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Editorial: Postage-paid ballots nice, not necessary

Oregon is justifiably proud of its work to remove barriers to voting: Consider the state’s efforts to register voters via contact with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 48 more words

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Editorial: There’s a better use for stamp money

It’s back. For the third time in five years, Oregon lawmakers are being asked to have the state pick up the tab for voters who want to mail their ballots to a county clerk’s office. 40 more words

Oregon Legislature

Gov. Brown pushes for prepaid mail-in ballots

Gov. Kate Brown is pressing Oregon lawmakers to pass a measure paying for prepaid postage on mail-in ballots, a move she says would boost voter turnout in a state that boasts one of the highest electoral participation rates in the country. 49 more words

Oregon Legislature

How to Ace the Voting Process

Elections are over, the results are officially in, and people are feeling a mixed range of emotions. I’ve never given the election much thought until I began working as an election officer. 568 more words

Our view | Oregon, where voting is easy

Unlike much of the U.S., last month’s mid-term election was ho-hum in Oregon — as in, few election snafus.

The state Elections Division certified Oregon’s results last week, while races in some states remained undecided amid recounts, court challenges and allegations of fraud. 31 more words


Editorial: Mailed ballots could reduce election woes

Despite what you might have gathered from certain political leaders (why, hello, President Donald Trump!), the 2018 midterm elections proceeded without evidence of widespread voter fraud. 48 more words