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Hackers Change 30 Voting Machines In 2 Hours - Hey Didn't Obama Say It Couldn't Happen In America?

Communist Dictator Thug and murderer in chief, Joseph Stalin, said;  “It doesn’t matter who votes; the only thing that matters is who counts the votes.”  See link below: 25 more words

Democratic Party Proves Corrupt, Again

In troubling—if unsurprising—news, the Democratic establishment’s sleazy tactics are back in the spotlight. Kimberly Ellis, candidate for the California Democratic Party Chair, recently described the intimidation she faced while running as an insurgent candidate backed by Bernie Sanders supporters: 508 more words

Dirty Democrats

Erdogan's Grip on Power & Turkey's Divorce from Europe...

It is difficult to think of a ‘Muslim’ society as progressive, modernist and liberal as Turkey has traditionally been, particularly as it is also a democracy. 2,031 more words

New Asylum Seekers Scandal: A Comprehensive Political Stitch-Up

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Misleading images: Not all migrants are asylum seekers

In these days of the unthinkable being normalised, it was still shocking to see the results of a… 683 more words

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