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A Beautiful Clinker

A Beautiful Clinker

Baden Pascoe sent the above two photos of the Rockfort skiff that Percy Vos built in 1926. Baden commented that it has the most attractive planking of any boat he has ever seen – big call ;-) 72 more words


Vos to Walker on budget vetoes: 'I won't forget this'

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told Gov. Scott Walker, “I won’t forget this,” after Walker agreed to make several vetoes to the state budget to win support in the Senate, according to text messages released this week under the state’s open records law. > Associated Press

Vos slams three holdout GOP senators for poor budget behavior

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said although he’s satisfied with Wisconsin’s state budget, he’s dismayed at several GOP senators’ handling of the budget, saying “the renegade senators decided to hijack what we normally do, and instead of negotiating, gave a ransom list to Gov. Walker.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Assembly passes state budget after 11 hours of debate

Assembly Republicans passed the state budget late Wednesday night after a 10-week delay, sending the $76 billion spending plan to a Senate chamber paralyzed by GOP infighting.  30 more words

Robin Vos to GOP Senate budget holdouts: 'Not going to be held hostage'

As the state Assembly neared a vote on the state’s overdue budget, Speaker Robin Vos dug in against Senate Republicans who can block its passage in that chamber, saying he won’t acquiesce to “wholesale” budget changes at the last minute. 19 more words