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December 5 - Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court and state legislators have been struggling with voting districts as they relate one-person-one-vote principles and racial discrimination in multiple cases over the past several years, and the issues arise again in the two cases scheduled for Monday, December 5. 110 more words

Case Suggestions

Why blue states are the real 'Tea Party'

Steven Johnson in the New York Times:

If anyone should be declaring themselves the heirs to the Boston patriots who rebelled against the unjust taxation of King George, it’s the big city blue state citizens who are funding a system that by law undercounts their votes. 205 more words

It's Supposed To Be One Person, One Vote

I can’t remember a less thankful Thanksgiving than last week’s. It’s hard to be grateful for ordinary well-being when the government’s executive branch is undergoing a hostile takeover. 1,368 more words


Reading political tea leaves: Jamaica voters still ignored, massively, but who should worry?

Please do not insult me by talking in weeping tones about low voter turnout, especially, if you are a politician. It is no secret to those seeking elected office who is on the electoral rolls, and by extension who is not registered to vote. 1,416 more words


The Right to Vote Should Be Abolished

A vote is, in its essence, an opinion – an opinion about a specific subject.  The formulation of an opinion, however – well, an opinion worth considering, that is – … 501 more words

Trump, the Meme of Voter Fraud, and the Risk to American Democracy

Despite losing the popular election by somewhere around two million votes, Donald Trump nonetheless won the Electoral College. He is the President-Elect. Yet, in a… 958 more words

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Some takeaways from Jamaica's local government elections

The votes have barely been fully counted, but there are many take-aways from yesterday’s local government elections, and many of them do not need much data to be clear. 778 more words