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the secret power of orange

If you clothe someone in orange. Specifically a fluorescent hi-vis orange. Something strange happens.

There’s a secret power that creates a stillness in them. They stand. 97 more words

Spirits in the Trees (Short Story)

I knew I would post this here at some point. I guess this is that point.

I’m procrastinating actually writing, so have this weird thing that I wrote several months ago instead. 2,407 more words



Lucy made these little dolls. She called them Candy Kids, and she said they were innocent. She learnt how to make them from her grandmother, who she always claimed had gypsy blood. 375 more words


The Western world became supperior, due to Christianity and its Witchcraft. Jesus is/was a cannibal. True?

Christianity celebrates “eating the body of Christ” for a reason. He was eating children in past lifes. He not only ate the good ones who helped create our body features, he also ate the main creator, and the positive energies, to absorb their strength and abilities. 55 more words


Quick Post: Do Past Sv% Variables Predict Future Sv% Variables?

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This post originally appeared on Hockey Graphs.

The usefulness of on-ice save percentage (and derivative metrics such as Sv% Rel and Sv% RelTM) has been the source of many, many heated debates in the analytics blogosphere. 778 more words


We're No Heroes - Voodoo/Stay Weird

Hello Stranger,

We’re No Heroes are slowly catching the eyes of the ‘mainstream’ media after they are just over half way through their summer touring sessions. 464 more words


The Psychology of Poltergeists and the Nocebo Effect of Haunted Objects

When paranormal investigators explore a haunted site, usually what is discovered are disembodied voices, full-body apparitions, unidentified footsteps, shadow figures or unexplained equipment disturbances. In rare cases some members may be physically attacked – perhaps being touched, scratched or pushed. 1,570 more words