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Spirit of Sedona

The rocks tell stories, the crystals heal, and the people proudly discuss their connection to the earth.  Sedona is a town well known as a place for great spiritual awakening and attracts many people for this aspect of its history.   603 more words

Time With My Son

In 48 hours my son, Christian, and I will be in Arizona! The best part is that all four of my children (and many more family members) will be with me and I only have to pay for myself and one of my children. 593 more words


Language by Baptism: Parte Cinco

Each day here seems to get better. If that’s the intention of an immersion experience, it definitely applies in my case.

Yesterday began with a walk to our host family’s eatery for breakfast and then on to the AHA! 1,726 more words


Going with the flow..

So, I have always wanted to start a blog and now I am doing it. Before I had no idea what I would blog about, I mean there is so much stuff that races around in this Mercury ruled mind of mine but I could never narrow down a subject matter that would be interesting enough to blab on about to the point where I felt like people might care to read on a regular basis. 907 more words

Sedona, AZ

Exploring around Sedona this past weekend was truly incredible. It was geological wonderland full of rock formations and scenic views for miles. While bringing a dog to hike up Cathedral Rock probably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, the views we did see were beautiful and worth the drive. 346 more words

Joshua Tree National Park a must-visit

I’m skeptical the first time I see a Joshua tree.

“Are you sure that’s one?” I question my husband, who’s driving us to Joshua Tree National Park… 503 more words


Sedona (USA)

Next we drove to the south and went to Sedona.

Sedona has many Vortexes.

They are places where energy bubbles up from the earth.

Sedona is a nice place to walk around.