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Vote Smart: Millennials, Alternative Parties & Your Vote in Context

A little over 20 years ago Gil Scott-Heron put these lyrics in a song (poem) entitled “Message to the Messengers”. It was primarily directed toward the next generation of rappers (poets) in an effort to help ensure their intentions were not lost in battles over their word choice or the methods of rebellion for change their songs seemed to endorse. 1,021 more words


No Teaser Tuesday.

I was going to make a teaser but I couldn’t get all the post-debate crap out of my head.

So many memes, jokes, gifs. Lots of great stuff out there. 210 more words


Vote smart on the EU

So usually I do my research, I vote and then I moan about everyone who didn’t vote or who voted opposite to myself once the votes have been counted. 247 more words


my fellow Americans... everything you need to know about voting from abroad...

No matter who you are and what your nationality, there’s no question: your Facebook and Twitter feeds have been full of news about the impending American elections to be held in November. 1,263 more words


The Prisoner's Dilemma, Egomaniacs, and the 2016 Election

There’s a simple thought experiment in game theory known as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Perhaps you’ve heard of it:

Two criminals are apprehended on suspicion of a crime and separated so that they cannot communicate with one another.

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