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First State Wide Election After Voter ID Law Starts this Morning

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Overland wants to raise property taxes significantly to pay for police pensions. St. Ann wants to create a special taxing district to focus on transportation projects. 87 more words


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Jay Ashcroft Stops in St. Louis to Answer Voter ID Questions

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Grab your photo I.D. if you want to vote in Missouri. If you’re still unclear about these new rules, the secretary of state will answer your questions later today. 177 more words


The Department of Justice Will Reportedly Confront Discrimination -- Against White People [UPDATED]

UPDATE: A Justice Department spokesperson has called the Times report inaccurate, and claimed that they are actually investigating an administrative complaint filed by Asian-American associations against Harvard University in 2015. 478 more words


Ongoing Attacks On #Voting Rights w/ @zdroberts — #KatieSpeakShow Ep99 07/29/2017

In brief: It may seem like an odd time to talk election integrity as there isn’t a big, national election this year, but as my guest Zach Roberts explains with passion: your rights are most vulnerable when you don’t think anyone is coming for them. 255 more words

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It’s Not Paranoia if They’re Really Out to Get You

Voter fraud?  What voter fraud?

The President’s Commission on Voter Fraud is universally ridiculed and disparaged as everything Trump is universally ridiculed and disparaged.  The battle cry is that to look for voter fraud is racist and just another example of the Republicans attempting to suppress votes.  2,195 more words

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