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Foreign Bodies

Body parts, as well as things that shouldn’t be in the body, get sent to the Histology Lab. At one of my first positions as a tech, I saw a McDonald’s coffee cup that had been pulled from a person’s colon. 552 more words

What We Do And How We Do It

Voodoo Doll Spells For Money

A person can do anything if he or she knows the voodoo spells very well. Money is the very common problem of the each person today. 116 more words


After being reintroduced to one of my favourite PC games Monkey Island, I realised I know little to nothing about voodoo. I know it’s a spiritual practice that originated in Africa with incredible shamanistic views. 236 more words

Anti-Valentine's Day Party

I hear a lot of grumbling from my teens about their single status, so when Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday this year (our regular program day) I decided to host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. 567 more words

Teen Librarian

Lover Return Spells. . .

Spells to make a lover return….


this should always be accompanied with the ‘You sure you REALLY want this lover back’ spells… LOL

Lover return work is messy… at best. 413 more words

General Musings....

Monster Mash Graveyard Smash

Villians and supernaturals alike….
Party hard with us and do not dare pike…
If you do we fear your consequences….
Voodoo, witchery, curses of all offences! 379 more words