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What is the real reason behind expats being allowed to vote for life?

Imagine you are a member of a tenants association in London. For years you turn up at the tenants association meetings to elect the committee and occasionally speak from the floor. 426 more words

“The results of the elections in the vast majority of campaigns were predetermined”

From a statement by the election monitoring organisation Golos’

In effect, the results of the elections in the vast majority of campaigns were predetermined at the stage of the recommendation and registration of candidates and parties, and during election canvassing, by decisions and actions taken by the ruling party, and voting commissions organising the elections. 194 more words


Labour's John Biggs new directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets

Labour’s John Biggs has become the directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets.

11.32 per cent more voters took part in the election compared to 2010 though the overall turn-out was still only 36.92 per cent of the electorate. 701 more words



In the celebrated case of Arthur Williams v Andrew Holness, the Supreme Court declared:

1….the request for and procurement of pre-signed and undated letters of resignation and letters of authorization by the Leader of the Opposition from persons to be appointed or appointed as Senators to the Senate of Jamaica, upon his nomination, is inconsistent with the Constitution, contrary to public policy, unlawful, and is, accordingly, null and void 1,318 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Bill Shorten tries to cover-up the vote rigging scandal that had him elected leader

Bill Shorten told the ABC on Friday (10-4-15) that the vote rigging scandal had been independently investigated by the NSW branch of the Labor Party and that one person had been suspended from the Labor Party. 1,166 more words

Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten Labor Party vote rigging scandal still not resolved

Probably the greatest thing that undermines democracy is the vote rigging of elections. It would therefore surprise many people that the alleged vote rigging of the 2013 Bill Shorten – Anthony Albanese Labor Party leadership ballot has never been fully investigated. 1,069 more words

Bill Shorten

His Heinous Emperor Obama Supports Mandatory Voting By All In Upcoming Elections

Why did Obama flood the country with Illegals?  Here’s the answer: “If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country – Barrack Hussein Obama March 18, 2015” 769 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny