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Voter Suppression 2016

Foremost on my mind these days are the voter suppression issues surfacing in almost every state that has had the primaries. There have been verified reports of purged registrations rolls, polls opening later than scheduled, closed or switched polling stations, broken machines, deleted votes, no affidavit ballots, admissions of poll workers altering voter tallies, and programmers speaking out about how machine “rigging” is accomplished by inputting source codes into the voting machines (which, strangely, are not government-owned machines but are owned and operated by private corporations) and flipping the votes just enough so that the public believes it was fairly and accurately counted. 148 more words


Eva Peron: Women's Vote in Argentina

For our Activist History project, we decided to search outside the boundaries of our own nation into the history of Argentina–more specifically, Eva Peron’s activism. Eva Peron was, first and foremost, a feminist activist, but also an actress and a political figure later in her lifetime. 347 more words

American Prisons

If you go to prison in America; your life is going to be really, really rough

What I’ve found out about the penal system is appalling in America. 436 more words


"A Law Embedded Then Civil War-Era": Restoring Voting Rights To Felons Is The Right Thing To Do

Of all the consequences of the nation’s decades-long infatuation with building more and more prisons and locking up more and more citizens, perhaps the most curious is this: More than 4 million Americans who have been released from prison have lost their right to vote, according to the non-profit Sentencing Project. 666 more words


House Republicans Must Allow A Vote On The Voting Rights Amendment Act

Excerpt from: CREDO Action

It’s been nearly three years since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in the disastrous Shelby County v. Holder decision. 630 more words


MSNBC's Sam Seder Points Out The Absurdity Of Conservative Claim That Undocumented Immigrants Will Commit Voter Fraud


From the April 28 edition of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:


CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Today the state of Vermont joined the ranks of just three other states in the entire country to make it easier, much easier, to register to vote. 383 more words

U.S. Politics

Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights to 200,000

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced an executive action last week that will restore voting rights to about 200,000 Virginians with past criminal convictions.

Until a few years ago, Virginia disenfranchised for life anyone with a past felony conviction. 228 more words