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A History of Voting Rights

Doug E. Fresh will be granting all Golf and Tennis Challenge the performance of a…
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Black History

Happy 4th of July: 1965

This is one my letters home that I only excerpted from in my book. What was like for my family to be reading this around the dinner table, thousands of miles away?  721 more words

Maria Gitin

A Loss For Voter-ID Law

SCOTUS just ruled that illegal immigrants can’t be required to provide ID when filling out the current federal form for voting.

As much as I dislike this ruling, it does make sense: The states are allowed to place their own restrictions on how their citizenry fill out the state forms, they’re not allowed to change the rules about how federal forms get filled out.


Hillary Bests GOP On Voting Rights!

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame, fact-checkers.

In yet another blow to Republicans, their furious scrambling from 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s assault on their efforts to disenfranchise American citizens has been called out. 13 more words

Election 2016

Secular Talk: Ann Coulter: Women Should Not Have The Right To Vote

Just when think Ann Coulter can’t be any meaner, more hateful, ignorant and funnier at her own expense, she comes out in favor of repealing the 19th Amendment to the U.S. 407 more words


Confederate Parades

Ah, it didn’t take long for the Confederate parades to begin. Please don’t watch if you are offended by obscene language.   I remember smaller parades in front of my house in South Carolina… 41 more words

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