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"Truth Crushed To Earth Will Rise Again": Injustice Is Resilient, But So Are Defenders Of Freedom

First, they sang “God Will Take Care of You.”

Then they walked out of Brown Chapel to a playground where they organized themselves into 24 groups of 25 each and set out marching. 622 more words




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The 7th Congressional District of Tennessee is a congressional district located in the middle and southwestern parts of the state, connecting suburbs of…

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"The Next Attack On Voting Rights": Why Democrats Should Fight For A Constitutional Right-To-Vote Amendment

The last round of voter restrictions came after the 2010 Republican wave, when new GOP majorities passed voter identification laws and slashed ballot access in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. 988 more words


Why does Del. Mark Cole hate Democracy?

Because elections are locally administered in the United States, voter suppression varies among jurisdictions. At the founding of the country, most states limited the right to vote to property-owning white males. 258 more words


Americans Have Become Intellectually Lazy

During my lifetime I have come to know or be exposed to a lot of diverse people. These are people that come from different backgrounds; some smart and some not; some blue collar and some white collar; some highly educated and some not; some white, some black; some hard workers and some not; and some with common sense and a whole lot with none. 646 more words


Dianna Duran Wins an "Academy Award"

The Center for American Progress Action Fund released a fantastic report today in the run up to Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony. The Academy Awards of Voter Suppression… 502 more words

Dianna Duran [SOS]