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If you can't figure out how to correctly fill out a ballot, you shouldn't be voting.

It should be standard across the country that any ballots incorrectly filled out are forfeit.


It seems like the most obvious rule #1: If you can’t fill out a ballot correctly, you shouldn’t be voting. 130 more words

Election month...

I’m old enough to remember a time when we had an election day in America. On the Tuesday after the first Monday in November everyone showed up at their designated poling place and voted. 211 more words


VOTING ENDS TONIGHT! - IVP Reader's Choice Award Nomination Voting - InterVarsity Press

2018 InterVarsity Press Readers’ Choice Awards

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It’s that time of the year again! Between late-October 2017 and mid-October 2018, IVP published 106 new titles on a wide variety of topics, including the Holy Spirit, marriage, race, ethnicity, incarceration, the Enneagram, theology, and counseling, to name a few. 523 more words


Thank you America!

Make no mistake about it, The Donald got his big, fat orange ass handed to him Tuesday night. Trump and his white, Bible thumping Evangelical, and racist Deplorable base can spin it all they want, this election was about the pumpkin with cotton candy hair and the American people stated… 513 more words

Donald Trump

30 days of gratitude, day 12

Day # 1: I’m thankful I have a job, even if the hours are long and our healthcare is expensive. Michigan’s unemployment rate is 4%, which is just slightly under the national average (5%). 864 more words


The Municipal Election: A Look Back

Written by: Ashley Noble|Featured Image provided by: Ashley Noble

It has now been almost 3 weeks since Election Day. I am still a little stunned that I won. 320 more words

Student Life

Election Meddling Rampant

The blatant attempt to steal the mid-term elections is rather clear now.  Florida, Broward County in particular, is the hotbed for this.  It should tell the lay person all they need to know about the war of ideas when one side so very clearly tries to steal elections on a regular basis.  589 more words