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*Earth Change Update! *New Eruption *New Huge River *New Cyclone *Red and Blue Kachinas Here?

*Earth Change Update! * New Eruption *New Huge River *New Cyclone *Blue & Red Kachinas Here?*

Evolutionary Energy Arts

Earth Changes

Days 228-231 – Hike, Work Out, Repeat


Airport Loop

I owe Walt a vortex where I’m not cranky so we head for the Airport Loop. The vortex is just off the parking lot so we head out for our hike first. 1,047 more words


Vortexes and Exchanges

Sedona is said to be a major energy hub because of the existence of a series of vortexes in the area. I had never heard of them until researching hikes in the area, and talking to some locals. 1,878 more words

Days 210-214 – First Sedona Hikes

The weather is glorious, especially compared to all the unusually icy, chilly places we’ve just come through. The nights are dipping below freezing but we wake up every morning to another endless blue sky and temperatures that rise into the 50s. 1,304 more words


Personal Energy Portals

I been using my copper dousing rods to check up on the energy of my house. It was strange that last time my dousing rod went crazy over my bed. 188 more words


There's a Vortex in Your Closet...

Or is there? Good question since I have a sudden urge to check my closet. Although, I’m quite certain if there was a paranormal vortex or portal (as some like to refer to it) in my closet my cat would never sleep in said closet. 435 more words

General Thoughts

Spirit of Sedona

The rocks tell stories, the crystals heal, and the people proudly discuss their connection to the earth.  Sedona is a town well known as a place for great spiritual awakening and attracts many people for this aspect of its history.   603 more words