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WI GOP, Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity busted plotting coordinated and illegal plan to suppress Wisconsin voter turnout in November

One Wisconsin Now a group that describes itself as a statewide communications network specializing in effective earned media and online organizing to advance progressive leadership and values has discovered the WI GOP, Tea Party and Prosperity for Americans have been plotting to steal the elections in WI using a technique known as “vote caging”. 782 more words


Preparing the public for another election fraud

I am not voting for either of the two major candidates, so which of them takes the White House makes no difference to me.  Either way, I think we’re sunk.  612 more words

GOP Busted for Voter Suppression

GOP Busted for Voter Suppression by Ari Berman

While the GOP continues to accuse Democrats of voter fraud, top Republican operatives are getting busted for voter suppression. 249 more words


Welcome to the Election Protection Wiki - "Citizens tracking voter suppression and election integrity."

A new site that may be of interest to those of you concerned about voting integrity and possible rigged voting schemes.  Lots of great tools and information here. 90 more words

Voting Controversy in Ohio Rages On

An insightful article by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman in The Huffington Post  today discusses the continuation of the controversy regarding voting and vote caging in Ohio. 199 more words

Democrats, Florida elections officials criticize GOP mailing

From the St Petersbug Times, Democrats, Florida elections officials criticize GOP mailing

A new pitch for John McCain’s presidential campaign aimed at older Democratic voters is causing complaints by Democrats and concern by elections officials. 201 more words


Caging in on college students--sort of

It’s been a high-pressure week for Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State, as she announced a decision regarding voter registration that had Democrats smiling, Republicans frowning, and the country just as focused as ever on this swing state. 521 more words