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Forest Bathing and Plant Communication

Living here in the South in the country I live around an abundance of trees and nature. I always would play outside and go on an adventure everyday in the woods by my house or in my yard mainly around trees. 527 more words


Voodoo and Ragdolls

I have never attempted to make dolls before in my life. Last night I was looking at some of my crafting materials while throwing mismatch socks into a basket… ah ha!!! 335 more words

Deal 647: Swampy

I’ve always been afraid of the deep swamp. But I can’t afford that fear today. Today I have to have faith in my modern devices, and remain confident that anywhere we can walk in, we will be able to walk back out again. 105 more words

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Osuns Bawon

Greetings everybody,

Call me Bawon. Upon my entry into this world my spirit spun from the Sun and landed in New Orleans, Louisiana. When my mother attempted to hold me, the heat from the journey and my body burned her, so she dropped me in the mud of the river in Mississippi. 215 more words

Deal 647 Preview

Wye Delta:
Wye: Terror, balm, Support
Delta: Widget, Voodoo, bat

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Outburst at Voodoo with Alex Di Stefano and Mark Sherry

After last weekend’s marathon Solarstone adventure, we needed a quieter weekend. Nevertheless, with Mark Sherry bringing Alex Di Stefano to Voodoo for his Outburst label tour, we couldn’t miss Friday night at Home. 381 more words

Deal 644: A taste of a Batman that never was

The urge to play in the dark was almost overpowering for young Bruce as he sought to overcome his past and master his fears, although Alfred certainly thought that taking up Voodoo was going a step to far, let alone the major renovations that Bruce kept insisting would be sensible to make that cavern full of fruit bats more accessible, Alfred was wise enough to know that the only path to sanity for the young master was through the darkness and on to the other side.

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