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Nevada Bills Would Restore Voting Rights for Some Felons

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada lawmakers are advancing legislation to return voting rights to certain felons after they serve time.

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford’s bill would allow nonviolent felons to vote one year into their probation or parole. 95 more words


NOW Launches National Action Campaign

With women’s rights facing more severe threats than we have seen in decades, NOW is fighting back. We are standing up for the rights and well being of all women, in all our diversity and in all communities. 759 more words

The Second Bill of Rights

The United States always has been an experiment in democracy.

Not everyone had the freedoms we all have today; and some argue that Americans still don’t. 645 more words


Gerrymandering and the Abuse of Redistricting: Is it imploding? Podcast Episode 14

Is gerrymandering–the abuse of redistricting by the Republicans in red states–imploding? How is it imploding? And what is being done about it! Listen to Lisa Nolan’s latest podcast, Episode 14: Gerrymandering and the Abuse of Redistricting: Is it imploding?  62 more words

Lisa Nolan

The GOP Hates You

The GOP hates you.  Well, not if you are rich and white.  Not if you are a white woman that likes the fact old men want to control your health care.  1,330 more words

Mass Incarceration: Maybe the Last of the Remaining Great Disqualifiers

Mass incarceration has affected millions of people across all races, and the result is many of these people become a part of a permanent underclass who will struggle to live a normal life. 911 more words

It’s Not What it Looks like -Part 2

via Daily Post

Following the first part of this article, I could see the similarities between how black voters were ostracised in America in the 60’s from voting- and the recent Muslim ban. 44 more words

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