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The Voodoo Kit ~ available at The Witch's Corner

This box includes:

1.  a wee voodoo dollie

2.  candles

3.  sea salt

4.  cemetery dirt

5.  straight pins

6.  coffin nails

7.  a small bottle of uncrossing oil… 17 more words


Redeeming Normal.

  • I must warn you. This is a bit creepy-ish.
  • Prompt was something I can’t remember.

My grandfather used to tell us stories when I was still a child. 281 more words


Zoey Dollaz Talks Voodoo, Working With Chris Brown And More

Zoey Dollaz stopped by to talk about his new single post and delete, working with Chris Brown and why he believes Voodoo is real. 31 more words

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Deal 1183: Fire

I walked away from the party concerned about how I understood reality. I had just seen proof that a kind of comic-book voodoo works. A burn mark on a drawing of a hand traced from the visitor’s hand became a blister on his actual hand, and on the very finger where the paper was burned. 47 more words

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Deal 1183 Preview

Root and Branch:
Roots: Voodoo, success, and sunk
Branches: Protection, Guardianship, and Support

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White & Black Magick: Morality in Magickal Practice

With the rise in popularity, especially in popular culture, that witchcraft has gained throughout the last few years, but especially within the last year, there has been much discussion of the co-opting of traditions and magickal work from people of color by white witches and white magick workers. 1,405 more words


New Story - The Guinness Book of Stupidity

I probably shouldn’t be telling you any of this. The G-woman scared the bejeesus out of me and consequently the whole project was put aside. This is 2005, just after my book… 154 more words