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Three speeches and a bump on the road to a more perfect union

In our journey toward a more perfect union, we have witnessed cycles of history since Abraham Lincoln delivered the greatest speech in American history 150 years ago. 1,185 more words

U.S. Constitution

Stand up & say NO: photo ID requirement for voters

By Ann Luther

We attended the public hearing (Wednesday Feb 25) in the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee (VLA) of the Maine State Legislature for… 217 more words

Maine Legislature

"The Next Attack On Voting Rights": Why Democrats Should Fight For A Constitutional Right-To-Vote Amendment

The last round of voter restrictions came after the 2010 Republican wave, when new GOP majorities passed voter identification laws and slashed ballot access in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. 988 more words


Data breaches, Chinese hackers, Big Brother, and other reasons to fear a biometric voter ID bill

“Voters should not have to trade their privacy and biological data in order to participate in democracy.” – Dave Maass, Electronic Frontier Foundation

The perennial push for enacting a mandatory photo voter ID law will hit the New Mexico Legislature very soon, possibly this week (it’s the only major piece of controversial Republican legislation yet to have had a hearing). 776 more words


Amnesty, Voters and Voter Id

I sincerely believe the liberal push for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants is a political ploy that seems to be working to the detriment of “The American Way.” Let’s face the fact that we all know there is significant voter fraud in this country. 485 more words

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IBD: “In a few weeks, ObamaCare’s second open enrollment season will close. Unfortunately for the president, the law may not live to see a third open enrollment — thanks to an increasingly hostile public and a case before the Supreme Court that could render a major part of the law unconstitutional.” 381 more words