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Modern Mathematicians: Alain Connes

Alain Connes was born in Draguignan, France in 1947. He entered École Normale Supérieure, one of the leading universities in Paris, in 1966 and graduated in 1970.  254 more words


Of a Strange and Distant Time

Strangers in Strange Lands

A gypsy of a strange and distant time
Travelling in panic all direction blind
Aching for the warmth of a burning sun… 2,077 more words


"Prisoner's Dilemma" by William Poundstone

This book was a bit different – about 1/3 biography of John von Neumann (though really concentrating on his involvement with game theory and nuclear weapons development) and 2/3 intro to… 699 more words


CPU the easy way – Part 3 (CPU, bus and memory)

Welcome to part 3 of this series!

In the last part we discusses the CPU and some of it’s basic parts which included ALU, Control Unit and Register. 610 more words


CPU the easy way – Part 2 (CPU basics)

In Part I of this series we learned about the Von Neumann architecture.
Let’s dig a bit deeper and learn how this is all glued together. 516 more words


CPU the easy way - Part 1 (Von Neumann architecture)

Ok, so you have just started studying Computer Science or a similar study and you are now learning about Von Neumann architecture. You might be asking yourself “Why do we care about this in year 2015?” 276 more words



September 24 – 267

Netlogo. 2D monochrome cellular automata after the Von Newman to Moore stability analysis formula. In numerical analysis, von Neumann stability analysis (also known as Fourier stability analysis) is a procedure used to check the stability of finite difference. 36 more words

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