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Americans Have Given Up Without a Fight

I continue to be amazed at how Americans have become so apathetic with our political process and democracy in general. America was founded on a constitution that guarantees basic civil/human rights, religious liberty, political rights, independent courts of law, and fair and free elections. 733 more words


'Everything is political': Ready for Oliver Willis' take on #CharlestonShooting?

Leave it to Media Matters’ Oliver Willis to weigh in on the #CharlestonShooting with a Super-Smart Take™:

"we stand with the victims" so you'll support laws aiding in voting rights? "woah, lets not be hasty"

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ALERT!!! Wall Street House Republicans Revive the Income Redistribution Scam Known As Fast Track Authority

This morning, Wall Street Congressman John Boehner introduced Fast Track Authority into the US House of Representatives, which passed 218-208. 190 Republicans and 28 Democrats voted for this scam; 50 Republicans and 158 Democrats voted against it. 636 more words

"A Voter-Fraud Witch Hunt In Kansas": Voters Could Be Charged With A Felony For Mistakenly Showing Up At The Wrong Polling Place

In fall 2010, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach held a press conference alleging that dead people were voting in the state. He singled out Alfred K. 707 more words

Voter Suppression

"Dispensed With The Niceties": Hillary Clinton's Grand Strategy To Beat The GOP: Take Bold Positions Early And Often

For the better part of 20 years now, Bill Clinton’s presidency has been synonymous with a hazy political concept called triangulation. Since his advisers made the term famous, it has been used to describe everything from standard-issue compromise, to the willingness to confront reactionary elements in one’s own party (think… 763 more words