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In celebration of Women’s Equality Day



Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26, commemorates women’s right to vote throughout the United States, and women in Oregon have even more to celebrate on this year’s 95th anniversary. 671 more words


There Are Nearly 300 Cases of Voter Fraud in America

This is from The Daily Signal.  

 Eric The Lawless Holder told us voter fraud does not happen.

What a load of crap.

The Heritage Foundation’s… 864 more words

Thoughts on the Voting ID Question

These days there isn’t much of the Conservative point of view that I agree with; however their views on Voter ID laws are still one that I can definitely get behind. 905 more words


Think Voter Fraud Isn't A Problem? Here's 300 Examples That You're Wrong

One of the most dishonest political myths created and spread by Democrats is that voter fraud isn’t real.  They claim all day long that voter fraud doesn’t exist and that voter ID laws are simply the Republican’s plan to keep minorities from voting.   301 more words


After Protest, Sanders Campaign Opens Up About Racial Issues

Coming less than 24 hours after Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a campaign event, the release of Bernie Sanders’ full platform on racial justice was pretty clearly rushed in order to directly refute the growing number of voices that claimed he wasn’t addressing one of the country’s biggest problems. 520 more words


We Could Do This the Easy Way or the Unnecessarily Hard Way: Texas, Oregon, and Voter ID Laws

Last week, a federal appeals panel ruled that the Texas’ 2013 voter ID law violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which you may remember from high school as that thing that even your quietly-racist AP U.S. 1,337 more words


The Voting Rights Act at 50

There was no discussion of voting rights during the Republican debates. But in the interest of fairness, here’s the GOP’s official statement on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which includes the tag, “Black Republicans.” The GOP states, in part: 296 more words