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SCOTUS Won't Hear Case On Voter ID Laws, Liberals Rejoice

But you still need your ID for ObamaCare. And any Democrat events you attend.

See, Kansas and Arizona have state laws, which require a person to show their…

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A Loss For Voter-ID Law

SCOTUS just ruled that illegal immigrants can’t be required to provide ID when filling out the current federal form for voting.

As much as I dislike this ruling, it does make sense: The states are allowed to place their own restrictions on how their citizenry fill out the state forms, they’re not allowed to change the rules about how federal forms get filled out.


OMG! My Feelings Are Hurt! Kill the First Amendment!

We’ve all heard the buzzwords, the new encyclical of the Left. If they can’t respond to logical rebuttals to their policy proposals and hysterical pronouncements – which they can’t, because subscribing to Leftist doctrine requires a complete suspension of logical thinking and any realistic understanding of basic human nature – then their only alternative is to try to completely shut down the debate. 795 more words

Is D.C. engaging in voter suppression?

Relax.  Keep calm.  I actually know green card holders or resident aliens in D.C. who have told me they voted for Obama.  (If you ask them if they are U.S. 166 more words

Voter ID

Voter rights rally at NC legislative building leads to 10 arrests

RALEIGH, N.C. — A rally to protest voting law changes made since 2013 resulted in 10 arrests at the State Legislative building Wednesday.

The state leader of the NAACP, Rev. 368 more words


Cicilline bill to automatically register voters

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders, and millions of Americans, could be registered to vote when they go to the motor vehicle registry, if a bill backed by Rep. 318 more words


Do Voter ID Laws Limit Turnout

Recently, in an effort to woo the Obama coalition, Hillary Clinton announced her vehement opposition to all things related to Voter ID.  Speaking at a black college in Houston she called for universal and automatic voter registration and a 20-day (or more) period of early voting in every state, before every election. 828 more words