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"Why The GOP Has Grown So Hostile": Republicans Have Crossed The Rubicon And No Longer Have The Option Of Going Back

Pew Research surveyed 35,071 Americans between June and September of 2014 and compiled information about their religious and political beliefs. One of their findings was that white Christians no longer constitute a majority in this country. 1,034 more words


We're Not a Swing State

Ohio is a swing state.  Florida is a swing state.  There may have once been a time that Pennsylvania was a swing state as well, but those days are over.  795 more words


CBC Message To America: Rep. Gwen Moore Says We Can't Support Politicians Who Promote Voter Suppression Tactics

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Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) delivers this week’s CBC Message To America focusing on voting rights and discriminatory voter laws impeding minorities’ access to the ballot. 303 more words


Insert Comment About Inmates, the Asylum, and Who Happens to be in Charge Here:

From ThinkProgress:

Two-thirds of North Carolina Republican voters would support immediately impeaching Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president, according to a poll released Tuesday.

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Nothing Says, "All Lives Matter" than Voter Suppression

I get it, Republicans say one thing, but behave just the opposite, then as entertaining as that is, they find a scapegoat in order to conceal their two-faced behavior.  205 more words

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“We Don’t Like Our Candidates”—Sez NBC News

2015-10-22 – Yesterday NBC News came out with a poll (done with the Wall Street Journal) saying that “We don’t like our candidates very much. 513 more words

Hillary Clinton in Alabama to Call out GOP Governor, Legislature for Jim Crow Activism

Hillary Clinton was in Alabama. You are a dedicated servant of the people if you leave the civilized world to brave the neo-Jim Crow confederate South. 167 more words