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How did Cambridge Analytica do what they did?

I wasn’t going to post any more on this topic, but found a really good video on the BBC which explains the psychology behind targeted adverts etc. 56 more words

Security 101

Bloggers Warned to Connect the …

Long time BU blogger Observing submitted the following links with the plea for the BU family to connect the dots. The blogmaster has added the assist by snipping excerpts from the links submitted to start the ball rolling… 297 more words

How to win by a landslide in a Russian election

Alec Luhn of The Telegraph notes that Putin may have padded his total vote tally in Sunday’s election by as much as 10 million votes. The pink area in the graph shows the extra votes in the high turnout areas. 46 more words


Suffer the Little Children, Part 2

Sergei Akimov
March 19, 2018

#Elections2018 #NoElections2018

A young woman with a child сame up to another observer and me.

“Where do I get the piece paper I have to photograph the kid with and send to the kindergarten?” she asked. 141 more words


People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - Part 2

Oh I’m sorry – I suspect a few of you will get bored with these posts after a bit, but I feel it is my duty to correct the mainstream media’s lies and propaganda. 86 more words

Vote Rigging in Barbados - A Hollywood MIAMI VICE Version

Submitted by Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

@ The Sage Annunaki

De Ole Man said dat I would respond to a recent blog of yours on “ 1,153 more words


Hackers Change 30 Voting Machines In 2 Hours - Hey Didn't Obama Say It Couldn't Happen In America?

Communist Dictator Thug and murderer in chief, Joseph Stalin, said;  “It doesn’t matter who votes; the only thing that matters is who counts the votes.”  See link below: 25 more words