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Gymnocalycium damsii ssp. evae v. centrispinum VoS 03-045

Gymnocalycium damsii ssp. evae v. centrispinum VoS 03-045

Bolivia: Roboré, Santa Cruz, 288m 25 more words


Gymnocalycium anisitsii VoS 01-024

Gymnocalycium anisitsii VoS 01-024 *

Brazil: Mato Grosso do Sul, east of Porto Mortinho, 200m

* Gymnocalycium anisitsii VoS 01-024 = Gymnocalycium anisitsii VoS 01-024/a = … 27 more words


Amended Foxconn bill includes $20 million for training and preferences for Wisconsin workers

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced Friday that amendments had been made to the Foxconn bill that apply to workforce development, potential employees who live in Wisconsin, transportation bonding, environmental protections, and financing for municipalities.” > Milwaukee Business Journal

Wisconsin Senate leader says Foxconn votes may be lacking

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald expressed concerns about specifics of the Foxconn deal Wednesday, saying he’s unsure he has the votes to pass the incentives package. 31 more words

Wisconsin GOP split on what needs to come first: Foxconn bill or approved budget

Republican lawmakers are split over how to move forward with a plan to send $3 billion in incentives to electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn, as questions surfaced about how the plan would affect the next state budget that is a month overdue. > Wisconsin State Journal

Budget saga continues: Assembly, Senate leaders still divided

Aiming to land a deal with Foxconn likely drove Gov. Walker last week to extend a deal to Republican lawmakers bickering over how to wrap up an overdue state budget, offering to use $200 million slated for tax cuts to instead pay for roads projects. 15 more words

Journal Times: On roads, Vos has state's best interests in mind

In the Great Transportation Debate that is defying resolution by state Republicans, the choices are borrow (Gov. Walker proposes $500M and the Senate, $850M) or pay as you go with fees and a gas tax (the position of Rep. 19 more words