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The Tea Party Felt Abandonment And Loneliness

In the year 2011, but their fortunes changed when Donald Trump showed up, courted and swept them off their feet, it was a match made in political heaven. 552 more words

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"His Hands Are As Dirty As Anyone’s": If Jeb Bush Wants To Be A Different Kind Of Republican, He Should End GOP War On Voting

Jeb Bush appears before the Urban League today — the only other Republican candidate who accepted their invitation was Ben Carson — where he will tell them that antipoverty programs have failed, and the path to greater success for African-Americans is the one the GOP wants to pave. 994 more words


Both Democratic and Republican Elitists Seek to Silence Political Opposition and We the People, and We Must Take a Stand Now Before America Becomes a Dictatorship

As much as bitter and vicious opponents as they have become, both Democrats and Republicans are united in one belief: that if a person or group does not agree with them, those on that other side must be silenced. 477 more words

Fifty Years After the Voting Rights Act, America is Less of a Democracy for Everyone Among We the People

Democracy is the enemy of elitism. We have the power to cast the votes that will unseat pro-elitist representatives and parties, and vote in candidates who better reflect We the People as a political force. 678 more words

Voter Suppression Of Any Kind

Sucks. Here’s the question I have for all the GOP 2016 Presidential candidates, “How do you think those millions of Americans felt when Republicans took away their rights to vote shortly after the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act on April, 8, 2014?” … 285 more words

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Noam Chomsky: A Genuine Movement For Social Change

“To some extent, we can create the future rather than merely observing the flow of events,” says Noam Chomsky. (Image via Shutterstock)

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