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Trump: What Comes Next?

There seem to be two explanations for Donald Trump’s attacks on the courts, media, and objective reality: 1) He’s a whining, self-pitying baby who simply can’t stand it when he doesn’t immediately get his own way; 2) He wants to pull a full-Stalin by undermining the institutions that stand in his way — the judiciary and free press — and by creating a false reality in which his followers simply accept his bald-faced lies and self-contradictory statements while ignoring abundant and immediately presented contradictory evidence. 711 more words


2,100,000 illegal Aliens may Have Voted...

President Trump must fix this. Does anyone honestly believe that the United States TWICE elected the bumbling Barack Insane Osama??? Get real. Our vote is a most sacred thing and it should be correctly counted and reported. 213 more words

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A Fool's Paradise

What’s the deal with idiots? I swear, I’m already sick to death of these whiny liberal snowflakes (especially Hollywood “celebrities” who I am currently boycotting) and their almost fanatical adherence to corrupt mainstream media’s fake news. 595 more words


Chuck Todd on President Trump's Problems

.@ChuckTodd: "The president's problems aren't a media fabrication. This scroll is just a small sampling of the many controversies & crises" pic.twitter.com/0yOm6DM86a

— Steve Kopack (@SteveKopack) February 17, 2017

National Security


What is the problem of proving voter fraud? We have to have people running our voting systems who are willing to look for it.

Consider the irony. 578 more words


People Love Me... Believe Me... What Did Trump Just Say???

It’s no secret, America is in crisis. Deep doo-doo, if you please. This actual fact is easily evidenced by the growing hordes of rightfully concerned and disgruntled people living within our borders, legal or not, who are deeply disturbed by the current administration’s lack of empathy, experience, and far right bordering on alt. 816 more words