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Voter Fraud Isn’t Real—But Voter Suppression Is a Grave Danger – Center for American Progress

Voter ID does not automatically mean voter suppression!

There is no voter fraud so there is no reason to improve voter registration or voter ID. Ironically, the political left claims that voter ID requirements suppress votes disproportionately among black and poor Americans, a significant portion of the Democratic base; I guess that grave danger depends on ones point of view. 355 more words


How Real Is Voter Fraud in US Elections?

With Jill Stein’s quixotic recount demands and President-Elect Trump’s unprovable claims of fraud against him in the 2016 Presidential Elections, we once again have a partisan argument that will go nowhere. 560 more words


Fraud-Free Voting Fallacy

Democrats have long asserted that voter fraud is rare. Recently, we heard from them that questioning the results of an election would “undermine democracy”. In fact, voter fraud is routinely characterized by the left as “ 994 more words

Hillary Clinton

Greg Palast | Here’s what we do now – a personal note

Being right never felt so horrid.

By Greg Palast  GregPalast  November 20, 2016

“This is the story of the theft of the 2016 election.
It’s a crime still in progress.”

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Voter ID

Many states are pursuing regulations that would require a potential voter to provide identification prior to casting a ballot in order to prevent voter fraud. Since 2001, the number of states that wish to pass legislation requiring more extensive identification has steadily increased. 816 more words

Study underway to determine what role voter ID law played in low voter turnout on November 8th

MILWAUKEE — A study is underway to determine what role Wisconsin’s new voter ID law played in voter turnout during the election on November 8th. 258 more words


Amendment Six: Will This Curb Voter Fraud?

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Now that Missourians have passed Amendment Six, the voter ID law, Missouri’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says the Show Me State has joined another “list of bad firsts.” 204 more words