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Voodoo Dragons

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We’ve all heard of Voodoo, that mysterious, wicked form of magic where curses are bestowed by sticking pins into dolls and the dead rise as zombies. 305 more words


Deal 881: Otis had a past

Clearly, the dog is the key. He answers to Otis these days, and we met under circumstances that would try anyone’s patience. Of course, both of us being somewhat unusual, the circumstances were a catalyst to friendship. 244 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 881 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: dog
The Old: Voodoo, quill
The New: Impulsiveness, Beauty

Daily Deal


The Witch with Flaming Hair is as Fierce as She is Fair


Preview: VooDoo Double

It had been difficult, of course, finding the opportunity to secretly rifle through his father’s copy of the Erotica Arcana – but it had been absolutely worth it. 174 more words


VooDoo review

By David Dent


Like wow, as Scooby Doo’s Shaggy used to say. Tom Costabile’s debut feature is a low budget messed up gem.

New Orleans country hick Dani visits LA to stay with her slightly more streetwise cousin Stacy. 383 more words