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US Election 2016

Election 2016

The government's agenda is written with dollar bills

It is not a surprise that the American government’s agenda is written with┬ádollar bills. This reflection can be clarified with the way how an issue needs a representative to line the pockets of government officials till they are filled. 193 more words

Political Thought

The genetics of politics


…This paradigm shift has led to novel insights into why people vary in their political preferences and could have important implications for public policy.

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Federal judge hears arguments over Maui GMO inititative

We could know by the end of the month the fate of Maui County’s voter-approved moratorium on the farming of genetically modified organisms.

The initiative has been stalled in federal court after Monsanto and other groups filed a lawsuit to challenge it. 404 more words


If I Were a Labour Voter

Written by Edward Barrett-Shortt

If I were a Labour voter, I would be worried. Worried that it is unclear what we even stand for anymore. Worried that we no longer have a safety blanket of fifty Scottish MPs, worried that our once safe seats in the North are becoming Ukip hotspots. 519 more words