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Specific Legislation

The following video is not intended to be pedantic, rather, for some levity and nostalgia (Dave Frishberg, Schoolhouse Rock!, 1976):

*some caveats: With this Trump administration, there are so many issues to tackle.  880 more words


Who Had a Worse Week: Daines or Essmann?

At a time when the Montana Republican Party is floundering over the Special Congressional Election, two Montana Republicans couldn’t shake the bad headlines this week. 267 more words


NAACP boycott of NC launches over voter suppression, HB2

This morning the NAACP called a press conference in front of the state Capitol in Raleigh, NC, to announce the first step in a boycott to bring economic pressure to bear on the state. 505 more words


The Myth of Widespread Voter Fraud Leads to Voter Suppression

For weeks, members of the Trump administration have made claims that between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 presidential election, in turn, costing President Donald Trump the popular vote to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 393 more words

The White House

Trump: What Comes Next?

There seem to be two explanations for Donald Trump’s attacks on the courts, media, and objective reality: 1) He’s a whining, self-pitying baby who simply can’t stand it when he doesn’t immediately get his own way; 2) He wants to pull a full-Stalin by undermining the institutions that stand in his way — the judiciary and free press — and by creating a false reality in which his followers simply accept his bald-faced lies and self-contradictory statements while ignoring abundant and immediately presented contradictory evidence. 711 more words