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Chile in Crisis

Today is election day in Chile.  Well, it’s primary day but that is national.  Chile elects its president by a straight majority vote so the three main parties are, today, having a primary to choose their candidate.  783 more words

Increasing Voter Turnout for 2018 and Beyond - Guest Opinion

State Library Ed. Note:  Oregon Content here.  “Republicans approve of automatic registration because researchers believe it is truly nonpartisan. It’s so new that we have only one test case: Oregon this year. 14 more words

New York Times

Amid An Assault On Voting Rights, Here's Where Advocates See Some Hope

“This provides a level of security and cost-effectiveness and access that really could make for a paradigm shift.”

As voting rights groups seek to expand the right to vote and push back against efforts to restrict the ballot, they’ve begun to coalesce around a remarkably simple idea that could be one of the most powerful tools for extending the franchise in the 21st century. 58 more words

Office Of The Governor

The 3 Groups Only Corbyn Could Win for Labour

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has gained 31 seats in parliament and increased its vote share by nearly 10 points. This gives Labour its largest vote share by percentage since 2001. 937 more words


Study: Oregon 'Motor Voter' Program Boosted Turnout And Diversity Of Voters

A new study says Oregon’s path-breaking automatic voter registration system helped make the state’s voting population more diverse.

A study co-authored by Paul Gronke, a Reed College political scientist and expert on voting issues, found that automatically registering voters through the DMV helped bring in more under-represented groups. 14 more words

OPB - Oregon Public Broadcasting

Nova Scotia voter turnout drops to all-time low in 2017 election

Stephen McNeil’s Liberals won their second consecutive majority on Tuesday night, but the number of people who cast their vote has dropped to an all-time low. 755 more words