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Justice Centered Life

On Friday night I had trouble pulling my eyes away from the screen. As much as I know about the damages of watching and re-watching traumatic images – police engaged in altercations with citizens, cars burning, people yelling obscenities at the camera and buildings being spray painted – I couldn’t pull away. 886 more words


On George Floyd: A Call to Action

Since last week, the murder of George Floyd and the series of events following his death has kept me up late at night, plagued with anger, disgust, sorrow and hopelessness, as it should with with anyone who has come to learn of it. 1,904 more words


In A Vase On Monday - Heartsong

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens.

Amidst chaos in our cities and sadness profound, the first lilies and gardenias opened yesterday. 172 more words


Picket lines and picket signs, Don't punish me with brutality. Talk to me, so you can see Oh, what's going on... What's going on... Yeah, what's going on... Ah, what's going on...

Friends…tonight I write this post with a heavy heart. I am so disappointed in the direction the events of this week have gone. I am sad…no, heartbroken… over the destruction, the criminal acts, and the blatant disrespect I have watched on television. 2,132 more words

But What Can I Do?

While I have tried very hard in my life not to make too much noise about either politics or religion unless it was thoughtful, open-minded, and sought-after discussion, something that has remained very near and dear to my heart always was the battles that took place to give us the rights that we have today. 484 more words


Your most powerful weapon

Stunned and bereaved as I have been by the recent, and not recent, brutal murders of African-American males by police for no reason, I was at a loss to add my words, to comment, other than those of the strong voices I have read in op-eds and on social media. 1,022 more words

Ahmaud Arbery