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That’s the name of   a website  which claims to be strictly non-partisan as it compiles the views and votes of candidates.   I used it briefly myself on a couple of candidates I have researched,  and it seems straightforward.   You may find it useful.

Candidate Survey: Vote Smart's Political Courage Test

A week or so ago, I received a letter from Project Vote Smart, asking me to complete their political courage test and submit biographical information to them. 151 more words


Barack Bush the Third

Did Obama Suffer Profiling when Barack Bush was elected for a Third Term?

For your Eyes Only, Barack Bush the Third

Image Source: ©2013 Miss Moneypenny Satire… 581 more words

Political Satire

VOTE SMART - The Informed Voter's Guide

Ignore what you hear on tv and read in the newspapers, that’s all biased. This is the simple truth of the major differences between the liberals and the conservatives – honest truth, not  185 more words

Cyberspace Pilot - Rants & Raves

The Global Danger of the Obama Drone Ranger

From Fast-and-Furious and Drone attacks to Benghazi, Obama is stained by the blood of Americans…

The Drone Ranger is no Stranger to Danger

Image Source: ©2013 Miss Moneypenny Satire… 747 more words


Barack Obama's Failed War on Poverty

Is Obama committed to cutting Poverty in half in 10 years?

If Poverty was the goal than Obama Won the War on Poverty.

The Royalty of America?

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Federal Election 2013: How to be a smart voter in a very dumb election.

The field of choice in the 2013 election is not good with the major choices, the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party-National Party Coalition being the parties responsible for the 2011 human rights violating “retrospective” legislation that the High Court turfed out on May 8th calling it “statutory fiction.” Quite clearly, voting tomorrow is only going to result in a disaster for low-income earners and others who rely on a welfare benefit in order to survive. 260 more words

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