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How Voter ID Laws Affect Democracy

Voter ID laws are damaging the decades of progress that have
been made on our democracy and voting rights in the U.S. Up to this date, … 455 more words

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Judge Again Finds Discrimination In Texas' Voter ID Law

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AUSTIN (AP) — A judge Monday again ruled that Republican lawmakers deliberately designed a strict voter ID law to disadvantage minorities and effectively dampen their growing electoral power. 556 more words


Three Little Words: I Was Right

My wife and I joke that the three most beautiful words in the English language are either “you were right,” or maybe, “I was wrong.” 62 more words

Did States Made it Harder for Americans to Vote in the 2016 Elections?

“All of this falls on top of the wave of restrictions that states passed in time for the 2012 election”

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Texas Voter ID Case Delayed Until After Legislative Session

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CORPUS CHRISTI (AP) — A federal judge mulling whether Texas passed its voter ID law with the intent to deliberately discriminate has agreed to delay the case until after the state’s legislative session ends. 116 more words


Election Night! Wait who Won???

The SNL you are about to watch  is a clip using satire to describe how people were during election night all the way up to the final results. 51 more words

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