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Reflections of a New Blogger (Part Two)

Coming up on two months now and I have new observations:

  1. Still haven’t figured out a way to stop obsessing about the stats. I can instantly see how many people are viewing each post, whether they are exploring and reading other posts while visiting my blog, which ones connect and those that don’t.
  2. 521 more words
Enigma In Black

Supreme Court unanimously rejects GOP challenge to Va. redistricting plan


The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a Republican challenge to redistricting in Virginia, leaving in place a map that could prove more favorable to Democrats. 305 more words


The Five Stages of Grief

It’s like the 5 stages of grief. You know it’s happening. You watch the disease spread.
1.Denial.  As I watch widespread corruption and oppression in the election process. 216 more words


California Poll Trainers Instructed to Give Provisional Ballots to No Party Preference Voters - DEMAND CROSSOVER BALLOT

This video was made as an alert to the voters of non-affiliated (no party preference) status that poll workers are being instructed to give them PROVISIONAL rather then regular cross-over ballots on election day.   92 more words

Voter Suppression

Fear Based Voting

We’ve watched for decades how the GOP is able to get votes in the most impoverished areas with platforms that blame the poor and keep them poor. 481 more words


Election fraud charged in Democratic primaries

An organization called Election Justice USA has filed a lawsuit charging election fraud in New York state’s primary election.  A reporter for Counterpunch obtained the complaint and the exhibits.  416 more words