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Powerful Muthi That Works For Attraction And Lost Love

I really love the muthi for attraction and lost love, because many lives have been changed through it. Many people today are stressed by life as a result of the bad streak of losing their partner. 260 more words

Love Spells

Student Series! Fete for Lwa

Voodoo (aka Vodun or Vodou) can best be described as a unique religion surrounded with mystery and very strong opinions. Many peoiple view the Voodoo religion as a nightmarish combination of spells, witch craft, zombies and rituals, unfortuntally promted by popular movies or TV shows. 632 more words


Throne of living reptiles

Okay, I need some help.

So I did Marie’s laveaus throne and I wasn’t gonna put her on it but then the chair back wasn’t too great so I added her on it but I was told that the scribble effect kind of throws it off. 34 more words

The Real First Day

Our first full day was Easter Sunday. The night was awful. There was a wedding at the church that went on until 2 in the morning. 587 more words


Magick Lab Academy to Host Lady Rhea, Starr RavenHawk and Krystal Madison on June 28 on SOC Radio

By Tony Sokol

SOCRadio series Magick Lab Academy will host Witchsfest founder Starr RavenHawk, the “Witch Queen of New York” Lady Rhea, and The Witch of Sleepy Hollow… 686 more words


The Scarlett Dahlia : Mornings by Jesse Orr

The hour was late the morning after Ruth drank the Dahlia’s water. Birds had long been awake and busy. The slaves had risen with the birds and took great pains not to make more noise than was necessary as they went about their morning tasks. 947 more words