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Single Transferable Vote

At the 2nd Annual Community and Social Justice Fair that I attended yesterday at Pellissippi State Community College, I had a number of amazing conversations with  community organizers and activists.   301 more words


A new controversy erupts over whether voter identification laws suppress minority turnout 

A new article claims evidence for suppression — but other scholars don’t agree.

It makes sense to think that voter identification laws would reduce turnout. After all, the whole point of the laws is to stop some people from voting. 44 more words

Washington Post

Voter Turnout Series: Ballot Design

Voter turnout in America isn’t great, and it will take a multitude of solutions to improve it significantly. In Why Don’t People Turn Out For Elections? 459 more words


Windsor ridings boast lowest voter turnout in Ontario

Nowhere else in Ontario did eligible voters take a bigger disinterest in last week’s provincial election than in Windsor.

Of 124 ridings in the June 7 voting, Windsor-West and Windsor-Tecumseh had the distinction of having the two worst voter turnout rates, according to Elections Ontario. 776 more words

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Early Returns Indicate Low Turnout In California Primary

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Early returns indicate low turnout in California’s Tuesday primary election. But it will take weeks before final numbers are available.

More than 4 million votes had been counted Wednesday afternoon. 85 more words


Can We Make Voter Registration Easier? Yes! Here's How.

There are numerous ways to make registering to vote easier in this country. Today, let’s focus on Automatic Voter Registration.

A great explanation from the… 551 more words


Voter turnout in Oregon low, but actually high

Oregon’s primary election last Tuesday recorded “the lowest voter turnout in recent memory,” according to data from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

But the low was actually a high. 9 more words