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Budget impasse escalates after GOP's tense negotiations end abruptly

Senate and Assembly Republican leaders were supposed to meet all day Tuesday to iron out their differences on the state budget ahead of a July 1 deadline.  30 more words

How the state budget debate boils down right now

Wisconsin isn’t getting its state budget done on time. That’s largely because Gov. Walker and the state Senate disagree with the Assembly on how to pay for transportation needs.  27 more words

Lawmakers will miss budget deadline as divide remains on transportation, taxes

GOP lawmakers and Gov. Walker can still make a respectable showing compared to the budgets passed by previous Legislatures and governors. But with no deal yet on transportation and taxes, it’s too late to pass a bill and get Walker to sign it before the state’s current budget runs out on June 30. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Senate Republicans propose more borrowing for roads, Assembly Republicans push back

A spokeswoman announced Wednesday that Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald supports borrowing $850 million for roads in the next budget, or $350 million more than Gov. 28 more words

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Progress on education funding, but transportation still an issue in budget negotiations

An agreement on education funding may be in sight, but Wisconsin lawmakers still have a long road ahead before agreeing on the transportation budget. “I’m not thinking education will be that large of a stumbling block,” John Nygren told reporters last week. 13 more words

Senate working on school funding plan that could break budget stalemate

With school funding being a sticking point in the stalled budget process, GOP senators announced they are working on a plan that could help low-spending rural school districts, as the Assembly plan aims to do, while also accommodating Walker’s target of holding the line on property taxes. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel