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Say What?

Tell me with a smile, :-), that you just witnessed one of Hillary Clinton’s brilliant strategies. You know what I’m talking about, voter equality. I’m on to something, because political pundits either felt astounded or aghast towards Hillary, because of her alignment with Infinite Wisdom.   199 more words

Income Equality

Rick Perry's Exaggerated Beliefs

While facing two felony charges for abusing his power, Rick Perry decided to live on planet Grandiosity. His exaggerated high opinion of himself, coupled with his sense of entitlement are two hysterically funny gifts. 186 more words

Income Equality

Americans, Get Your Billions Back

Expand Social Security payments, raise the minimum wage to fifteen ($15.00) dollars, and sign into law a single payer healthcare system. Americans deserve this and much more, but one thing at a time. 124 more words

Income Equality

Leader Budish Praises President Obama's Efforts to Re-build the Economy

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish released the following statement on President Obama’s visit to Lorain County Community College in Elyria:

“I welcome President Obama to Ohio today to see his economic policies at work, rebuilding our economy and creating jobs.  120 more words

House Dems Urge Caution with Unprecedented Legislative Repeal

Ohio House Democrats held a press conference to urge caution as House Republicans look to move forward with an unprecedented partial legislative repeal (SB 295) of HB 194.   520 more words

MUST READS: House Dems Forge Redistricting Compromise

Newspapers around the state reacted to the redistricting compromise agreed to by House Democrats yesterday. Common themes included relief at the end of a “long, messy process” ( 161 more words

Rep. Phillips Statement on Redistricting Agreement

Assistant Minority Whip Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) released the following statement on the compromise to reunite the primaries and end the redistricting standoff. The compromised redistricting plan makes some improvements to congressional districts, takes the first steps towards necessary long-term reform and saves taxpayers from footing a more than $15 million bill for two primaries. 195 more words