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Rigged: How voter suppression threw Wisconsin to Trump

After the November election, registered voters in Milwaukee County and Madison’s Dane County were surveyed about why they didn’t cast a ballot. Eleven percent cited the voter ID law and said they didn’t have an acceptable ID; of those, more than half said the law was the “main reason” they didn’t vote. > Mother Jones

Senate To Vote For Judge Nominee Opposed By Congressional Black Caucus

A lawyer who defended North Carolina’s discriminatory voter ID law moved closer to becoming a U.S. District judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina. 275 more words


Why is the Wisconsin GOP so afraid of voter ID facts?

Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, a laughable figure who occupies a constitutional office that he says should be eliminated, wants to punish officials who are actually interested in doing their jobs. 12 more words

What Wisconsin's 2016 voter ID study means and doesn't mean

In a study released in September, UW-Madison political scientist Kenneth Mayer found that the state’s voter ID law kept significant numbers of people from voting in Dane and Milwaukee counties in the November 2016 election.  21 more words

State treasurer asks Legislature to penalize Dane County for funding voter ID study

Republican State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk has called on the Legislature to penalize Dane County for funding a UW-Madison study on the effects of the state’s voter ID law.  28 more words

Your vote is crucial!

This is crucial.

Did you know that there are EIGHT positions on the November 7th ballot in Hampton and Newport News?  We are electing our Governor, Lt. 49 more words

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