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You Know They're Going To Do It

18 August 2019

Chairwoman Diane C. Mederos

Rhode Island Board of Elections

50 Branch Avenue

Providence, RI  02904

Dear Madam Chairwoman:

On or about September 29th of this year, the local Donald Trump supporters are planning to hold a rally.  212 more words

Direct Message To Office Holder

Proactive is Best

The day of Vohuman approches.  Put on some new clothes, pray every hour, hang out with some animals.  If that doesn’t work for you, Horus the Elder is off to see mommy. 169 more words


Trump's allegation of 2016 voter fraud will undermine confidence in 2020 results.

He’s getting his cult ready to consider the 2020 results invalid if he loses. His claims of fraud in New Hampshire and California are baseless lies. 157 more words

2016 Election

Protecting Our Elections From Voter Fraud

A not-for-profit organization has won a ruling in U. S. District Court that requires the State of Maryland to turn over voter registration data for Montgomery County. 58 more words


Preserving Electoral Integrity Without Disenfranchising the Poor: Suggestions for Improving a Voter Residence Verification System in Colombia

Vote-buying—a particularly corrosive form of political corruption—is present in many jurisdictions, especially in the Global South. And not only is vote-buying itself a form of corruption, but the practice exacerbates other forms of corruption, because politicians need to raise enough money to buy enough votes to beat their opponents (who are also engaged in vote-buying), and in order to raise enough money, politicians often enter into deals with private parties who (illegally) “lend” the politician the money he or she needs to buy enough votes to win the election, and then, once in office, the politician pays back the private parties—either directly, with embezzled funds, or with inflated government contracts (see, for example,  912 more words


Thomas Sowell On Voter I.D. Requirements

Over the years Dr. Thomas Sowell has written a number if thought provoking articles.  Uncharacteristically the linked source item doesn’t offer any revelations mainly due to the fact, that for anyone who has paused to think about, declaring voter ID requirements racist is an… 326 more words