemented. 1,262 more words


Is something like a re-discovery of the same thing by the same person possible?

Yes, we continue to remain very busy.

However, in spite of all that busy-ness, in whatever spare time I have ], I cannot help but “think” in a bit… 611 more words