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No excuses

While we’re all waiting with bated breath for GECOM to announce the May 11th election results, have a look at a photo shared by Insight Magazine of a joyful elderly voter: 102 more words


Breaking News: Main Street Democrats Defeat Wall Street Democrats, Wall Street Republicans, and Wall Street's president

Today, Main Street Democrats achieved a signal victory for the middle class by successfully filibustering President Obama’s demand for Fast Track Authority, which would have made it easy for congress to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest income and political power redistribution scam in US history. 241 more words

Why I voted Conservative

On May 7th, I voted for my local conservative candidate in the general election. Thanks to me and others like me, a seat that was expected to go to Labour actually increased its Tory majority. 1,393 more words

Same Day Voter Registration

Register to vote and vote the same day. It sounds like a joke -right…?

I learned of the #wakeupamerica hashtag yesterday.  It appears to be a good way to bring attention to so many issues.  245 more words


Must I vote local but think national?

Thanks to the dreaded dissertation and my interest in the local candidates, I seem to have lost track of the national picture of the election. I wake up to headlines each day, that lead with the election news: which leader has said what, what the polls are suggesting will happen on the day of the election, and Russel Brand continuing to natter away in the background. 586 more words

The Alberta Election wrap up.

This vid sums the campaigns up.  Rachel Notley vrs the prentice. Rachel & the NDP won, her campaign of Hope is greater than the one of fear. 18 more words


ALBERTA ELECTION may start Ragnarok! According to some that are way down in the polls.

The Oil God Odin has revealed to his premier sockpuppet that not just the world will end if there is a change of party in power in Alberta, but the entire Universe will self immolate in a flaming cataclysmic ending similar to a burning lake of fire! 207 more words