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An open letter to Bernie Sanders supporters

Now that you know that what you suspected all along that your candidate was cheated out of the democratic nomination by a corrupt system is a fact, where do you go now.   153 more words

Jerry Mander - How Democrats Steal Elections

How Democrats Steal Elections

By Paul Murphy at The American Thinker

The reality is that in the 2016 election it now takes more than a majority for a Republican to win. 1,012 more words

Jerry Mander

Lawsuit Filed Against County for Failing to Maintain Voter Rolls

Watchdog group claims county has more registered voters than citizens

July 19, 2016 3:25 pm

A legal watchdog group has filed a federal lawsuit against a county in North Carolina, claiming that it has more registered voters than living citizens. 620 more words


Inconsistency: Obama OK with voter ID in Kenya, but not in U.S.

A conservative analyst finds it odd that during his recent African tour, President Barack Obama announced support for a citizen ID program in Kenya – yet considers a similar effort in the United States to be racially motivated. 346 more words


The Scourge of Vote Fraud in America

-Bill Dawson.  June 28, 2016

Democrats rely on vote fraud; if not for fraud we would have Republican majorities most if not all of the time. 710 more words


Articles: Voter Photo ID: North Carolina Proves it works Very Well, Indeed

One of the favorite arguments Democrats use against requiring voters to provide a photo ID is that it risks disenfranchising masses of the poor. The numbers are now in from the first election in North Carolina in which voters had to present one of several forms of government issued photo identification cards. 967 more words


Busted! Document proves DNC, Clinton rigged election

Did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee conspire to rig the Democratic primary process?

It’s an accusation supporters of Clinton’s rival presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have been making for months, and the claim that has caught the eye of academics. 522 more words