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Cybersecurity Expert Bruce Schneier: American Elections Will Be Hacked | Democracy Now!

Source: Cybersecurity Expert Bruce Schneier: American Elections Will Be Hacked | Democracy Now!

AMY GOODMAN: In Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. 153 more words


I Warned Of Electronic Voter Machine Hacking & Fraud 4 Years Ago -- Yes, In 2012.

by Anura Guruge

With the Wisconsin recount electronic voter machine
hacking and fraud is now BIG news.

Well, I warned of this,
talking about exactly what could… 58 more words

Anura Guruge

No, I can't prove voting machines were hacked

If you leave your car unlocked with the key in the ignition, sooner or later somebody will steal it.

If you entrust your nation’s elections to voting machines that can be tampered with, sooner or later… 164 more words


Donate to Fund Recount in WI, MI and PA

The US Green Party needs to raise $5-6 million by November 30 to fund the recounts Jill Stein has called for in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania – states where Donald Trump prevailed by only 50,000 votes or so. 66 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

OK, Fellow Libtards, What’s Next

For two reasons, that Great American president-elect might not quite make it to the White House.

First, there are so many anomalies in this election that the election itself stands a chance of being nullified. 746 more words

Better Government

Did Trump owe his win to vote machine hacking?

Hat tip for the video link to Joseph Cannon.

Donald Trump got more votes than predicted by exit polls.  Was the problem the exit polls?  473 more words


The following article about voting machine vulnerabilities is from the conservative viewpoint. The author, Aaron Bandler in his 10/20/16 Daily Wire piece is decrying the hypocrisy of democrats questioning Donald Trump’s sincere concern about the possibility of the vote being rigged, when the left have been wallowing on having lost elections due to votes being tampered with for at least two election cycles. 1,188 more words