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Rhode Island is latest state to adopt automatic voter registration

Rhode Island on Wednesday became the ninth state to adopt automatic voter registration (AVR), a reform aimed at expanding access to voter rolls. 181 more words

Voting Rights

Trump kicks off voting panel with order to root out 'fraud'

The White House voting commission’s first in-person meeting did little to reassure critics who fear the panel is being used to lay the groundwork for new restrictions on voting. 996 more words

Voting Rights

Math not Myths: Democrats Win When their Voters are Inspired to Turn out!

Great piece in the Nation:  July 18, 2017.  If there are 7 million Obama-to-Trump voters, why didn’t Trump’s vote total increase by 7 million?

Democrats Are Trying to Win the 2018 Midterms in All the Wrong Ways… 1,506 more words

Justice Department: Sure we can trust Texas to educate voters on ID law

The U.S. Justice Department is arguing that a federal court should walk away from the long-running legal challenge to Texas’s voter ID law and trust the state to properly educate voters about the measure. 417 more words

Voting Rights

Kobach commission set to meet as resistance intensifies

The White House voting commission is set to hold its first in-person meeting Wednesday, as critics of the panel continue to sound the alarm about its work. 733 more words

Voting Rights

Help Florida's Ex-Felons Regain The Right to Vote

Help ex-felons in Florida regain the right to vote by supporting efforts to change a punitive state law.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee shone a light on this issue recently. 266 more words

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Learn If Your State Is Passing Laws That Restrict Voting, and Fight Back

Is your state trying to pass laws that make it harder to vote? Consult the Brennan Center’s info and maps, and if the answer is yes, fight back. 318 more words

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