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Dysfunctional Supreme Court May Void the Constitution

Although I may not always agree with Supreme Court decisions, I am more afraid that important issues may receive a four-to-four vote, and a lower court’s decision would become the law. 563 more words

Voting in the Early 1800s

In the early 1800s, an American polling place “displayed many of the worst features of all-male society: rowdy behavior, heavy drinking, coarse language, and occasional violence.” Daniel Walker Howe,  394 more words

Early Republic

The Spread of Enfranchisement

Following the War of 1812, enfranchisement broadened in American society considerably. 300 more words

Early Republic

Are Voter ID Laws Racist?

Well, the default alt-right  answer is “I don’t care,” since charges of racism are just used to socially shame ethnocentrism among Whites. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t have enough agency to prove their identity to the government should not be voting on who gets to be part of the government. 755 more words


Congress may reauthorize a law to solve cold cases from the Civil Rights era . . . with sleuthing help from the public

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The Civil Rights era of the 1950s and 1960s was a violent period, with numerous racially-motivated murders and hate crimes particularly in the South. 746 more words

Voting Rights