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In the Age of Trump, Will Immigrant Voters Turn Out?

Immigrant communities have been under constant attack during the Trump Administration. With the midterm elections approaching, people are wondering if those voters will turn out and cast their ballots, or stay home. 341 more words


How to Phone Bank

Beyond voting, what else can you do to help get a candidate elected? After canvassing, phone banking for a candidate is one of the most effective ways to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and increase turnout. 631 more words


How Well Do You Know the Electoral College?

The “Electoral College Shenanigans” game on www.sporcle.com quizzes users on random facts about previous elections, voter turnout, and election results. This game puts into perspective the impact the electoral college has had on past elections and also tests society’s knowledge the electoral college. 15 more words

Electoral College

Electoral College Lowers Voter Turnout (Affirmative Argument #3)

    Voting is both a right and a responsibility in the United States. The right to vote has been a main point of contention in our country’s history, so much so that three of our twenty-seven constitutional amendments protect our fundamental right to vote. 371 more words


Democrats Continue To Fight Voter Suppression Despite Resistance From Republican Officials

Voter suppression has always been a major problem in the United States democracy.  In the 2016 general election, only 70% of the eligible American population was registered to vote, a statistic that pales in comparison to other countries like Canada and Australia.    184 more words


Voting is important no matter how much you think it isn't.

Your vote matters. I can promise you that.

Every single person who has ever thought, “Why should I vote? Politics don’t affect me.” Is absolutely, positively, dead, flat wrong. 880 more words


The Midterm Turnout Problem Democrats Need to Fix

You’ve no doubt heard people mention that the Democrats are historically bad at turning out people for midterm elections. How bad is it, and what can be done? 266 more words