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Need an ID to vote? Here's how to get one in time for the spring election

MILWAUKEE — Do you want to take part in the spring election? Most Wisconsin voters already have some form of ID needed to vote, such as a Wisconsin driver license or ID. 250 more words


Need an ID to vote in April? Here's how to get one.

RIB MOUNTAIN – With Wisconsin’s spring election just weeks away, voters who need an ID are now able to get one on Saturdays at the Wausau area Division of Motor Vehicles Service Center. 142 more words

Arkansas lawmakers approve plan to reinstate voter ID law

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas lawmakers have approved a measure requiring voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot, sending to the governor’s desk a requirement that was struck down as unconstitutional more than two years ago. 77 more words


Of Voter ID, Redistricting, Flawed Studies And Racism

Liberal heads exploded in ecstasy in January when a study from a trio of researchers came out from UC San Diego, Michigan State University, and Bucknell University stating Voter ID laws had a discriminatory impact on turnout. 1,470 more words


After AG Sessions ordered this, states began pushing new voter ID measures

(NationalSentinel) Elections: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to withdraw from a lawsuit in Texas challenging that state’s voter identification laws, an action that has led more states to now consider new ID measures to strengthen voter integrity. 251 more words


States pile on Ohio lawsuit seeking to restore integrity to voter registration lists

(NationalSentinel) Elections: Democrats have long discovered that one way to give their party a boost on election day is to attack voter identification and integrity laws that were designed to ensure free and fair balloting. 450 more words


Federal Judges Rule Texas Republicans Gerrymandered Districts To Suppress Minority Vote

Federal judges have discovered more flaws with voting rights laws in Texas. According to the Associated Press, on Friday, a three-judge panel in San Antonio ruled that Republicans in the state racially gerrymandered congressional districts in efforts to limit the voting power of minorities. 266 more words

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