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Numbers Crunched: Presidential Primary Voter Turnout at 29 Percent

The nonpartisan advocacy group FairVote has compiled and analyzed state-by-state data on voter turnout for the 2016 presidential primaries.

FairVote reviews trends in voter turnout nationally since 2000, as well as differences in turnout by party. 391 more words

The Millenial Vote and the Politics of Distraction (Part I: Demographics and Dire Warnings)

The Republican National Convention formally nominated Donald Trump and Mike Pence in an orgy of hatred and fear mongering. This week the Democratic National Convention will confirm Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine as its presidential and vice-presidential candidates. 784 more words


"Fear Of A Female Administration? We’ll See": Who Second-Guesses A Ticket With Two Men?

Is America ready for a two-woman presidential ticket?

It certainly seems the Clinton campaign is considering the question. Hillary Clinton has made a high profile public appearance recently with Sen. 754 more words


Election of 1840: Voter Turnout

The Election of 1840 is one that stands out in history. That is for principally one reason: voter turnout. 341 more words

Early Republic

Estimate: 49 Percent Of Voters Turned Out For California Primary, 8 Points Below 2008 Record

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — About 8.9 million people, above 49 percent of California’s registered voters, are estimated to have turned out for the state’s presidential primary election this week, according to early projections by state officials. 438 more words


Voter Turnout In California Average At Best, Despite Surge In Registration

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Voter turnout in California’s primary looked about average, despite a last-minute surge in registration and intense interest in an unusually competitive presidential contest. 101 more words


3 Steps to Becoming an Informed Voter (Part III)

Step 3: Identify your candidates

Identifying who is running can be the biggest challenge. The election board offers a helpful list of all races in all districts which you can find by going here: … 1,293 more words