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Public Speaking Fears

A few weeks ago on July 9th, 2015 I attended the youth forum for WHIAAPI (White House Initiative on Asian American Pacific Islanders). It was definitely not the first youth forum that I’ve ever attended, but it was the first time that I spoke at one. 363 more words


Getting In The Way

28 July 2015

Co-Executive Director Todd D. Valentine

Co-Executive Director Robert A. Brehm

NYS Board of Elections

40 North Pearl Street

Albany, NY 12207

Dear Co-Executive Directors: 750 more words


Live in the suburbs? Expect lots of attention this election

Every vote is equal, but not everyone is equally likely to vote. And politicians focus their efforts accordingly.

According to Statistics Canada, the older you are, the more likely you are to vote, at least up until age 74, when health problems might prevent you from getting to the polls. 778 more words


where do we go from here

i know a lot of people that are disillusioned with voting in canadian politics, or simply don’t really care about it. i’ve heard people say that they don’t like any of the parties or candidates so they’re conscientiously abstaining. 381 more words

Millennials aren’t apathetic – they just don’t trust politicians: report

The youngest generation of voters doesn’t trust politicians and doesn’t believe political parties address their concerns, according to a new Broadbent Institute report on millennial attitudes toward politics. 786 more words


Voter Turnout in Dublin City for the Marriage Equality/Presidential Candidate Age referendum contests

Adrian Kavanagh, 22nd June 2015

As noted in last month’s post, the national voter turnout rate of 60.5% – which was just 9.4% lower than the turnout level for the 2011 General Election – for the Marriage Equality (and Presidential Candidate Age) referendum contests compared very favourably with the turnout levels for other referendum elections, especially given that these were “stand-alone” contests, which did not take place on the same day as a general, local, European or Dail by-election contest (with the notable exception of Carlow-Kilkenny). 788 more words

Electoral Geography (voting Maps)

Looks like a dismal turnout is on tap

If the utter silence at the place where I vote is any indication, it looks as though the turnout for today’s municipal runoff election is going to be a yawner. 175 more words

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