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K-pop Fridays: VIXX - Voodoo Doll

Release Date: 11/25/2013

To kick off the month of October I couldn’t not choose Vixx’s Voodoo Doll as the first song on the playlist for this month.

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Voodoo Doll Zen

Irritation, like love, is part of of the human experience.

Zen Master:  How are you today?

Student:  I’m irritated.

Zen Master:  Good. 72 more words



I think the main character of my current Novel In Progress (NIP) is broken. I decided early on that I’ve been way too soft on my other main characters. 139 more words


Out of the South for the weekend.

The Bawon and I landing in New York it wasn’t a long flight, about 3 ½ hours- took forever to take off though. I don’t think many people noticed him in my pocket, then again maybe they did or maybe he didn’t want them to notice. 13 more words