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Democrats Use the Force in #GA06 Special Election, Strike a Blow Against ‘Darth’ Trump

If you are part of the Resistance to Trump, the Georgia 6th Congressional District’s special election Tuesday has given you something to cheer about. Feel free to read the rest of this article as if it’s the opening crawl of a… 709 more words


What Americans Want

I’ve noticed something disturbing in recent pundit conversations about the current Republican legislative initiatives (OK- lots of things- but I’m going to focus on one in particular here). 464 more words

Think Pink

"Carthage Must Be Destroyed!" and the GOP

In ancient Rome, Cato the Elder (234 bc-149bc) was a predecessor to modern day American Republicans.  He woke up every day, scratched his eyes, shook his head and then asked, “What can I be against today?”  One of his nicknames was “Cato the Censor.”  One of his favorite passions was to destroy Rome’s arch rival, Carthage, and he started announcing daily as he concluded any speech, “Carthage must be destroyed.?”  This out-cry was meaningful for a while but, according to historians, it became absurd as it went on so long that it became a joke.   642 more words

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Republican leadership still trying to suppress MT voters

In Thursday’s House Judiciary hearing on Senate Bill 305, Republican leadership dug in their heels about suppressing voter turnout while countless other Republicans, Democrats and everyday citizens… 169 more words


Justice Dept. Whistleblower EXPOSES Voter Suppression

When a vital institution such as the Department of Justice becomes corrupt, is it better to leave or to stay and fight? TYT’s Eric Byler talks to civil rights attorney Joseph Rich, who resigned as Voting Section chief at the U.S. 20 more words


Gerrymandering and the Abuse of Redistricting: Is it imploding? Podcast Episode 14

Is gerrymandering–the abuse of redistricting by the Republicans in red states–imploding? How is it imploding? And what is being done about it! Listen to Lisa Nolan’s latest podcast, Episode 14: Gerrymandering and the Abuse of Redistricting: Is it imploding?  62 more words

Lisa Nolan

The Successful Republican Election Strategy.....Divide and Conquer! Part 2: Voter Suppression.

In Part 1 (Jan. 23, 2017) of this post we discussed how Republicans, using wedge issues like abortion, contraception, immigration, LBGT rights, guns and religion, successfully motivate their voting base to turn out in large enough numbers to make their candidates competitive.   2,555 more words