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Beyond Partisan: Voting While Catholic in 2016


By Tim Colvin

For many faithful Catholics and Christians of all denominations, even for many Americans who are not religious, this election has painted a very stark picture: we are forced to choose between the two most flawed and disliked candidates in recent political memory. 564 more words

Fordham University Student Voices

Federal court to consider state bans on selfies in voting booths

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❝ An federal appeals court will consider whether the government can bar people from taking pictures of their ballots in voting booths. The First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston will hear arguments Tuesday whether it is a violation of free expression or a way to prevent fraud.

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California Gets Closer To Legalizing Ballot Pics, Voting-Booth Selfies

SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) – California lawmakers have passed a bill to repeal a 125-year-old law barring voters from showing people their marked ballots, though it would take effect after the November election. 113 more words


The Voting Line

They had us standing in some kind of line to vote. I couldn’t remember how I got dragged into this predicament but when I’d sobered up I was there just like everybody else waiting for my turn to vote. 1,292 more words

Super Tuesday - Shit Gettin' Realz Yo

TUESDAY, March 1st 2016

I can only hope that when you are reading this, it is far enough in the future that the Drumpf plague that is overtaking the political climate in this country has receded into a footnote.   615 more words