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Defining The Sacraments (Vos)

Who is the first to have begun giving a definition of the concept of sacrament? 

Augustine. He said, “A sacrament is the visible form of an invisible grace”; sometimes as well, “A sacrament is a sign of holy thing.”Both of these definitions sound too indefinite. 112 more words


Vos on the Ordo Salutis (Qs 3-4)

There is a range of views among Reformed theologians on the ‘steps’ belonging to the ordo. It is therefore helpful to discern important points on which they differ, and why. 488 more words


Vos on the Ordo Salutis (Qs 1-2)

There is a biblically-revealed, logical order to the work of salvation, one that highlights the glory of God’s work in Christ …

Geerhardus Vos is known for being a biblical theologian – in fact many would say Vos was the ‘father of Reformed biblical theology’. 620 more words


Is Christ already king apart from His mediatorship? (Vos)

  • “Is Christ already king apart from His mediatorship?

Yes. As sharing in the Divine Being, He also possesses from eternity the royal power over all creation that belongs to God. 92 more words


CD recording session with Brass Band Schoonhoven

I’m very happy that today my new blog ‘On the Record’ is officially launched! As I wrote in my previous blog I will inform you in the next few months about all the developments around my new solo CD which will be released in july 2017. 624 more words

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A new page for a new CD

I’m happy to present my new blog ‘On the Record’ to everyone of you. After the release of my first album ‘Dual‘ in 2014, the idea for a complete solo album started to develop in the months after. 237 more words

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[IDW] Wired For Sound

Tarn was a master of sound, whether by voice or song or both.

Vos, however, had long since mastered the art of silence. Wordless communication and gestures. 2,251 more words